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Earth Kingdom

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Faction NameEarth Kingdom
The Earth Realm, the largest and most diverse realm of the Avatar universe, is the embodiment of essence, tenacity, and immense power. Comprised of vast cities, vast countryside, and intricate cave networks, the Earth Kingdom reflects the strong spirit of its citizens. Known for their steely determination, Earthbenders harness the raw power of the Earth and manipulate the terrain for construction, defense, and combat. Their mighty walls and fortresses demonstrate the extraordinary resilience of the Earth Kingdom. This vast civilization with diverse cultures, landscapes and proud people is a testament to resilience and solidarity, embodying the indomitable nature of its element. Whether you're traveling the busy streets of Ba Sing Se or the rocky mountains of Omashu, you're sure to witness the Earth Kingdom's awe-inspiring tenacity.


The Earth Kingdom in the fascinating universe of Avatar is one of the four great nations and boasts a huge geographical and human diversity. It is characterized by huge mountain ranges, dense forests and vast deserts. The government structure is unique in that it consists of a large and independent collection of states, each governed by its own ruler.
This sphere draws its strength and resilience from the element it manipulates: Earth. This is reflected in the nature of the people, who are as diverse as the landscapes, but united by their fortitude, perseverance and indomitable spirit. The culture mixes many traditions and practices from various states, each as vibrant and colorful as the kingdom itself. The people of the Earth Kingdom are known for their deep-rooted honor, strong sense of duty, unwavering patriotism, and devotion to their community.
The Earth Kingdom has produced many wonderful figures, from wise rulers to humble squires, each as charming and righteous as the kingdom they call home. The kingdom's uncompromising vibrancy and unflinching spirit perfectly align with its iconic motto: Stand Strong and Stand Tall. Indeed, the Earth Kingdom is a unique emblem of the enduring strength of society and the indomitable spirit of the Earth it represents.


The world of Earth is one of the four main nations of the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe. This noble faction is blessed with people called Earth Visitors who lead and control the element of Earth.
The Earth Kingdom is the largest and most populous nation. Vast and extremely diverse, it stretches from the west coast of the eastern continent to the eastern coast of the western continent, connecting two land masses. Since ancient times, the history of the Earth Kingdom has been shaped by the element that humans have mastered: Earth. Its history traces back to the first inhabitants who learned the gift of earthbending from the Dasmollens, the first earthbenders. The naturally blind badgers used earthbending as an extension of their senses, which later became an important tool and weapon for humans.
Over the centuries, the kingdom split into many autonomous states, each with its own rulers. However, it remained largely single except during the reign of Fire Lord Sozin. Seeking to dominate all nations, Sozin started the Hundred Years' War, which tore the world of Earth apart. However, the Earth Kingdom has shown resilience to adversity through the courage and determination of the Earth visitors. It was the time of notable heroes such as King Bumi of Omashu, Toph Beifong, the blind prodigy, and Avatar Kyoshi. Each of them left an indelible mark and shaped the Kingdom's destiny.
After the Hundred Years' War, the Earth Kingdom began its journey towards reunification and peace under the leadership of Earth King Kuei. The rebuilding of the kingdom was a manifestation of the people's long-term resilience, tenacity and strong connection to the land. The Earth Kingdom carries the spirit of its element: resistant to adversity, slow to evolve and adapt, constantly seeking stability and prosperity. It's hard to say where the Earth Kingdom's story will lead, but it will undoubtedly be as strong as the rock that humans bend so expertly.

Notable Members

Member #
Avatar Korra
Avatar Kyoshi
King Bumi
Baatar Jr
Su Yin Beifong
Prince Wu
Earth King Kuei
Toph Beifong
Lin Beifong
General Fong
Long Feng


The Earth Kingdom, the largest and most diverse of all the nations in the Avatar universe, is located in the eastern hemisphere of the world and offers an incredible variety of landscapes and climates. From the bustling metropolis of Ba Sing Se to the arid desert of Si Wong, the Earth Kingdom offers a microcosm of the world itself. In the mountainous north lies the Beifong Family Mansion and the zigzagging paths of the Two Lovers' Cave. The central regions are covered with rolling plains and forests, especially the sprawling walled city of Omashu. The south consists of the rugged Full Moon Bay and shadowy merchant forts. The kingdom's coastlines range from swamps in the east to picturesque cliffs and the laid-back atmosphere of Kyoshi Island in the west. Travelers can explore the Earth Kingdom on foot or aboard elaborate chugga-chugga trains, an earth-bending innovation. The geography of the Earth Kingdom bears witness to a hardy and dynamic citizenry that has learned to thrive and adapt to any environment, just as they bend the earth themselves.

Legacy and Impact

Despite being made up of different landscapes and cultures, Earth's influence on the world of Avatar remains unique and profound. His penchant for endurance and resilience, epitomized in his name, draws a direct parallel with the earthly qualities of strength and fortitude. The Earth Kingdom played a vital role in both the Hundred Century War and the Red Lotus Conflict, shaping world history through its actions and reactions. After Top discovered metalbending, he introduced a new method of earthbending and gave birth to great leaders such as Avatar Kyoshi. Its style of architecture, fashion and food have influenced other countries. Additionally, the Earth Kingdom's philosophy of balance and harmony is at the heart of the Avatar's mission to strengthen the Earth Kingdom's influence in history. The Earth Kingdom remains a cornerstone of the Avatar universe and has had a lasting impact on both the world's timeline and cultural diversity.