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General Info

Bloodhound logo
Job TitleBounty Hunter
Birth PlaceTalos
Knows aboutTracking, Hunting and Battling
Alternate NameTechnological Tracker
Character NameBloodhound
Member of OrganizationApex Legends
Also known as the Tech Stalker, Bloodhound is a powerful legend from the Apex Legends universe that boasts unprecedented tracking capabilities. This legendary fighter hails from a distant world where technology and magic intertwine. With a wide range of tactical and passive abilities, the Bloodhound is an invaluable asset to any team due to its superior hunting skills. With the Eye of the Allfather skill, Bloodhound can reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues in structures to you. Whether following the footsteps of the enemy or calling the crows, he embodies the essence of a resourceful and ruthless legend. Their unique abilities provide unparalleled situational awareness, making them a force to be reckoned with at Apex Games.


Called one of the greatest hunters the Frontier has ever seen, Bloodhound is more than just a title, it's the epitome of the Apex Legends universe. Bloodhound grew up in a world shrouded in mystery on the planet Talos and was raised by his uncle Arthur after a cataclysmic event devastated their home. Despite experiencing such a tragedy in their youth, they adopted an ancient way of life, respecting nature and the spirits that guided them.
A distinctive feature of the Bloodhound is their unparalleled tracking ability. With technological abilities that scan the environment and track enemies, Bloodhounds are one of the most feared characters in the game due to their strategic advantage. Every footprint, every hint of movement can reveal the presence of an enemy, making them excellent scouts for any team.
Their primal connection to the natural course of life and death spills over into their unique abilities. With their trusty raven Arthur, the shelter he needs is never far away. Bloodhound isn't just playing the Apex Games for fame or glory, they see it as another take on an ancient hunting tradition. This unique perspective and exceptional skills make Bloodhound one of the toughest and biggest competitors in the Apex Legends universe.


Also known as the Tech Stalker, Bloodhound is one of the most enigmatic characters in the Apex Legends universe. Raised in the ancient customs of their isolated planet, they have a deep connection with nature and a deep-rooted desire for truth, guided by the All Father.
Their identity is shrouded in mystery: neither age nor confirmed gender is revealed. In most cases, they are considered non-binary and preferred pronouns, so they are felt on the battlefield not by words, but by deeds and courage. Often seen with his loyal raven companion named Arthur, Bloodhound spiritually believes he can see the heartbeat of the universe itself. Bloodhound's tracking abilities are unmatched by Apex Games, allowing them to detect hidden enemies and track their location, revealing the unseen. Their ultimate ability, Beast of the Hunt, turns the world into black and white and heightens their senses, increasing their speed and tracking abilities.
Their past remains a closely guarded secret, but of course it is full of personal difficulties and tragedies. They honor their fallen mentor Arthur and their cultural legacy by participating in the Apex Games in pursuit of glorious victories and ultimately the truth of the universe.
Respected by his peers and feared by his enemies, the Bloodhound embodies the ethos of the perfect hunter. They embody a lethal combination of spiritual enlightenment and technological advancement, making them not only a formidable force in the Apex Games, but also a figure of intrigue and complexity in the Apex Legends universe.

Creation and Development

Bloodhound, one of the original Legends of Apex Legends, is a mysterious tech stalker whose identity is deeply rooted in Scandinavian and Icelandic folklore. Brought to you by Respawn Entertainment, Bloodhound embodies the traditional themes of hunting, nature and the mystery of their masks.
Bloodhound first formed in the minds of the game developers from a simple concept: a fighter. Someone who can track enemies and reveal their location to their team. This concept was then extended to the tracking expert we now know in the game. In order to distinguish them from the usual shooting game trackers, the developers have enhanced their design with an intriguing background; they are non-binary and come from a technologically resistant human society, a unique social and technological scenario that contrasts sharply with the fast-paced, high-tech world of Apex Legends.
Inspired by Norse mythology, their abilities are named after the figures, concepts and artifacts of these myths. For example, their ultimate ability "Beast of the Hunt" refers to the "wild hunt", an otherworldly, ghostly procession of hunters. This original approach to character design and abilities sets Bloodhound apart from other legends.
Their character designs have also been tweaked to reflect their fighter personality. The end result had hints of both crows and plague doctors; the raven mask and companion nod to the symbolism of signs and wisdom in various cultures. The creators ingeniously mixed all these elements to create a deep and novel character.
As such, Bloodhound has become a tool for players looking for strategic options and a character with an interesting and extraordinary story. Carefully crafting the Bloodhound's story and tying them to doom and destiny deepens players' emotional connection to the character, making Apex Legends an immersive experience. The Bloodhound character is a testament to the imaginative character development and development that Apex Legends is known for.

Character Profile

The Bloodhound known as the "Tech Stalker" is one of the most ruthless hunters the Frontier has ever seen. They are masters of tracking, and their hunting skills are a combination of technological prowess and natural intuition. The identity of the Bloodhounds is shrouded in mystery as they believe in the confluence of science and ancient Norse mythology.
This mysterious hunter comes from a culture that celebrates and respects the principles of nature and the cosmos. The core of their respect comes from their belief that everything and everyone is connected and that an individual can achieve greatness by recognizing and respecting this balance. Their unparalleled ability to track their opponents makes them a deadly opponent in the heat of battle. Their Eye of the Allfather ability allows them to momentarily reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues in buildings in front of them. Combined with their hunting beast ability, which heightens their senses, allows them to see cold tracks and move faster, the Bloodhound can put immense pressure on opponents.
Bloodhound sees the Apex Games as more than a battlefield; for them it is a way to touch the old traditions of their people, it is the hunt of their life.
The Bloodhound is a man of few words and lets his actions speak for themselves. They are a beacon of stoicism and utter fearlessness, striking terror into the hearts of their enemies and inspiring their allies. Fighting them requires exceptional courage, and fighting them promises a chance to survive in the merciless world of Apex Legends.

Story Arc

Bloodhound, also known as Bloth Hoondr, is one of the most mysterious characters in the world of Apex Legends. Born in a unique story akin to a mythical saga, the story of the Bloodhound exists as a testament to fate, survival and honor.
Raised in the village of Talos surrounded by Norse culture, Bloodhound was taught to respect the gods and fear the wilderness that marks the fringes of the community. The village lived off the resources of the surrounding area, but they always tread carefully, aware of the dangers lurking. The father of the Bloodhounds was a Bloodhound, their skills were second to none. Their instructions and teachings were mirrored by the Bloodhound, who grew to a near godlike level of skill.
The accident happened when Bloodhound was still a baby. A strange creature from the surrounding desert - Goliath - descended on their village. Their father withstood the beast but met a cruel end. Bloodhound, just a baby, was at the mercy of the creature, but managed to survive the encounter through wits and courage. At that point, their fate as hunters and stalkers was sealed.
Bloodhound's journey has been one of profound personal change. Haunted by their past, they left their hometown to find ways to master their skills and face their fears. Over time, they began to understand the balance between life and death, honor and survival.
They joined the Apex Games not for wealth or fame, but to honor their father's spirit and use these inflated theatrical arts as a testing ground for their skills. Their clever tracking skills and beastly companion Arthur made the Bloodhound a legend among legends, feared and respected in the extreme world of Apex Games.
From the cruel hands of fate emerged a ruthless fighter, fearless and guided by a fiery target. Whether in the deep landscapes of Outland or the bloody ring of the Apex Games, the hunt calls to the Bloodhounds, and they respond with a fervor that terrifies even Death herself. Steeped in myth, shrouded in mystery, the Bloodhounds continue their journey, guided by their father's wisdom and the ghosts of their past. Fight or die, it's all the same to them. The father of all demands it.

Cultural Impact

A prominent figure in the Apex Legends universe, Bloodhound has had a profoundly positive and dynamic impact on gaming culture. Bloodhound is one of 4 non-binary characters in mainstream video games, reflecting Apex Legends' commitment to cultural inclusion and diversity.
Their mysterious origins and unique tracking capabilities have attracted a wide range of players. Many players value the character for his ability to track other players and provide detailed information to his team. This has affected the players' approach to the game, where teamwork and strategy are very important. In addition, Bloodhound's cultural heritage resonates with many players as it is influenced by Norse mythology, exposing players to the nuances and elements of this ancient European culture. Additionally, Bloodhound's use of High Icelandic adds intrigue and deepens the game's cultural richness.
Bloodhound's portrayal as a non-binary character has also sparked debate about gender neutrality in the gaming world. This vision made the game more appealing to players who identify as non-binary, showing that Apex Legends is a progressive and inclusive game.
Bloodhound not only embodied the progressive character of its background, character design and unique abilities, but also captivated players around the world, strengthening the cultural impact of Apex Legends in the global gaming community.


In the universe of Apex Legends, the Bloodhound, also known as the "Tech Trace", carries a mysterious but determined legacy. No one knows their true identity, the secret behind the enigmatic mask patina. From the cold world of Talos, Bloodhound emerged with a deep respect for nature and the old ways, the traditional beliefs of his tribe. As unsurpassed hunters, they can sense hidden enemies and follow like a wolf. However, they did not come to the Apex Games for success or fame, but to learn about the mysterious disappearance of their mentor Arturo. Now the whole father accompanies them in this search, each meeting brings them closer to the truth. Steadfast and honest, Bloodhounds embody wisdom and courage, their legacy goes beyond glory in the games – it is a testament to survival, uncovering secrets and honoring the old ways.