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Ash of Gods: The Way

A turn-based deck building puzzle game where every battle is unique and your choices matter! Capture checkpoints, defend your Commander from deadly enemies, overcome challenges and handle nasty surprises to win. Two decks, five factions and thirty two endings!

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Build winning decks of warriors, equipment, and spells from four different factions in this story-driven tactical card puzzle game. Battle your way through a series of major tournaments, each with their own opponents, battlefields, and even rules. Earn new cards and upgrade your favorites, then combine them into any number of decks: you’re free to experiment as much as you like!


Each battle in Ash of Gods: The Way is a carefully crafted test of your skills with different objectives and opponents. Whether you’re capturing checkpoints, defending your commander from a deadly enemy or fighting a series of one on one duels you’ll need all your wits about you to prevail. The outcome of every battle is significant!


You play as Finn, a young man whose only hope of preventing a neighboring nation from attacking his home is to master the card game they use to teach aristocrats the art of warfare: the Way. Infiltrate the tournaments they hold, and you can get close to their elite commanders. What you do once you get there will be up to you. Just remember, your decisions have major consequences.


Ash of Gods: The Way Digital Deluxe

Enjoy this 48 page digital art book, including artwork from characters and backgrounds to cutscenes and battlefields and original soundtrack, featuring 6 tracks by talented band Theodor Bastard!

Ash of Gods

Universe Bundle

The bunde also contains Ash of Gods: Redemption. It's a turn-based RPG that combines tactical combat and a constantly evolving story in which no one is safe from death, including the main characters.

Ash of Gods

Fan Edition

Get two games set in the Ash of Gods universe, and a collection of digital extras! It also includes soundtracks and art books for both games, digital art, a print and a set of playing cards from Redemption!