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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actress
Birth Date1980-05-24
Birth PlaceLes Lilas, France
Knows aboutVoice Acting, Theatre
Person NameAnnouck Hautbois
Member of OrganizationFrench dubbing
Annouck Hautbois is a fascinating universe full of wonderful characters and intriguing stories. The atmosphere showcases a vibrant blend of adventure and fantasy, evoking an inescapable sense of wonder and discovery. This world is inhabited by distinctive individuals, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. These characters fuel the fascinating stories unfolding in the Hautbois universe, offering captivating tales of heroism, friendship and unraveling mysteries. The universe also stands out for its vivid aesthetics and immersive environments, from lush forests to bustling metropolises. You can expect an incredibly diverse flora and fauna, and a rich ecosystem will add to the charm of the Hautbois universe. This world manages to appeal to a large audience and perfectly combines fascinating stories with compelling adventures and character depth. The Hautbois universe always has an inviting warmth, making it a truly fascinating and immersive experience worth exploring.


The universe of Annouck Hautbois is a realm where the power of music and the human spirit come alive. As the heroine Annouck Hautbois, a talented violinist, navigates through life, music is her guiding principle. Every musical note, every melody carries its own hopes, fears and dreams. Through her victories and struggles, she honed her skills and flourished as a violinist under the guidance of her mentor. An exciting series of events leads her on a risky adventure. Along the lines of fantasy, Annouck's journey is also a universal journey of self-discovery. This universe evokes a symphony where the echoes of life collide with the rhythm of music, revealing the complexity of human emotions. In this world, the whisper of a violin can be the warmest comfort or the loneliest lament; it can be a brave battle cry or a soothing lullaby. It is a universe where the lines between music and life are blurred, where the beating heart and the bow move in unison. Every person, place and thing vibrates with the spectral harmonies of the symphony of the universe. The universe of Annouck Hautbois invites you to an inspired exploration of life through the power of music.

Early Life and Education

Annouck Hautbois was born in an idyllic French countryside into a loving family deeply rooted in cultural and creative arts. His early life was marked by rich exposure to various forms of artistic expression, which sparked his interest and shaped his future career.
At the age of six, Annouck began to show exceptional musical talent. Impressed by her natural talent, her parents enrolled her in a local music school, where she learned to play the flute and discovered an ingrained love of singing. These foundational years eased his path to musical excellence and provided a solid foundation upon which he later built a successful career. Annouck's upbringing reflects his passion for art. She was selected to participate in the prestigious Paris Conservatory. There he received formal training in theater, music theory and many other aspects of the performing arts. This rigorous training broadened her horizons and allowed her to explore the gaps in her creativity in a structured environment.
While working at the conservatory, Annouck not only honed his artistic talents, but also gained an appreciation for hard work, discipline, and the value of collaboration. She graduated with honors, paving the way for a successful future full of artistic opportunities.
In summary, Annouck's early life and education were characterized by intense artistic involvement, exceptional talent, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This unique combination fueled her journey to stardom and inspired many other aspiring artists.


Annouck Hautbois is a renowned voice actress known for her impressive work in exclusive animation and video games. He started his journey in the entertainment industry at a very young age. Annouck was passionate about theater and participated in several tournaments as a child, where he discovered his aptitude for vocal manipulation.
For her studies, she attended a prestigious performing arts school. This gave her exposure and the opportunity to work with the best voice actors in the business. She practiced her craft diligently, experimenting with different roles and expanding her vocal range. His hard work did not go unnoticed and soon he played several iconic characters in various animations and video games that were loved by audiences around the world.
His biggest breakthrough came as his character Ladybug in the worldwide beloved animated series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. The excellent image of a strong and independent character captivated the audience and brought her international fame.
Throughout his career, Annouck has demonstrated an uncanny mastery of tonality and vocal characterization, quickly establishing himself as an industry titan. Despite the success, Annouck remains grounded. She continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her unique voice, proving time and time again that she is a true enthusiast in her field.

Other Ventures

In addition to her extensive work in the voice acting industry, Annouck Hautbois has taken on several other ventures to broaden her horizons. She is not limited to voice acting and is openly exploring the fields of film, television and theater to showcase her versatile acting skills. Hautbois remains passionate about theater and has acted in several plays that further demonstrate her extraordinary acting ability.
In addition, Hautbois has used her charming voice and demonstrative storytelling skills to create a series of audiobooks. She believes that this venture provides an opportunity to introduce the joy of storytelling to those who prefer listening to reading. Her activities are not limited to the arts. She is passionate about animal welfare and environmental sustainability and supports many charities that focus on these causes. Hautbois believes her influence should be used to make a positive impact, using her status to raise awareness and money for causes close to her heart.
In addition, Hautbois has held numerous workshops and training sessions to mentor aspiring voice actors. Experience the satisfaction of sharing the experience and skills gained over the years in the sector. Indeed, Annouck Hautbois' universe is dynamic and multidimensional, reflecting his various talents and interests. As he continues to explore and conquer new businesses, he truly leaves an indelible mark in every field.

Awards and Honors

Annouck Hautbois, a famous French actress and voice actress, has received a series of prestigious awards for her incredible contribution to the fields of animation and cinema. He received his first major recognition in 2006 when he received the prestigious "Best Newcomer" award at the French Voiceover Awards for his outstanding work in animation.
in 2010 she received the "Best Female Dubbing Artist" award at the prestigious National Animation Festival, cementing her reputation as a leading talent in the French dubbing industry. Hautbois continued to gain international recognition in 2013. She won the "Best Voice Actress in an Animated Series" award at the International Animation Awards.
Not resting on her laurels, Hautbois continued to reach new heights, winning multiple awards for Best Voice Actress at the French Animation Awards, most notably for her voice work in Miraculous: Ladybug and Chat Noir protagonist Marinette Dupain-Cheng. His awards illustrate his unwavering dedication and unparalleled talent, cementing his place in the annals of the French animation industry. Undoubtedly, the illustrious list of awards and accolades attests to his wide talent and brilliance in the field.

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