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Job TitleActress, voice actress, singer
Birth Date1983-08-09
Birth PlaceCamarillo, California, U.S.
Knows aboutActing, Voice Acting, Film and Television Production
Person NameAshley Suzanne Johnson
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/TheVulcanSalute
Alternate NameAshley Johnson
Member of OrganizationScreen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
Ashley Johnson is a multidimensional universe full of creativity, expression and heart. From her award-winning acting roles to her remarkable voiceover achievements, each aspect offers a unique depth of Ashley's talent. This universe further expands into musical realms where Ashley's melodious notes blend with evocative lyrics to create an enchanting musical landscape. With memorable characters and performances, Ashley Johnson's universe is a vibrant tapestry woven from exceptional skill, engaging storytelling and soulful music. Travel through this universe and experience a master class in heartfelt performance, see the power of the voice and hear the emotions that resonate. Ashley Johnson's universe invites everyone and promises an unforgettable journey through the world born from a passion for art.


A famous figure in the entertainment industry, Ashley Johnson captivated audiences with her versatile talent and heartfelt performances. She started her journey in the industry as a child actress and has since transitioned beautifully into a seasoned adult performer. Among her many roles, she is best known for her portrayal of Ellie in the critically acclaimed video game The Last of Us, which won her a BAFTA Award.
In addition to her impressive acting skills, Johnson is also known for her voice acting skills, seen in popular animated series such as Teen Titans and Ben 10. Her unique ability to convey emotion through her voice endeared her to a whole new generation of fans. In addition to his voice and acting roles, Johnson is also a major part of the Critical Role web series starring Dungeons & Dragons. Her character Yasha, a barbarian with a complicated past, made her extremely popular in the board game world.
Ashley Johnson brings a unique combination of passion, vulnerability and strength to each character she portrays, making her one of the most dynamic and versatile performers in the industry. His work spans many genres and media, reflecting the depth and breadth of his talents, and his dedication and love for his craft leaves an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Johnson's universe is filled with complex characters, emotional performances, and an ever-expanding talent pool. His journey is one of resilience and dedication, and he continues to inspire with his undoubted talent and dedication to his craft.

Early Life and Education

Ashley Johnson was born in 1983. August 9 in Camarillo, California. The youngest of three children, she showed impressive acting talent from an early age. With much encouragement from her family, she began her acting career in several children's television shows, including the Disney animated series Recess, where she voiced Gretchen Grundler.
To ensure that she received a balanced education, her parents insisted that she remain in mainstream education despite her promising acting career. Johnson then attended the prestigious Sheldon High School, where her determination led her to excel both academically and in extracurricular activities. Balancing her passion for acting and academics never daunted her. Instead, he helped her develop the key skills needed to not only survive, but thrive in the highly competitive entertainment industry.
In addition, Johnson proved to be a versatile person and developed a love for music. During his high school years, he learned to play the violin and guitar, which later played an important role in portraying various musical characters.
Always energetic and adventurous, Ashley did not limit her upbringing to traditional education. He saw life itself as a journey of continuous learning, gaining experience from his travels, the people he met and the roles he played. This perspective, along with raw talent and hard work, has been an integral part of his successful career in the entertainment industry.
After high school, he attended the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, where he continued to develop his musical skills. This combination of traditional upbringing and personal experience uniquely positioned Johnson in the industry and paved the way for his success as both an actor and voice actor. Her early life and upbringing openly reflect her extraordinary versatility and talent for which she is known today.


From acting in critically acclaimed films to voicing famous characters in video games, Ashley Johnson's career is as varied as it is successful. Ashley's career began at a young age when she was recognized for her acting talent. She quickly secured roles in popular TV shows and movies, constantly challenging herself with different characters and genres.
Ashley's work in the film industry has been well received and her performances have often been praised by critics. She has starred in major hits and definitely has a knack for picking projects that resonate with a global audience. Her roles are always distinctive and memorable, reflecting her versatility as an actress.
While Ashley has had great success in traditional media, she has also made great strides in the world of video games. He has lent his voice to some of the biggest names in the industry and delivers heartfelt and engaging performances. For example, his work on The Last of Us series was highly praised by critics and fans alike.
Aside from acting, Ashley has also proven to be a great presenter. In the popular Dungeons & Dragons streaming show, Critical Role, he not only engages in gameplay, but also displays his wit and charming personality. His ability to impress is not limited to his scripted roles, which marks a unique aspect of his illustrious career.
Ashley Johnson's career is a testament to her talent and versatility. As an actress, voice actress and host, she consistently delivers quality entertainment regardless of medium or genre. This progression in his career is not only impressive, but also a sign of his dedication to his craft. As she continues to play new and challenging roles, audiences can only expect great things from Ashley Johnson.

Other Ventures

In addition to her burgeoning acting career, Ashley Johnson has taken on several other unique ventures that highlight her multifaceted talent and passion. She has proven her prowess behind the camera as a director and producer. Notable among these efforts is his role as producer of Spaghetti Dinner, an engaging story that showcases Ashley's eye for complex narrative elements.
Ashley's creative pursuits also extend to the world of voice acting, where she has lent her voice to famous video game characters and received rave reviews from gamers around the world. One of her most famous characters is Ellie from the critically acclaimed series The Last of Us, a role that won her multiple awards. Aside from acting, Ashley is known for her mesmerizing singing voice. He often uses it to enjoy a variety of musical settings, from intimate acoustic performances to energetic live performances. His covers and original compositions can touch hearts and leave audiences wanting more.
Ashley's ability to balance such a diverse portfolio of interests and commitments is a testament to her drive and determination. It's an enduring feature of her personality that accompanies all of her adventures, making Ashley Johnson's universe even more intriguing and inspiring to her fans around the world. Determined to constantly explore new creative fields, Ashley Johnson will no doubt continue to tempt her fans with more diverse ventures.

Awards and Honors

Versatile actress and voice actress Ashley Johnson has collected numerous awards throughout her career. She received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Ellie in the survival video game series The Last of Us. This role earned her in 2015. BAFTA award in the category of best performer. For the same role, Ashley also received the VGX Award for Best Voice Actress in 2013.
Ashley's work on television has also been recognized. Won the BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Television Vocal Ensemble for Teen Titans Go! in 2014 Another notable achievement in his impressive portfolio is the Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Original Song Lead and Promotion, which he won in 2009. for outstanding performance in Fantastic Beasts.
Clearly, his ability to bring different characters to life both on screen and behind the microphone has not gone unnoticed. Each of his awards and accolades testifies to the artist's exceptional talent. She has definitely carved an iconic place for herself in terms of voice acting and screen presence.

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