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Get free 100 MegaCoins

in Megamod

Join our vibrant gaming community

and enjoy a weekly dose of hundreds

of exciting new games🫶

They make their own game rules and do anything their imagination inspires them to do! That's how true new generation game stars are born!Megamod is the ultimate playground where you can find amazing games and communicate with their creators directly to enhance your experience. You can influence the game's development as a devoted player or create your own games without any special drawing or coding skills: 

parkour tracks, 


car races, 

sport games, 

and any pop culture-inspired narratives.

Get free 100 MegaCoins in Megamod

and Enjoy a weekly dose of hundreds of exciting new games.


How can I play your game?

Go to QUEST ROOM and enjoy playing! You’ll get MegaCoins on a free drop to spend on gaming: 1 minute of gameplay costs 1 MegaCoin.

How can I get a MegaDrop?

Just press the Claim button. After claiming a drop, you will get a timecode. Use it to redeem and recharge your personal player's balance.

How can I redeem a code?

Enter the QUEST ROOM and call for a menu (press F) – you will find a field for timecode there. Put your unique timecode in this field and press the Apply button.

Congratulations! You’ve been awarded, and your game balance will be updated.
If your MegaCoins are gone within the game, you will get a push with a link to buy more. Redeem a new code in a push-window or using the game menu as described above.

How can I create my own game?

Enter MEGAMOD.IO, imagine, create and release your game when ready. Enjoy the freedom of game development without special coding or drawing skills and call your friends to play your game together!