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Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens

General Info

Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens logo
AuthorMeredith Gran
GenresFantasy, Adventure, Comic Book
PublisherBoom! Studios
IllustratorMeredith Gran
Issue Number1-6
Number of Pages160
Original TitleAdventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens
Comics Issue NameAdventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.boom-studios.com/
Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens is a uniquely unique six-issue miniseries that brings a new dimension to the beloved characters from the hit Adventure Time series. This rock 'n' roll themed treasure delves into the journey of Marceline the Vampire Queen, accompanied by Princess Bubblegum on a musical journey through the land of Oo. Despite Marceline's prowess on stage, she struggles with feelings of inadequacy, seeking solace and security as Bubblegum juggles the dual roles of boyfriend and tour guide. Amidst this emotional roller coaster, the couple faces rock monsters and rowdy fans. Drawn by Meredith Gran with an impressive indie flair, the comics beckon with seductive humor, explosive rock music, sharp emotions, vivid visuals, and characters that ooze depth. Captivating both younger audiences and longtime fans alike, the series asks: Can Marceline overcome her self-doubt and reclaim her status as a rock goddess?


Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens is an exciting expansion of the Adventure Time universe where fans delve into the multi-layered and enigmatic character of Marceline, Queen of the Vampires. This dynamic comic series focuses on Marceline's musical journey with the punk rock band Scream Queens.
Every tour is an adventure, but this one stands out for Marceline's emotional rollercoaster as she battles stage fright and struggles to feel understood. The series explores the interpersonal dynamics of the group, highlighting a complex web of friendships, rivalries and love interests.
It excels at mature themes of self-esteem and identity crisis and expertly tackles these themes in a relatable and engaging way. Combining captivating stories and expressive artwork, it opens up new aspects of the beloved character, showing Marceline's more vulnerable side while maintaining her edge and charm.
Overall, Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens offers more than just a rockin' adventure, it's also a deep exploration of selfhood expressed through the universal medium of music. This is a must-read for all Adventure Time fans, music lovers, and anyone looking for a compelling coming-of-age story, introspection, and hardcore rock and roll!


After a spirited performance, vampire queen Marceline reveals a sinister secret: she has lost touch with her monstrous nature. After realizing this, he embarks on a soul-searching journey with his band Scream Queens, which consists of Keila, Bongo, Guy and Schwabl. Her best friend and ally, Princess Bubblegum, arrives to make sure Marceline doesn't break. Failures follow as Marceline tries to rediscover her inner scream. Along the way, they encounter high-profile gigs, dangerous gangs, and different dimensions. Meanwhile, Princess Bubblegum tries to intervene in Marceline's self-discovery. As they travel, the two deal with the complexities of friendship, self-image, and the pressures of fanaticism, all wrapped in the psychedelic atmosphere of the music world. Will Marceline be able to reclaim her fierce identity or will she get lost in the glitz and glamor of the lifestyle? This enticing quest adds to Marceline's character and reveals the vulnerability behind the vampire queen's tough facade.


The Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens comic series is created using a unique combination of bright colors and vibrant visuals inspired by the world of Adventure Time. The comic takes a detailed look at Marceline and her band and sets the stage for their musical adventures. It also explores Marceline's struggle between maintaining her reputation as a fearless demon queen and her hidden vulnerability.
Each issue's brilliant story lines are brought to life by resourceful writer and artist Meredith Gran. He began the series with a high-energy group tour after Marceline's performances were less well received. Throughout the series, fans get to see more sides of Marceline than shown in the animated series, including her relationship with Princess Bubblegum.
The comic's artwork reflects a charming combination of simplicity and depth that captures the essence of its animated counterpart while providing a refreshing new perspective. Featuring a unique storyline and captivating visuals, this comic is a must-have for fans of the mysterious vampire queen Marceline.


Full of excitement, action and unexpected twists, Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens is an impressive publication that will truly captivate the reader. The story delves into Marceline's emotional landscape as she embarks on a musical tour in the Land of Ooo. Despite being a thrilling performer and a powerful queen of the night scene, Marceline tries to express her feelings with a touching vulnerability in her songs. However, her intense performances often leave listeners confused and scared, causing them to question her abilities.
This series stands out not only for its expressive visuals, but also for its stunning exploration of a complex character who juggles audience expectations and self-esteem issues. To better understand Marceline, Princess Bubblegum joins her tour, further straining their relationship. Their unique and unspoken bond is another highlight of the series and adds emotional depth to the story.
Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens is also full of humor and high-energy action, while staying true to the flavor of the original TV series. This collection brings an immersive new dimension to the Adventure Time story that will keep readers enthralled. The honesty, wit, and heart shown in this series make it a must-read for any Adventure Time fan.


Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens was a musical tour de force like no other that hit the charts in the Land of Ooo. This six-part miniseries by Meredith Gran, released in 2012. from July to December, invited fans to immerse themselves in the emotional whirlwind of Marceline's life.
Although the vampire queen Marceline always seemed depraved in the face of danger, she found it difficult to express her feelings on stage. The contrast between her reality offstage and her performance on stage adds a complexity to her character that fans haven't seen before. This miniseries explores Marceline's insecurities, her tumultuous relationship with Princess Bubblegum, and her journey to self-discovery and acceptance. Each track was highly anticipated, featuring covers by talented artists such as JAB, Chynna Clugston, Colleen Coover and Jen Wang. Critics praised the series as a thorough and insightful exploration of Marceline's character and her attempt to reconcile her internal struggles with her public persona as an artist.
The series may have ended, but the influence of Marceline and the Scream Queen remains strong. It can be remembered as a story about finding your voice in a world full of expectations.


The reception of the Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queen comics has been mostly positive, with praise from devoted fans and comic book industry professionals alike. Critics admire his ability to walk the line between quirky humor and emotional depth, hallmarks of the TV shows from which he came.
The series successfully explores the dynamics of Marceline the Vampire Queen and her journey of self-discovery as a musician, which resonated deeply with readers. While the comic series retains the original aesthetic and humor of the original TV series, it resonates with readers on deeper, more human themes such as self-doubt and the courage to speak up.
The comic's vibrant graphics, animated by Meredith Gran, have also been praised for their bright, bold and dynamic design that stays true to the Adventure Time aesthetic while highlighting its own unique identity. Many fans found the series to be a great expansion of the Adventure Time universe, with enough new material and perspective to keep them engaging.
Despite the end of the television series, "Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens" continued its life and love in the hearts of fans. It turned out to be more than just a simple spin-off, but rather an exploration of the more complex aspects of these beloved characters, cementing their place in the canon and in the hearts of Adventure Time fans.
Above all else, this comic series has admired its ability to reveal what it really means to pour your heart into your passion, making it not only a successful adventure time, but also an inspiring story for readers.

Cultural impact

Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens comics left a significant mark on pop culture. Focusing on the character of Marceline, the comics have a perfect blend of humor, emotional complexity and compelling storylines that appeal to children and adults alike. The show's explorations of friendship and identity, represented by Marceline's struggle for her voice as a musician and her relationship with Princess Bubblegum, led to conversations about personal growth and queer representation. His influence extends beyond the comic book community and has inspired a variety of fan art, cosplay, and even music covers. The comics are a testament to the enduring popularity of Adventure Time and its resonance with audiences around the world, demonstrating the power of diverse storytelling to shape cultural narratives.