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Attack on Titan: Before the Fall

General Info

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall logo
AuthorHajime Isayama
AwardsKodansha Manga Award
GenresHorror, Post-apocalyptic, Dark fantasy
Book NameAttack on Titan: Before the Fall
LanguagesJapanese, English
Release Date2011-01-01
Number of Pages240
Original Title進撃の巨人 Before the fall
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttps://kodanshacomics.com/
Attack on Titan: Before the Fall is a compelling prequel to the critically acclaimed Attack on Titan manga. Travel back a century to the mysterious past of this dystopian universe. Unravel the mystery of the Titans' origins and humanity's desperate struggle for survival before Eren Yeager and his friends show up. This harrowing story is driven by complex characters, multi-layered storylines, and an in-depth exploration of the human mind in the face of great adversity. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping journey full of horror, adventure and drama. Discover the ruthless and merciless world of the Titans in this immersive introduction. A must read for any Attack on Titan fanatic.


Attack on Titan: Before the Fall is a thrilling dive into a world that existed before the era of Eren Yeager. Set in the same universe as the hit series Attack on Titan, it offers a compelling introduction to the original story. This book uncovers the secrets of the titans with new heroes taking bold action in humanity's fight for survival against these monstrous creatures.
A nameless boy appears as the main character, symbolizing the courage it takes to face the titans. The book offers a poignant portrait of his will to survive the scourge of the titans despite being trapped in a city surrounded by giant protective walls. One of the key elements of Before the Fall is the invention of humanity's most important weapon against the Titans, the vertical maneuvering drive. This tale of technical genius and courage combines new characters with a compelling narrative as they race against time to devise a way to thwart the Titans.
Interspersed with deep emotions and thrilling action sequences, Attack on Titan: Fallen offers readers a grim and realistic perspective on humanity's struggle for freedom. It reveals aspects of human resilience and spirit while adding depth to the narrative structure of the original series.
The book makes readers think about human existence and resilience in the face of inevitable threats and fears, with the terrifying reality of the Titans looming over them. As such, Before the Fall is essential reading for anyone looking to delve into the intricacies of the Attack on Titan universe.


Attack on Titan: Before the Fall is a thrilling story set in the chilling and terrifying world of Titans, where humanity's survival is under constant threat. This fascinating story begins 70 years before the events of Attack on Titan.
Our main character Kuklo is named "Son of a Titan" due to his birth from a pregnant mother who was eaten by the Titans. Because of his special circumstances, he was treated as an outcast and disadvantaged. Existential turmoil plagues Kuklo, who dreams of a life beyond the chains of these premeditated monsters. Angel, a talented but frustrated craftsman, takes Kuklo under his wing. Angel previously played a key role in the invention of vertical maneuvering equipment, contributing significantly to the humans' later victories over the Titans. Together, they dream of taking down the Titan, a feat the inhabitants deem impossible.
The story juggles past and present to bring to life the history and politics of the characters in the industrial city. This story is very much about the different dreams, aspirations and paths of loyal companions who want to change the terrible fate of their people. Beautifully illustrated, Attack on Titan: Before the Fall offers a refreshing and deep dive into the Titan universe before the arrival of Eren and his companions. It's a really fascinating read for any fan.


In the Development section of Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, you must delve into the painstaking and complex process that brought this exciting story to life. Before the Fall offers an anonymous installment that creates a compelling story within the existing Attack on Titan universe, effectively setting the narrative foundation for what was to come in the main installment of the series.
Writer Suzukaze Ryo weaves this first web of intrigue and suspense very carefully. Ryo carefully researched Hajime Isayama's original work, making sure that the elements and tone of the story complemented each other and expanded reliably. The creation of new characters such as Sharle Inocencio, Kuklo and Xavi Inocencio offered different perspectives on a world dominated by titans, making the story more multi-dimensional. Meanwhile, illustrator Shiki Satoshi has stayed true to the dark and brooding art style that became a hallmark of the original series. From depicting the grotesque form of titans to capturing terrifying human expressions, Satoshi's illustrations enhanced Ryo's impressive story.
One of the biggest challenges in creating these prequels was undoubtedly balancing the familiar elements of the original series while introducing new plot points and characters. However, the creative team's skill and dedication to the source material has resulted in a cohesive image that portrays the chaotic universe of Attack on Titan in intriguing new dimensions. The Before the Fall is a unique exploration of the world of Attack on Titan, a chilling expansion that traces the titans' terrifying reign of terror back to the series' origins.


Attack on Titan: Before the Fall is a fascinating dive into the pre-titan invasion world, taking the reader back to a time when the monstrous titans were just beginning to cast their evil shadows over humanity.
The story focuses on the period approximately 70 years before the main series and reveals the efforts that humanity has put into the terrible fight against the titans. Explore the heart-wrenching trials and catastrophes faced by an incredibly intriguing cast of characters, including an ingenious genius who has suffered a terrible loss, a fearless teenager determined to fight the Titans and become part of an elite research corps, and a mysterious child discovered in the blood and rubble left behind by the Titans' attack.
The book reveals the relentless journey to build the Omnidirectional Mobility Gear (ODMG), an instrumented device that would allow humanity to regain its freedom from the Titans. In addition, readers can witness the relentless perseverance required of army recruits, recognizing the crucial role they will eventually play in the spectacular sequel series. With its gripping plot and grim revelation of the terror of the Titans, "Before the Fall" keeps the reader relentlessly turning the pages and looking into the terrifying reality of the Attack on Titan universe. The book stands out as a compelling prequel, skillfully expanding the narrative structure of the original manga series and attracting new fans to delve into this fascinating field.


Attack on Titan: Before the Fall's 'Launch' features the journey that fans of the Attack on Titan series have been waiting for. This prequel takes readers back to a world of man-eating titans, brave soldiers, and individuals who dare to challenge their fearsome authority, before Eren and his crew faced the marauding giants.
The book was officially released in Japan in 2011, and its lively content quickly caught the attention of international fans. in 2013 the well-known publisher Kodansha published an English translation of the book, making it accessible to many international fans.
Following the timeline of the original series, Before the Fall offers readers a glimpse into the mystery, fear, and courage experienced by the people inside the Wall, even before the series' original character Eren was born. In a world of fear and powerlessness against the titans, this book perfectly documents humanity's struggle and indomitable spirit to fight.
The book was well received by fans and critics. With its intricate art style and intriguing twists, the acclaimed book has become a must-read for fans of the series.
From confronting the reality of the Titans to developing the technology to fight them, the book is a compelling introduction to the original series. It's a testament to the steadfast courage of humanity and a must-see for any Attack on Titan enthusiast.


Attack on Titan: Before the Fall received mostly positive reviews, praising its action-packed narrative and compelling character development. Readers appreciate the intriguing behind-the-scenes coverage of the original Attack on Titan series. The book's ability to be independent of the main series while still adding depth to the Attack on Titan universe was widely praised. The characters are portrayed with compassion, which encourages emotional involvement from the readers.
However, some critics have pointed out that the book lacks the intensity and involvement of the original series. The pacing of the story is considered a little slow, which contributes to some of the dry parts of the overall story flow. However, due to the graphics and gruesome twists and turns of the plot, the book received a lot of acclaim, so readers eagerly awaited the next installments. Various aspects of fear, camaraderie and resilience are explored, providing a comprehensive understanding of the Attack on Titan story.
Additionally, the book was praised for its meticulously detailed setting, effectively depicting a dystopian world where survival is at stake. While "Before the Fall" is generally considered essential reading for Attack on Titan fans, "Before the Fall" also appeals to beginners and offers fascinating insights into the Titan-ridden world. While Attack on Titan: Before the Fall might not like it very much, it's definitely an important contribution to the series.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall book series is undeniable and prominent among manga and anime fans. Set before the events of the original Attack on Titan , the prequel piques fans' curiosity as it pleasantly fills the void of the main timeline and provides a backdrop to it, fueling the existing passion for the franchise.
The saga revealed the human side of life within its borders and led to a deeper fascination with the Attack on Titan universe. Faced with horror, when even looking at the sky is a luxury, knowing that titans lurk outside, the book made readers think about life as characters. Such unspeakable emotions and the resulting empathy accurately reflect today's social conventions of freedom, security, and constant fear of a threatening outside world. Likewise, other elements such as politics beyond borders and response to adversity have become a canvas for thinking about real issues. The parallels in humanity's struggle for survival shaped the discourse on power dynamics, social hierarchy, and civil liberties, thereby inspiring critical thinking among the series' proponents.
In addition, the book series has fueled action in the cosplay community and brought joy as fan anticipation leads to a barrage of sketches, fine art, and fan fiction that continue to bring the Attack on Titan universe to life.
This carefully curated story has solidified his fan base and influenced the global masses, whether through manga sales, anime adaptations, or palpable pop culture excitement. This momentum builds as fans eagerly await the culmination of this saga, rooting for the characters, proudly wearing the Attack on Titan badge, and dearly cherished in their hearts and minds.