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Southern Water Tribe

General Info

Southern Water Tribe logo
Area/RegionSouth Pole
CountryWater Tribes
Location NameSouthern Water Tribe
Alternate NameSouth Pole
The Southern Water Tribe, one of the five major political divisions in the Avatar universe, is a maritime nation at the South Pole. It is a confederation of small tribes and a sister nation to the Northern Water Tribe. Both tribes share similar cultural practices, including a deep respect for all life forms, waterbending and navigation. The southern tribe was traditionally more egalitarian, and communal cooperation permeated everyday life. People are known for their adaptability, resilience and unwavering devotion to family. Despite many setbacks such as invasions and social changes, the Southern Water Tribe rose to rebuild itself and became a major power on the world stage. Surrounded by freezing tundra and vast glaciers, this sturdy tribe represents the water spirit realm of strength and endurance.


The Southern Water Tribe, one of the cardinal nations in the Avatar universe, is a region defined by its zest for life, fierce resilience, and adaptability. Located at the southern tip of the globe, the tribe's culture and way of life revolve around the harsh Antarctic conditions they must overcome.
Much like their northern counterparts, the Southern Water Tribe have a quintessential Water Tribe architectural aesthetic characterized by domed huts, igloos, and large walls of ice. But after post-war rehabilitation efforts, the Southern Water Tribe has evolved into a vibrant metropolis that retains much of its traditional design and has introduced modern amenities.
The Southern Water Tribe is known for its residents' excellent waterbending abilities. Waterbending, influenced by the moon and rooted in the fighting style of Tai Chi, incorporates the concept of push and pull forces and mimics the ebb and flow of the tides. Over time, the Southern Water Tribe had several powerful waterbenders.
First of all, Avatar Korra, an amazing Bender who can control all four elements, comes from this tribe. Influenced by Avatar Korra among others, the Southern Water Tribe emulates courage, dedication, and most importantly, the ability to overcome adversity. They triumphed through many trials, such as the Hundred Years' War and the Civil War, but they kept coming back, strengthening their sustaining resolve. From strategic military successes to the extraordinary history of the Poles, the Southern Water Tribe is an enduring symbol of determination, resilience, and the unbreakable human will.


Located in the arctic south of the Avatar universe, the Southern Water Tribe has an impressive and tumultuous history. Created as one of the Four Nations, they mirror their sister tribe, the Northern Water Tribe, in cultural and social aspects. However, the southern tribe experienced great challenges that changed their destiny.
The development of the Southern Tribe was largely peaceful and harmonious, until the beginning of the Hundred Years' War, when the ruthless Fire Nation launched brutal attacks led by the Fire Lord Sozin. This tribe was targeted primarily because of the Fire Nation's fear of a new Water Tribe avatar. These attacks resulted in the capture and severe reduction of their waterbenders, who were considered the main threat.
The raging war led to significant changes in the social structure of the tribe. After losing almost all of the Benders, the tribe had to adapt. Their survival depended on developing rigorous hunting and fishing skills. This led to a more egalitarian society where everyone, regardless of their flexibility, had a role to play. The defeat of the Fire Lord Ozai and the end of the Hundred Years' War ushered in a new era for the Southern Water Tribe. Under the leadership of Chief Hakoda and the help of other nations, the tribe began to rebuild and expand. From a small village, it has become a big city, a tangible proof of people's resilience and spirit.
The story of the Southern Water Tribe is a moving story of resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. Even as the echoes of war and strife continue to reverberate, the tribe demonstrates its indomitable spirit and resilience, continually rising from the ashes to create a future worthy of its past.


Located at the southern pole of the Avatar universe, the Southern Water Tribe is noted for its resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. Rooted in family values, loyalty and courage, the inhabitants of this place live in the frozen landscapes they call home.
Primarily a conglomerate of waterbenders, the tribe plays an important role in Earth's overall history. As history unfolds, one can observe how this tension of scarcity and need has evolved into a radiation of power and influence. The evolution of the Southern Water Tribe is as fascinating as the lights that illuminate the night sky. The tribe was originally a large settlement, equal in size and grandeur to its fellow Northern Water Tribe. However, the once-prosperous tribe was reduced to a small village due to the relentless attacks of the Fire Nation during Sozin's Comet. Stripped of most waterbenders during the Water Tribe Civil War, the Confederate Water Tribe was able to recover and grow through sheer perseverance and determination.
Located in the still-frozen space, the tribe's architectural design is adapted to withstand the harsh conditions of Antarctica. The ingenuity of the structures made of ice and snow alone is testament to the tribe's ability to adapt to their environment. The village consists mainly of domed huts equipped with heat-insulating tents and wooden training equipment for young waterbenders.
Notable characters like Avatar Korra and Katara were born and raised in this tribe, their characters shaped by the struggle and unity that embodied the Southern Water Tribe. Individually and collectively, the tribe's residents are a symbol of resilience and unity, demonstrating that even in the most difficult circumstances, life not only survives, but thrives.
The Southern Water Tribe, with its rich cultural fabric woven around the worst conditions of survival, has a magnetic history of the Avatar universe. Every iceberg, cabin and person contributes to such a deep and inspiring story that reflects the triumph of the human spirit against adversity.