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Job TitleVoice Actress
Birth Date1994-09-27
Birth PlaceTokyo, Japan
Knows aboutVoice Acting
Person NameAtsumi Tanezaki
Member of OrganizationHoriPro International
Atsumi Tanezaki is a versatile Japanese voice actress born in 1984. September 27 She is best known for her work in popular anime series such as Bride of the Ancient Mage, where she voiced the main character Chise Hatori, and Rascal Does Not. Dream from Bunny Girl Senpai", where she played Rio Futaba. Tanezaki has built a reputation for her exceptional vocal range, beautifully portraying intense drama in lighter comedic roles, always bringing her characters to life. Her impressive performances have earned her not only devoted fans worldwide, but also numerous award nominations. While she may be best known for her roles in anime, Tanezaki's voice can also be heard in several video games that showcase her wide range of talents. Regardless of the medium, Atsumi Tanezaki always manages to add depth and complexity to her roles, making her a true gem in the world of voice acting.


Atsumi Tanezaki is a respected name in the world of voice acting, best known for his contributions to the anime industry. Tanezaki, born in 1984 September 27 in Tokyo, started her career at a young age and quickly became famous for her unique voice and many characters.
What sets Tanezaki apart is his versatility. She has the ability to lend her voice to a wide range of characters, from fun to serious roles, each with their own tone and depth. Her notable roles include Liseran Thistle in Witchcraft, Miu Amano in Blend S, and Chise Hatori in The Ancient Mage's Bride, proving her wide range spanning various anime genres. Despite being primarily a voice actress, Tanezaki has also dabbled in other artistic pursuits. She took up singing and has released albums that showcase her vocal prowess outside of the anime world. She also performs regularly and wins the hearts of fans with her spectacular performances.
Tanezaki's dedication to her craft and constant efforts to expand her horizons have made her a cornerstone in the voiceover industry. Constantly striving for excellence, she will surely continue to delight her fans with her work and promote the growth and diversity of the anime world.

Early Life and Education

Atsumi Tanezaki was born in 1984. September 27 in Oita Prefecture, Japan. From an early age, he showed an undying passion and natural talent for performing arts. She immersed herself in various creative forms, exploring music, acting and storytelling. It was the first sign of his life's trajectory; a path that would lead her to become a famous voice actress in Japan and abroad.
His formal education laid the foundation for a career in the field. He received his primary and secondary education in his hometown of Oita Prefecture. Here she was actively involved in drama and drama clubs, impressed her peers with her undoubted acting prowess and unique sweet vocal prowess.
Atsumi's transition to high school deepened her involvement in the performing arts. His high school years were filled with various roles in acting school plays, which in turn fostered his fascination and respect for the art of storytelling. It was this involvement that was the gateway to voice acting, further solidifying his decision to pursue a career. She attended an art-oriented university to cultivate her art. It was in this institution that he found excellent grounds for developing his skills, learning and communicating with like-minded people. Her college experience was an important step in shaping the skilled and renowned voice actress she is today.
Today, Atsumi Tanezaki stands out as a talented voice actress, recognized for her roles in various anime series. The early interest and passion she showed for the performing arts blossomed, making her a respected figure in the voiceover industry. His story is a reminder of the power of relentlessly pursuing your passion.


Atsumi Tanezaki is an excellent voice actress who has contributed a lot to voice acting. Her journey into the outdoors began as a child, when she was fascinated by the mesmerizing power of voice acting to bring animated characters to life. Her career path was not a bed of roses, but she followed it with unwavering determination.
Over the years, he has lent his voice to many characters in popular anime series. Her versatility is amazing: she has played innocent girls, tough warriors and kind mothers, proving herself to be a chameleon of voice acting. Tanezaki is best known for her roles in popular series such as Bride of the Ancient Mage, where she flawlessly played the quiet and mysterious Chise Hatori; and Jujutsu Kaisen, where he uniquely portrayed the complex emotions of the sharp-tongued but soft-spoken Maki Zenino.
Despite his success, Tanezaki remained unimpressed by the glitz and glamour. He always believes that there is room for growth and constantly strives for perfection. Her dedication to acting keeps her going and constantly reminds her why she embarked on this journey. Tanezaki's resilience and passion continue to shine through, inspiring young talent aspiring to break into voice acting. She is very appreciative of her beloved characters and fans who have stood by her side and nurtured her career.
As a person, Atsumi Tanezaki exhibits tenacity, humility and an unwavering love for his craft. As a voice actress, she is an irresistible force who can bring any character to life. Her career spanning more than a decade is a testament to her unwavering spirit and the fact that her voice is not just sound waves, but the echo of stories from the heart.

Other Ventures

In addition to his well-known work in the anime industry, Atsumi Tanezaki pursued many other aspects of art. She has carved a niche for herself as an incredibly versatile voice actress, bringing characters from beloved series such as Bride of the Ancient Mage, Tokyo Ghoul:re, and Banana Fish to life. But it's not just about anime. His talents shine everywhere: he has given his voice to many video game characters, adding depth and color to the game world. Games like Monster Hunter, Danganronpa, and Nier: Automata are making their mark and creating unforgettable experiences for gamers around the world. But what really sets Tanezaki apart is his foray into music. Known for her distinctive voice and emotional performances, she has released several singles and albums that tastefully showcase her vocal prowess. Apart from this, Atsumi has also dabbled in radio, co-hosting the internet radio show Anison Plus and enlivening the audience with his sparkling humor.
In every way, artist Tanezaki's work goes beyond voice acting. He is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the entertainment world. Atsumi Tanezaki's universe is compelling. The versatility and power of her contributions is what makes her so remarkable, an effort that continues to expand her appeal and impact across all media. Atsumi Tanezaki is a truly versatile artist with a wide influence, loved by fans from all walks of life.

Awards and Honors

Although Atsumi Tanezaki has received recognition for her voice acting in various Japanese anime and audio dramas, there is no official documentation that she has received any official awards and recognition. Her performances, known for their versatility and dynamism, always intrigue and captivate audiences. His portrayal of various characters has been critically acclaimed and shows his ability to bring different characters to life, each with their own unique quirks and characteristics.
Her role in The Ancient Mage's Bride, in which she voiced the main character Chise Hatori, received special praise and contributed greatly to the commercial and critical success of the series. While the lack of specific awards and accolades does not diminish her achievements, her fans eagerly await the day when her hard work and talents are officially recognized. Until then, Tanezaki's impeccable work ethic and dedication to his craft speak volumes for his commitment and expertise in the industry. His performances will forever resonate in the hearts of his audience, award-winning or not.

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