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General Info

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Faction NameLegends
The Legends faction of the Arrowverse universe is a time-traveling team of heroes and misfits. The group was originally assembled to fight major threats to the timeline, including formidable adversaries such as Eobard Thawne and the Legion of Doom. Over time, they have faced many supernatural and time travel challenges, solidifying their position as defenders of the timeline. The members of Legends bring a unique mix of skills and personalities on board, from the leadership of Sarah Lance to the technical expertise of Ray Palmer. Their adventures span time and space, taking them on an exciting journey through the Arrowverse universe. Each member of Team Legends is a true testament to heroism, resilience and strength against the odds.


The Legends faction of the Arrowverse universe is a fusion of unique heroes, each with their own unique quirks and abilities, who work together towards the common goal of keeping the timelines in balance. Unlike other superhero teams in the universe, the Legends are made up mostly of misfits and outcasts, exhibiting an underdog spirit that permeates their adventures.
Originally led by Time Master Rip Hunter, members include Sara Lance, White Canary, who applies the teachings of the League of Assassins to protect the timelines. Ray Palmer, a genius inventor who shrinks and expands like an Atom. Mick Rory, a hardened criminal known as Heatwave, uses his strength and talent for pyrotechnics. Alongside these characters are the charming wizard John Constantine, the alien shape-shifter Zari Tomaz, and a host of other supernatural beings, each making a significant contribution.
From the Waverider, a time-traveling ship, Legends travels through many historical periods and encounters famous historical figures and mythical creatures. They are tasked with solving "temporal anomalies," anomalies caused by timeline interference.
With diverse group dynamics, unconventional methods, and humor-infused storylines, the Legends faction brings a fresh element of self-awareness and playfulness to the epic superhero saga of the Arrowverse universe. In addition to engaging superhero action, their story delves into personal growth and the intricacies of teamwork.


The Legends faction has an impressive history in the Arrowverse universe. This eccentric team of heroes and misfits was originally organized by Time Master Rip Hunter. The Legends were brought together to capture Vandal Savage, an immortal conqueror, and manipulate the timelines. The group originally consisted of unique personalities and abilities led by Sara Lance aka White Canary, Ray Palmer aka Atom, Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson who created the superhero Firestorm.
Over time, the list of legends has evolved and changed. Characters such as Zari Tomaz, a mystic, and Nate Heywood, a historian who can transform into the steel hero Citizen Steel, were included. The Legends have traveled through multiple timelines, battling threats such as the Legion of Doom, Mallus, and the shape-shifting alien Nero.
Legends are not defined by their battles alone. Their spirit and determination, despite all adversity, set them apart. Faced with demons, direct or personal, they tended to work as a team while surviving the paradoxes of the time. While each legend has its own weaknesses, together they are stronger. The family they have created with each other is their greatest strength.
Even when fighting the dangers that threaten the universe, the legends always manage to inject humor and remind us that superhero stories can be fun too. Unconventional ways of solving problems made the story "less boring" and clearly unpredictable. Breaking all the rules of time travel, the Legends find a way to rewrite history. What sets Arrowverse legends apart is their embrace of maverick status. They accepted their failures and used them as a stepping stone to become legends not only in name but also in deeds. Their story is proof that you don't have to be perfect to start writing your own legend; you just have to be brave enough to face your flaws.

Notable Members

Member #
Sara Lance / White Canary
Ray Palmer / The Atom
Mick Rory / Heatwave
Leonard Snart / Captain Cold
Martin Stein / Firestorm
Jefferson 'Jax' Jackson / Firestorm
Amaya Jiwe / Vixen
Nate Heywood / Steel
Zari Tomaz
Wally West / Kid Flash
John Constantine
Mona Wu
Behrad Tarazi
Astra Logue
Ava Sharpe
Gary Green
Rip Hunter


The geography of the Arrowverse's Legends faction is as unique and dynamically diverse as the characters themselves. This faction does not satisfy any attribute of time and space. With their time ship, the Waverider, the Legends can travel to different geographical environments spanning different time periods. As countless adventures have shown, the legends have visited different eras, from the wild west to futuristic landscapes.
On their crusade to protect and correct temporal anomalies, they could find themselves on the streets of medieval England one moment and in the neon-lit futuristic 2046 the next. in the metropolis. Their navigation in time and space gives them the opportunity to visit the idyllic and privileged environment of different civilizations, to directly experience their culture and historical events, and sometimes to joke with influential personalities. Basically, the Legends faction does not belong to one geographical location. Instead, it encompasses the entire space-time continuum as its domain. This makes the "geography" of this faction extremely wide and fascinating.

Legacy and Impact

The Legends faction of the Arrowverse universe has left an unmistakable mark on the superhero genre. Innovative time travel, daring quests of the team in different eras expanded the possibilities of the Arrowverse narrative, intertwining history with fiction. Moving from the classic superpower struggle to delving into the personal stories of the characters, Legends demonstrated the depth and emotional complexity of the genre. This group of misfits also encouraged representation. With a diverse cast including characters from diverse backgrounds and diverse gender identities and sexual orientations; Legends created a universal image of superhero characters. The comedy of traditionally dramatic superhero tropes also broadened the Arrowverse's tone, creating many shades and styles. The Legends' individual and collective quest for salvation positively drives the story of flawed heroes striving for perfection. This powerful faction argues that everyone, regardless of background or power, can make a difference.