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Armin Arlert

General Info

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Job Title15th Commander of the Survey Corps
Birth Date2001-11-03
Birth PlaceShiganshina District
Knows aboutTitans, Strategies, Humanity's history
Alternate NameArmin Alert
Character NameArmin Arlert
Member of OrganizationSurvey Corps, 104th Training Corps
Armin Arlert, a central figure in the Attack on Titan universe, possesses a superior intellect and strategic acumen that greatly benefits humanity in its fight against the Titans. Armin didn't originally aspire to be a warrior, but Armin's physical abilities always pale in comparison to his peers. However, due to his unparalleled mental prowess, he eventually rose to the rank of Commander of the 15th Survey Corps. Although Armin was often immobilized by fear and insecurity, Armin's innovative strategies turned the tide of many battles. He has a deep love for the outside world that fuels his determination. His character development from a frightened boy to a courageous leader is one of the most compelling stories in the series.


One of the main characters of the globally acclaimed Attack on Titan anime, Armin Arlert is a pure testament to intellectual prowess, unmatched courage and unwavering loyalty. Unlike his peers, Armin has no physical strength or agility in combat. His real weapon is exceptional strategic skills, analytical insight and an uncanny ability to predict results that would normally seem unexpected.
Armin grew up in a world filled with fear and cruelty and throughout the story appears as a ray of hope and resilience. His childhood years were spent longing for a world beyond the boundless walls that surround human existence. This quest for freedom drives Armin's actions and decisions throughout the series, sometimes at great cost, but also providing invaluable opportunities.
Armin's character development is a thrilling tale of a seemingly fragile boy, outmatched by his peers, who becomes humanity's strongest asset. This metamorphosis is beautifully portrayed throughout the series, making Armin one of the most recognizable and inspiring characters in the Attack on Titan universe. His pacifist nature, even in the face of harsher realities, sets him apart from the other characters and shows that power doesn't always equate to physical strength. His story continues to captivate fans around the world and reaffirms that the most lethal weapon one can possess is an unyielding and sharp mind.


One of the beloved characters of the Attack on Titan series, Armin Arlert is both a survivor and a strategist. Born and raised within the walls, Armin's life took a drastic turn when the Colossal Giant destroyed his hometown. This event led to the death of his grandfather and ignited his determination to destroy all Titans.
Armin, despite his lack of physical strength, more than made up for it with his extraordinary intelligence. His strategic and critical thinking skills are invaluable throughout the series, often determining the course of events. His shrewd strategies, such as his plan to reclaim Trost and his identification of a female titan, highlight his ingenuity.
But Armin's journey is not without its struggles. He struggles with self-doubt and often sees himself as a burden due to his lack of fighting prowess compared to his friends Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. He tries to become as "needed" as his friends and often takes risks to prove his worth. Over time, he emerges from his insecurities, grows stronger emotionally, and becomes a beacon of hope for humanity to survive against the Titans. Armin's transformation becomes evident when he inherits the power of the Colossal Titan, marking his evolution from a shy boy to a brave soldier unafraid to sacrifice himself for the good of humanity. This reflects his ultimate belief that changing the world requires giving up one's humanity, an ideology he once questioned but later embraces.
Seeing Armin Arlert's journey is like watching the metamorphosis of a butterfly. It teaches us that physical strength is not the only measure of a hero, but also intelligence, courage and an indomitable will to hope in the face of great odds. His story is a testament to human resilience and the power of strategic thinking, making him an indispensable character in the Attack on Titan universe.

Creation and Development

Armin Arlert, one of the main characters in the Attack on Titan universe, represents a significant departure from the usual shonen manga archetypes. He is not physically strong or extremely agile like many main characters tend to be. Instead, Armin's strengths lie in his intelligence and strategic mind, making him one of humanity's most important assets.
The character was created by Hajime Isayama. According to Isayama, Armin's concept was inspired by his own childhood experiences. He was inspired by his friendship with an intelligent friend who opened his mind to a world other than brute force. Armin's character is a tribute to this group.
When creating Armin, Isayama sought to create visual and personality contrasts with other main characters such as Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. While Eren is fiery and emotionally driven, and Mikasa is stoic and physically strong, Armin is a kind and caring character who often questions his abilities.
Despite his more reserved personality, Armin has seen a lot of character development throughout the series. He started out as a shy bookworm, often belittled for his lack of physical prowess. But as the series progressed, Armin's tactical brilliance and perceptive personality elevated him to an essential figure among the scouts.
This development reflects Isayama's intention to emphasize the importance of intelligence as an asset in warfare and survival. Armin's character, with his logic and strategic intuition, fundamentally changed the battlefield against the Titans, formulating plans that physical strength alone could not accomplish.
Overall, Armin Arlert's creation and development is a testament to Isayama's excellent storytelling skills. His integration of characters with different strengths allows readers/viewers to connect more deeply with the story, reinforcing the idea that heroism is not just brute force, but intelligence and courage in the face of adversity.

Character Profile

Born in Shiganshina district, Armin Arlert is a childhood friend of the series' hero, Eren Yeager. The character is known for his intelligence. Unlike many of his colleagues, Armin relies on his logical reasoning, observation and analytical skills. He may lack physical strength, but he makes up for it with his sharp mind, making him an important asset to humanity's survival.
Armin is able to plan several steps ahead and create strategies that often lead to unexpected victories in desperate times. He has a great understanding of human nature, which allows him to accurately predict the enemy's tactics. This skill of his saved his team from many sad situations throughout the series.
Despite his courage and strategic insight, Armin struggles with self-doubt and a poor self-image. He also has a deep sense of responsibility and guilt for his decisions and actions, especially when they cause people to die. But his decisions, made out of necessity, played a very important role in turning the Titans upside down. Armin cherishes the ideals of freedom and decides to explore the world beyond the borders. His dreams of the outside world and his relentless spirit of fighting for freedom complement each other and fuel his determination in the face of adversity.
In short, Armin Arlert is a tactician, a thinker, a dreamer and a character who embodies resilience and determination against insurmountable odds. Despite his internal battles, Armin undoubtedly remains a beacon of hope in the terrifying world of Attack on Titan.

Story Arc

Although Armin Arlert originally lacked physical strength, his brilliant tactical mind made him play a central role in the Attack on Titan universe. Raised in the Shiganshina district alongside Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman, Armin's life takes a dramatic turn when a massive titan breaks through the walls of their city, causing devastating losses, including his own family.
Driven by a dream to see the world beyond the walls, Armin joins the Cadet Corps along with Eren and Mikasa. Despite intense training and initially considered one of the weaker cadets, his strategic brilliance eventually finds his way into the spotlight.
Armin's analytical skills come to the fore during the Battle of Trost County. His superior leadership and deductive skills led Eren to fully discover the Titan transformation and successfully retrieve Trost. He also demonstrates strategic prowess during an expedition beyond the walls, quickly identifying the female titan and creating a successful plan to capture her.
Armin's abilities are revealed to be essential during the Return to Shiganshina arc, where he devises a plan to defeat Bertolt, the Colossal Titan. But the victory comes at a high price, Armin almost loses his life. In recognition of his strategic skills, he is chosen to inherit the power of the Colossal Titan over other skilled warriors, marking a major turning point in his life. Armin's strategic thinking continues to play an important role in the final arc of War for Paradis, developing tactics and strategies that are critical to their battles. His journey from a physically weak child to one of humanity's greatest assets tells a compelling story of perseverance and intelligence triumphing over strength. His role in Attack on Titan highlights that the power of the mind should never be underestimated. True strength lies not only in muscles, but also in the ability to think critically under difficult circumstances.

Cultural Impact

The character Armin Arlert from the Attack on Titan series has made a huge cultural impact, especially in the way he demonstrates the power of intelligence in battle. Despite lacking the physical strength of his comrades, Armin Arlert uses strategy and wits to fight the terrifying titans, redefining the definition of heroism in popular culture.
Armin's character demonstrated the value of emotional intelligence and strategic thinking in conflict resolution, which resonated strongly with modern audiences. His self-sacrificing determination in the face of danger, as well as his unbearable vulnerability in moments of self-doubt, made him a close and inspiring figure to many.
Also, Armin Arlert's evolution from a shy and anxious person to a confident and respected leader is a powerful storyline that emphasizes the importance of personal growth. His journey provides a compelling commentary on the human ability to transcend personal fears and limitations, which has greatly impressed fans of the series.
Overall, the character of Armin Arlert has left a mark on popular culture, encouraging admiration for intelligence and emotional strength and providing a unique image of the hero that contrasts with traditional physical hero archetypes.


Armin Arlert's legacy in the Attack on Titan universe is resilience, intelligence, and courage. Best known for his strategic brilliance, Armin has proven his worth time and time again. Although not the strongest physically, his strategic mind often proved to be the key to humanity's survival against the Titans. His main contribution to the story is his theory about the Titans' weakness, which proved to be correct and played a major role in humanity's victories over the Titans. Ever since his heroic sacrifice and transformation into the Colossal Titan, Armin has shown the same resilience, unwavering strength, and unwavering determination to protect humanity that was characteristic of Erwin. His leadership and strategic insights cemented his legacy as one of humanity's greatest weapons in its struggle for survival and freedom. His journey from a shy and insecure boy to a determined and courageous soldier and ultimately the influential leader of the Survey Corps is an inspiring testament to his growth and his enormous multi-faceted contribution to the series.