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Job TitleTelevision Host, Radio Presenter, Actress
Birth Date1978-12-07
Birth PlaceToronto, Canada
Knows aboutRadio broadcasting, Television hosting, Acting
Person NameArisa Cox
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/arisacox
Arisa Cox is a multi-talent known as a broadcaster, broadcaster and executive producer. Throughout her career, she has become a major face on Canadian television, best known as the host of the hit TV series Big Brother Canada. Her dynamic presence, passionate fan engagement and refreshing knack for calling it what she sees has set her apart from the industry. She also made history as Big Brother Canada's first black executive producer, making bold strides in reality television. In addition to her notable work on Big Brother Canada, Arisa has worked on a number of other big screen credits that showcase her range and adaptability. With a career still on the rise, Arisa Cox remains a force to be reckoned with in the television universe.


Television personality and executive producer Arisa Cox is best described as dynamic, engaging and innovative. She is known for her powerful presence and charming wit, especially as host of the flagship reality show Big Brother Canada. His name has become synonymous with television entertainment that captivates audiences and brings a new dimension to the Canadian entertainment industry. Arisa's magnetic charisma and unique ability to connect with contestants and audiences have set her apart in the world of television presenting.
In addition to her on-screen persona, Cox is also making waves behind the scenes. Known for her advocacy of diversity and inclusion in media, she is a relentless advocate for representation that truly reflects society. Shape the history of Big Brother Canada not only as a host, but also as an executive producer, ensuring that the contestant lineup accurately reflects Canada's multicultural tapestry. His efforts aim to break the stereotypical expectations and conventions surrounding reality television casting and production.
Embodying an irresistible blend of talent, passion and determination, Arisa Cox is more than just a TV host, she's on a mission to change the television industry and rewrite the rules of the game. As a woman of color, her contributions in a white-dominated industry inspire, drive change, and advance media representation.

Early Life and Education

Arisa Cox was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As a child, her innate charisma and vocal abilities were palpable, and she always stood out at family gatherings and school events. She was a little girl who wasn't afraid to grab the microphone at a school assembly and take charge, a quality that would define her future career.
Her parents, both avid learners, taught her the importance of hard work and perseverance. From an early age, she was encouraged to prioritize her studies and maximize her educational opportunities. In high school, Arisa excelled both academically and socially. She was known for her incredible eloquence and natural leadership skills. These qualities earned her popularity among peers and the respect of teachers.
Recognizing her unique potential, Arisa was accepted to Carleton University in Ottawa. She studied journalism, a natural choice given her passion for storytelling, communication and social advocacy. It was in this vibrant academic environment that she honed her journalism skills, working on the school newspaper and becoming an important voice on campus.
After graduation, Arisa did internships and low-level jobs in various media outlets. He demonstrated intelligence, tenacity and a strong work ethic and quickly rose through the ranks. The rigorous training and work experience she gained in those early years laid the foundation for the illustrious career she enjoys today as an acclaimed broadcast journalist and broadcaster.
Arisa Cox's life and upbringing is a testament to the power of determination and the importance of nurturing individual gifts. It was her early life and upbringing that shaped her remarkable career and gave her the confidence to step onto any stage or room without fear of grabbing the microphone and speaking her truth.


Arisa Cox is a multifaceted professional who has made a dynamic impact in the world of media and television. Throughout her career, she has gained recognition as a television presenter, radio presenter and interactive media producer. Her main role so far has been hosting Big Brother Canada, which has earned her a devoted fan base and critical acclaim. She is often praised for her lively and engaging presentation style, which, combined with her sharp wit and passion for show business, makes her an audience favourite.
In addition to hosting, Arisa also excels in journalism and radio broadcasting. Her work as a news anchor and reporter, particularly for CBC News, and as a contributor to popular radio shows has demonstrated her versatility and ability to connect with a variety of audiences. His quick thinking and unwavering professionalism are traits that have shaped his career in a fast-paced, live media environment.
Arisa's contribution to media goes beyond her screen presence. As a founding member and shareholder of Insight Productions, Canada's leading production company, he plays an important role in developing popular shows and developing new media strategies. His work is not limited to entertainment; it also has a purpose. In her leadership role, Arisa actively advocates for diversity and representation in the industry.
From on-screen hosting to off-screen production, Arisa Cox has built a distinguished career in the television and media industry. Her constant passion, dedication and versatility make her a force to be reckoned with. His career path is an inspiration, proving that success comes from a combination of talent, hard work and a passion for change.

Other Ventures

Besides Big Brother Canada, Arisa Cox has also established herself in other dynamic areas of the entertainment industry. She made her mark as an acclaimed actress. She has appeared in critically acclaimed television series such as Street Time, John Q and The Gavin Crawford Show. Arisa's exceptional presence in front of the camera shows her ability to deliver compelling stories and characters.
She also dabbled in the radio industry, where she once hosted the morning show on Toronto's 91.5 The Beat. Her impressive broadcasting skills and charismatic aura have won the hearts of many listeners and allowed her to build a loyal fan base.
In addition, her passion for uplifting underrepresented communities is reflected in her role as co-creator and executive producer of The S Word, a documentary aimed at initiating dialogue about colorism in the African diaspora. Through this project, Arisa has inspired many to question and challenge social norms.
With her many accomplishments, Arisa Cox cements her status as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, continually proving that she is more than just a reality TV host, but a dynamic and influential personality in the media arena.

Awards and Honors

A powerhouse in the world of media and television, Arisa Cox has been recognized time and time again for her outstanding contributions to the field. She emerged as an advocate for humanitarian aid and a tireless defender of social causes, especially racial equality.
His excellence as a reporter was first recognized in 2013 when he received a Roll of Honor from the Black Canadian Awards. Reflecting her commitment to inclusion, the award honors Cox's efforts to bring stories of diverse and underrepresented communities to life in popular media.
in 2016 she was widely praised for her excellent skills as a presenter when she won the Lion Award for Best Presenter in an Information or Lifestyle Series. Her dynamic presence and wit on Big Brother Canada left an indelible mark on Canadian television, making her an audience favorite.
Arisa has shown an exceptional ability to excel in multiple arenas. Her talent as a radio personality was honored at the Canadian Radio Music Awards where she was nominated twice. Every day, she continues to touch lives with her resonant voice and offers a listening ear on important social issues.
His long-running role on Big Brother Canada was also widely acclaimed. The show won multiple Golden Screen Awards, a tribute to Arisa's wealth of talent and her unwavering dedication. His unrelenting passion fuels his drive to continually break down barriers, and his constant pursuit of fair representation is a beacon of inspiration to many.

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