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General Info

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Job TitleActor, Voice Actor
Birth PlaceEdinburgh, Scotland
Knows aboutActing, Voice Acting
Person NameAlastair Duncan
Alternate NameAlastair Neil Duncan
Member of OrganizationEquity (British trade union), Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
Known for his exceptional stage performances and innovative voice acting for video games, Alastair Duncan is a truly versatile entertainer. Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Duncan has made a name for himself on stage by portraying a wide variety of roles and won unanimous acclaim for his captivating performances. The gaming industry recognized his talent and took advantage of his acting skills and used his unique voice in many video games. His unmistakable tone has since brought the characters to life in games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and God of War. Despite these achievements, Duncan remains humble and thoughtful. He sees every role, whether on stage, screen or behind the console, as an adventure and an opportunity to improve his craft. Alastair Duncan's universe spans the intersection of theater art and video game innovation, making his career an intriguing journey of relentless experimentation.


A prominent figure in the world of visual arts, Alastair Duncan is best known for his intense explorations of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, an area that represents two important periods in art history. His contributions greatly increased the academic and popular recognition of these genres. A prolific author, Duncan has written several books that effectively illustrate the nature and dynamics of these movements, making them accessible to a wider audience. Breaking free from the decorative arts, Duncan's writing illuminates the interplay of design, style, and innovation displayed in these periods. Although he specializes in the visual arts, he approaches the subject through an interdisciplinary lens, integrating the perspectives of sociology, politics and history, successfully translating aesthetics into the language of everyday life. Duncan's work transcends the traditional boundaries of academic pursuits, placing art at the center of social discourse. A true champion of the underrepresented Art Nouveau and Art Deco genres, Alastair Duncan has made great strides in understanding and preserving these art movements.

Early Life and Education

Alastair Neil Duncan, a famous voice actor, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. His initial fascination with storytelling led to his love of acting. Growing up in a culturally vibrant Scottish environment, Duncan was imbued with a deep appreciation of art, theatre, music and literature. She attended Telford College in Edinburgh, where her initial interest in the acting industry blossomed.
Training in Telford strengthened his theatrical foundations and enhanced his impeccable articulation and vocal qualities. After studying at Telford College, Duncan decided to pursue his craft and entered the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. At the Academy, Duncan received extensive training in both classical and contemporary theater, which made him a versatile actor.
His work at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama helped Duncan make a name for himself in the voiceover industry. It was here that he honed his ability to modulate his voice and adapt his expressions to various characters. This rigorous training allowed Duncan to master unique accents, dialects, and character voices, preparing him for a diverse career. Innovative and expressive, Alastair Duncan has always been in love with the fundamentals of the performing arts. His early life and upbringing laid the foundation for a successful voice acting career. He embodies the qualities of a true actor: a keen observer, a passionate student and a vibrant performer.


Known for his versatile skills and diverse talents, Alastair Duncan has had a truly remarkable career. He first entered the arts with a strong inclination towards theater and drama. An inherent penchant for expression and characterisation, his journey into the world of acting was almost preordained and led him to dominate the British theater scene.
Duncan did not limit himself to the world of theatre; his dynamism led him to television, where he rose to fame on the mystery drama series Taggart. He displayed the perfect fusion of humor and charisma, giving his character a likable aura and ensuring his popularity with the television audience. A true artist does not limit himself, and this was embodied by Duncan, who ventured into the field of voice acting. Alastair lent his voice to the popular video game character Alfred from the Batman video game series, adding to his diverse acting portfolio.
In each role, Duncan demonstrated his virtuoso talent, a unique synthesis of emotional intonation, dramatic delivery and an unparalleled understanding of the characters he portrays. His performances show the depth of his passion for the art, making him a truly extraordinary figure in the world of performance and voice acting.
Despite these outstanding professional achievements, Duncan maintains an exceptional career-life balance. His humility and disciplined lifestyle are the hallmarks that sustain him despite the dizzying heights of fame.
Whether it's theatre, the small screen or video games, Alastair Duncan's career is a true testament to his versatility, creativity and undying passion for art.

Other Ventures

A very versatile actor, Alastair Duncan has expanded his talent beyond acting. He gained particular fame in the voiceover industry, lending his iconic and rich voice to many video games and animated series. His most famous voice work can be seen in the video game series Batman: Arkham, where he brought to life the character of Alfred Pennyworth.
In addition to video game credits, Duncan's resonant voice has also resonated in the realm of animated television shows. He voiced several characters in the Batman animated series, bringing unique depth and creativity to each role. In addition, Duncan has made his mark in the world of audiobooks, turning the written word into an audible experience. His clear articulation and ability to create distinct character voices made for engaging and engaging listening.
Eventually, he created several stage productions with his wife, actress Anna Gunn, expanding his abilities off the screen and onto the stage. His successful diversification into various entertainment industries illustrates the breadth of his talents in the Alastair Duncan universe.

Awards and Honors

Known for his extensive work in a variety of mediums, Alastair Duncan has received numerous awards throughout his illustrious career. Notably, his portrayal of Alfred in the video game franchise Batman: The Enemy Within earned him a nomination for Best Performance in a Drama from the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers. His voice work on Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War has also garnered critical acclaim, making him an exceptional talent in video game acting. Beyond video games, Duncan's portrayal of King Arthur in The Da Vinci Code cemented his place in film history. Equally impressive is his extensive work on radio, where his shows on classic British literature brought much-loved novels to a whole new audience. Highlights include his dramatization of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities, which received the Audience Award. His dedicated contribution to the industry is a testament to his versatile talent.

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