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Team Arrow

General Info

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Faction NameTeam Arrow
Team Arrow is a vigilante team led by Green Arrow, the main character of the Arrowverse universe. The group, founded by Oliver Queen, returns to Star City to fight crime using his individual abilities. Along with characters like tech genius Felicity Smoak, ex-assassin Sara Lance, and ex-soldier John Diggle, among others, their mission is to keep their city safe from harm. Team members often face moral dilemmas and personal crises when dealing with villains, which complicates their character development. Team Arrow has evolved over the seasons, growing in power and influence, often teaming up with other teams in the Arrowverse to take on greater threats. Their dedication and perseverance remain at the heart of the story, making them favorite characters in the series. Despite the challenges, they continue to embody the spirit of justice, proving that true heroes are not defined by their powers, but by their courage and resilience.


A cornerstone of the Arrowverse, Team Arrow can be traced back to its roots as a hastily assembled duo of vigilante outcast Oliver Queen and his trusty, computer-savvy partner Felicity Smoak. Relying on Oliver's archery skills as the Green Arrow and Felicity's unparalleled hacking skills, they protected Star City from relentless threats.
The duo soon became a trio when John Diggle became involved in their noble cause. Diggle's military background gave the team some much-needed tactical guidance and pushed them toward justice. A series of trials led to unexpected partnerships, with Sara Lance introduced as Canary and Roy Harper as Arsenal, enhancing the team's strength and reach. Despite a revolving door of enemies, Team Arrow persevered and fulfilled their commitment to peace and justice in Star City. Even when faced with aliens, rogue government agencies, and vengeful assassins, they maintained unity and a sense of duty to their city.
Each member of Team Arrow brings their own individual strengths and unique talents to create a dynamic and versatile force against evil. But deep down, Team Arrow is much more than impressive crime-fighting credentials. A beacon of hope and resilience, it illuminates the dark corners of Star City and constantly rings out powerful messages of loyalty, sacrifice and the eternal pursuit of justice.


In the early stages, the Arrow team consisted of only Oliver Queen, then known as "Comfort". Queen has been assigned a mission to cleanse Starling City of the corruption that has infected his veins from a list of people his father Robert Queen passed down to him before his tragic death. However, Oliver Queen quickly realized the enormity of his solo mission and felt the need to add someone he could trust to the team, so John Diggle was added to the team.
A few months later, computer scientist Felicity Smoak joined Team Arrow, effectively forming the Original Team Arrow, often referred to as "OTA". Smoak's arrival took the team to a whole new level of technological prowess. Together, these individuals operated from the Arrow Cave. Diggle's military background combined with Smoak's unparalleled computer skills complemented the Queen's deadly archery and combat skills.
The team has undergone several transformations over the years as its numbers have grown. The first addition was Roy Harper, who eventually joined the team after his initial role as Arrow's nemesis. Sara Lance, the first Canary, also joined Team Arrow for a number of missions. After his death, his sister Laurel Lance joined the team. Typical characters like Thea Queen and Curtis Holt were also credited as members of the team.
Despite the inevitable disagreements and conflicts, Team Arrow maintains a sense of trust and camaraderie between them. Team Arrow was more than just a means to avenge Oliver Queen's father; he became a beacon of hope for Starling City (later Star City), fighting not only internal corruption but also external threats. Their resistance to adversity meant they held their own against even their fiercest foes such as Deathstroke, Damien Darhk and Prometheus. Team Arrow's very existence was proof that vigilantism can take massive form based on conviction and an unyielding determination to fight for justice.

Notable Members

Member #
Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
John Diggle / Spartan
Felicity Smoak / Overwatch
Thea Queen / Speedy
Laurel Lance / Black Canary
Roy Harper / Arsenal
Quentin Lance / SCPD Sergeant
Sara Lance / White Canary
Curtis Holt / Mister Terrific
Rene Ramirez / Wild Dog
Rory Regan / Ragman
Dinah Drake / Black Canary
Emiko Queen / Green Arrow


Team Arrow operates from the heart of Star City, a sprawling and bustling urban metropolis on the west coast of the United States. The geographical landscape of the city is diverse: a combination of tall skyscrapers, wide embankments and a complex network of streets and avenues. This creates an ideal and challenging battlefield for Team Arrow's crime-fighting mission.
In the heart of Star City is the Arrow Cave, the secret headquarters of Team Arrow. Located beneath the Palmer Technologies building, Arrow Cave is the team's tactical hub, equipped with high-tech equipment and infrastructure to support their surveillance operations. Star City's unique geography, mixed with the city's gimmicks, is central to Team Arrow's identity and strategy. Team Arrow often uses their intricate knowledge of Star City geography to fight for justice, using the cityscape for strategic advantage and fast, efficient navigation on their field missions. From the high rooftops of the city to the dark underbelly, Team Arrow remains a staunch defender of the terrain.

Legacy and Impact

Team Arrow has had a great legacy and influence not only on Starling City, but on the Arrowverse as a whole. Notable vigilantes such as Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow), John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak have played vital roles in protecting their city from various threats. The team set a precedent for other vigilantes and teams across multiple cities and worlds in terms of cooperation and commitment to a common cause. They also inspired many people to rise up and fight injustice on a massive scale. Team Arrow's relentless fight for justice has had a profound impact on the social and cultural environment in their sphere of influence. Through their courage and sense of duty, the team has redefined what it means to be a hero on Arrow. Their legacy thrives long after individual feats, illustrating the far-reaching impact a group of dedicated individuals can have on the universe.