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Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations

General Info

Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations logo
GenresAdventure, Puzzle
Game NameAdventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations
DevelopersVicious Cycle Software
Release Date2015-10-20
Game PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows
Publisher NameLittle Orbit
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttp://www.littleorbit.com/
Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations takes you into the incredibly vibrant and creative universe of the hit cartoon. This 3D animated game brings Finn the human and Jake the dog to life as they solve thrilling mysteries in the magical Land of Ooo. The game offers an original storyline that allows players to embark on heroic quests full of puzzles and challenges. With its witty and familiar aesthetic, it faithfully captures the charm and magic of Adventure Time. Become a hero, face enemies, befriend characters and explore favorite places like the candy kingdom! Exciting, fun, engaging and adventurous, the game crosses the line between cartoons and video games and gives you an unforgettable experience.


'Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations' game screenshots
'Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations' game screenshots
'Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations' game screenshots
'Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations' game screenshots
'Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations' game screenshots
'Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations' game screenshots


Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations brings together the enchanting world of the acclaimed Adventure Time animated series into one interactive platform. This game invites players to explore the magical land of Oo as Finn, a human boy, and his best friend and adoptive brother, Jake, a magical dog.
In this game, players will embark on a whirlwind adventure, solving thrilling mysteries around every corner. Inspired by their favorite detective heroes, Finn and Jake set up their own detective agency, allowing players to solve fun puzzles and fight menacing villains. Filled with colorful characters and magical landscapes, the game perfectly captures the charm and whimsy of the show. Finn & Jake Investigations promises countless hours of immersive gameplay and expertly blends mystery, action and adventure, keeping players enthralled from start to finish. This game offers the perfect blend of the familiar and the fantastic, making the Land of Ooo more accessible and immersive than ever before. Whether you're a longtime Adventure Time fan or a new explorer of this mystical world, Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations promises a journey full of fun, laughter and intrigue.
Embark on an epic adventure, test your detective skills and experience unforgettable moments with your favorite characters in Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations!



Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is a beautifully graphical 3D game where players can freely explore the colorful and whimsical universe of Adventure Time. The gameplay is uniquely divided into two main elements, giving players a full adventure time experience.
In the adventure portion of the game, players assume the role of their favorite dynamic duo, Finn and Jake, as they travel through the dazzling landscapes of the Land of Ooo. From the candy kingdom of Princess Bubblegum to the fiery pits of the Flame Kingdom, players can interact with a variety of beloved characters and explore mysterious events in this open world. Challenging missions are designed to challenge the player's problem-solving skills while staying true to the humorous and whimsical nature of the show. As for the detective element, the game unleashes the detective instincts of Finn and Jake to solve interesting cases in the Land of Ooo. Armed with Jake's shapeshifting abilities and Finn's trusty sword, players can uncover clues and solve challenging puzzles to uncover the truth. Character interaction is fun, often with funny dialogue or mini-quests.
The game's battle system is mainly Finn and Jake's confrontation with the bad guys. This part of the game takes place in real-time, requiring players to quickly strategize in order to effectively use Finn's swordsmanship and Jake's shapeshifting powers to defeat their enemies. Whether you're a fan of the Adventure Time series or a casual gamer looking for a colorful and whimsical adventure, Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations offers hours of exploration, puzzle solving, challenging combat, and exciting adventure charm. .

Gameplay video


Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations takes players to the strange world of the Land of Ooo. This interactive gaming experience immerses players in the immersive realm of the hit TV show Adventure Time to uncover its secrets.
The story revolves around the brave boy Finn and his loyal friend and magical dog Jake. Predictable daily life changes dramatically when they find the Ticker Type, an advanced typewriter that generates mysterious cases that require the most daring detectives. Finn and Jake step up to the plate and form the uncompromising duo Finn & Jake Investigations to take charge and solve these perplexing mysteries. Each adventure takes our heroes through different landscapes filled with charming characters, from the candy kingdom to the ice kingdom, each kingdom presents a different case. From investigating kidnappings in the Candy Kingdom to solving the Ice King's marital problems to getting rid of the dreaded mold in Tree Trunks' house, the fun and excitement never ends.
The game uses an innovative gameplay method, a combination of puzzle solving and combat elements. How Finn and Jake interact with their vivid surroundings, manipulating objects and talking directly to the characters is crucial to solving the case. Witty one-liners, cartoon-like graphics, and challenging missions effortlessly deliver a playful yet intriguing story, providing players with an immersive gaming experience. The progression of the game mimics the dynamic nature of the TV series, revealing an intriguing plot in each case. The comings and goings of cute Finn and brainy Jake make for some interesting dialogue. The game captures the quirky humor, camaraderie, and charm of the Adventure Time series, keeping players hooked until the end. Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is an example of a cartoon-to-game adaptation that seamlessly blends humor, mystery, and adventure.


Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations has been developed with a strong focus on creating an immersive gaming experience that perfectly captures the charm and appeal of the original Adventure Time animated series. The developers cleverly integrated aspects of the magical land of Ooo into the game, so the warmth, humor and charming quirks made the show a favorite among viewers of all ages.
From the very beginning, the developers prioritized accuracy and authenticity to ensure that every pixel of the game matches the spirit of the beloved TV series. They've done meticulous research to fully understand the Adventure Time universe's eclectic characters, glowing landscapes, and uniquely enchanting story.
The game, unlike its episodic predecessors, is presented in a 3D graphical style that is sure to evoke nostalgia, with visual cues borrowed from the older generation of adventure games. This, along with the full voice acting, adds a charming authenticity to the interactive version of the Land of Ooo.
The in-game puzzles and challenges are expertly designed to test your problem-solving skills without being too difficult. Logical and intuitive, they mimic the creative and fun situations Finn and Jake find themselves in on the show.
Overall, Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is the result of passionate and painstaking development that perfectly captures the essence of Adventure Time and provides an exciting adventure for fans and newcomers alike. The game allows players to step right into the shoes of their favorite characters and explore the unusual and whimsical land of Ooo like never before.


Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations was released in 2015. October month. Developed by Vicious Cycle Software and published by Little Orbit, this action-adventure video game takes players into the heart of the beloved world of Adventure Time. It has been released on numerous platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Microsoft Windows, meaning fans from all over the world can join the adventure regardless of the game system.
The game brought a unique combination of exploration, puzzle solving, and combat, making it a perfect fit for the show's diverse fan base. Players controlled Finn with Jake by his side as they embarked on various investigations in the Land of Ooo. They moved beyond exploring linear levels to a more open environment where they could interact with their favorite characters and solve various mysteries.
The release of Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations gave fans the opportunity to take part in their favorite show, embody their beloved characters and actively participate in the spirit of adventure that defines Adventure Time. It perfectly captures the essence and charm of the series and is a must play for anyone who loves Finn, Jake and their strange world.


The reception for Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations was a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, fans of the cult TV show were thrilled to step into the shoes of their favorite characters in a frenzy that captured the show's whimsical charm and irreverent humor. The game's graphics, which converted the TV show's 2D visuals into 3D, were praised for their charming aesthetic that stayed true to the source material.
However, the gameplay became a bit unpredictable. While some players enjoyed the puzzle-solving aspects of the game, others found it repetitive and boring over time. The game's attempt to combine different game genres into a cohesive whole was an ambitious endeavor. Unfortunately, this doesn't always achieve the goal, and players often crave more depth and variety in all aspects of the game.
Despite these criticisms, players agreed on one thing: the story of the game was definitely Adventure Time. The game also featured the mix of quirky humor and heartfelt emotion that defined the TV show. In conclusion, Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations may have had its flaws. But for Adventure Time fans, being able to become a part of their beloved universe was a treat in itself. While the game wasn't ultimately perfect, it was a true tribute to the essence of Adventure Time.

Cultural impact

Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations has left an indelible mark on popular culture since its release, influencing trends in animation, video games, and storytelling. The appeal of the game lies in the perfect combination of mystery-solving adventure and the imaginative world of the typical Adventure Time universe. His influence is not limited to video games and is instrumental in creating the trend of turning animated television series into exploratory and puzzle-based video games.
The game builds on the legacy of the globally acclaimed animated series and offers fans an immersive experience that expands the story and adds a more interactive dimension to Finn and Jake's adventures. This allowed for deeper audience engagement, blurring the lines between viewer and participant while maintaining the show's unique visual and narrative style. It is noteworthy that the influence of games penetrates into the education sector as well. Problem Solving Adventures encouraged lateral thinking, problem solving and critical thinking skills. The game's story and puzzles have been praised for their ability to entertain and challenge at the same time, contributing to the growing popularity of edulainment, where education and entertainment meet.
When it comes to animation, Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations was a big influence on the stylistic choices. The pastel, surreal art style attracted imitations and variations, shaping the aesthetic of many subsequent games and animations. Additionally, her whimsical, non-linear storytelling and emphasis on character development contributed to the shift in animation writing towards complex, emotionally rich narratives and multi-layered characters.
In conclusion, Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations has left a multifaceted cultural impact. Contributions to video game design, animation styles, and educational games are major turning points in their respective fields, highlighting the enduring popularity and influence of games.