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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actress, Singer
Birth Date1976-03-30
Birth PlaceTokyo, Japan
Knows aboutVoice acting, Music
Person NameAyako Kawasumi
Member of OrganizationI'm Enterprise
Ayako Kawasumi is an acclaimed and talented Japanese voice actress and singer from Tokyo. She is best known for her versatility in playing a variety of anime roles, from young boys to feminine ladies. Kawasumi's notable roles include Saber in Fate and Megumi Noda in Nodame Cantabile, showcasing her skills in both drama and comedy genres. In addition to her successful career as a voice actress, Kawasumi also has a talent for playing the piano. His performances can be heard in various anime series, which further adds to the rich repertoire of the entertainment industry. Her many skills and contributions greatly shaped the anime universe, making Ayako Kawasumi a respected figure in the field.


Ayako Kawasumi's universe is an enchanting realm of voice acting and music. Revered as a bona fide star in the Japanese entertainment industry, Ayako Kawasumi has been captivating audiences with her melodious voice and acting talent for over two decades. Kawasumi, who played the role of Saber in the iconic series Fate, is wide and varied, a testament to her versatility as a voice actress.
In addition to voice acting, his universe expands into the music industry, where he has also made great strides. Kawasumi is a talented singer who continues to showcase her artistic talents on many levels. She has graced countless OSTs with her incredibly beautiful voice that carefully captures emotions and intrigues listeners.
Despite her fame, Kawasumi's dedication to her art, humility and connection with her fans make her endearing. His ability to bring characters to life and make them memorable is a masterpiece. Ayako Kawasumi's universe encompasses an amazing combination of talent, passion and hard work, making her a lasting inspiration for many aspiring artists. This universe invites us not only to appreciate his work, but also to celebrate the power of voice acting and music to shape stories and touch hearts.

Early Life and Education

Ayako Kawasumi was born in 1976. March 30 in Tokyo, Japan. From an early age, he showed a keen interest in art, which was initially reflected in his penchant for painting and drawing. His parents nurtured and encouraged this passion, fostering an environment that nurtured his innate creativity.
As he approached his teenage years, Kawasumi's interest began to shift from the visual arts to the performing arts. She created a fixation for cartoons and television series, admiring the dynamic interplay of voice and personality that brought characters to life. She joined her school's drama clubs and drama clubs and devoted her high school years to building a strong foundation in drama, elocution and public speaking.
Kawasumi soon decided to pursue formal training in voice acting. She entered a competitive drama college known as one of the best drama schools in Japan. He studied everything from voice formation to speech diction and honed his talents under the tutelage of some of the most respected voice actors of his time.
Her dedication and perseverance led her to graduate with honors, which was the start of a promising career as a voice actress. Armed with knowledge, skills and an unwavering dedication to her craft, Ayako Kawasumi entered the professional world ready to make her mark in the world of voice acting.


Ayako Kawasumi is a versatile and famous Japanese voice actress and singer, best known for her iconic roles in many anime. Her career began in the late 90s when her talent was recognized in early auditions, eventually leading her to her first role in the anime Eat-Man. He quickly gained popularity and impressed audiences and industry professionals with his precise pacing and emotional depth.
Even in the highly competitive anime dubbing industry, Kawasumi stands out. She is best known for lending her voice to Saber in the Fate/stay series, which earned her a place among industry legends. Additionally, her portrayal of Akari Mizunashi in Aria the Animation shows her ability to bring the character's emotions and subtleties to life.
In the 2000s and 2010s, Kawasumi continued to gain popularity by voicing various characters in anime series and films and video games. His performances often have a gentle quality that can transition to a fierce determination that reflects the complex range of characters he portrays.
In addition, Kawasumi is also a talented singer. He did some "character songs" for an anime series he was working on. The songs often reflect the personalities of his characters, further testament to his dedication and skill.
Kawasumi's career is a testament to his talent and dedication, demonstrating his uncanny ability to immerse himself in his characters and bring them to vivid life. His work continues to receive critical acclaim, reflecting his successful and enduring presence in the industry. In addition, his contributions influence, shape the landscape of the industry and inspire aspiring voice actors.

Other Ventures

In addition to her famous career as a voice actress, Ayako Kawasumi has also been involved in several other ventures, further highlighting her diverse portfolio. One such business is her job as a radio host. He has hosted several popular radio shows where he interacts with fans and gives them exclusive insights into his life and experiences in the anime industry.
In addition, Kawasumi has given his talent to the world of video games. By lending her voice to iconic video game characters, she reached a wider audience. His interpretation not only brings the characters to life, but also adds depth and realism that greatly enhances the gaming experience. His roles in popular game franchises have received critical acclaim, demonstrating his versatility as an artist.
Aside from radio and video games, Ayako Kawasumi's musical career should not be overlooked. She performed several anime theme songs, showcasing her vocal prowess. Many admire his ability to portray anime emotions and themes in his songs. Finally, her forays into the theater, where she acted in plays and productions, show her adaptability and diligence as an actress. Whether playing an animated character or performing live, Kawasumi's immense talent continues to amaze his fans around the world.
Basically, Ayako Kawasumi's journey is not limited to voice acting. She is a truly versatile artist who is always looking for new roles and ways to share her wealth of skills with fans around the world.

Awards and Honors

Ayako Kawasumi has received several awards during her successful career in the anime industry. One notable example is the prestigious Seiyu Award she won for Best Lead Actress for her portrayal of Saber in Fate/Stay Night. Kawasumi's emotional depth and ability to bring this complex character to life was impressively acknowledged.
She was also awarded Best Voice Actress at the Anime Grand Prix for her impressive performance in Mahoromatic. His versatility, moving from the energetic enthusiasm of Mahor Ando to the endurance and intensity of Sabre, is a testament to the breadth of his talent. In addition, Kawasumi's work in Kanone also earned her a Kobe Animation Award for her engaging and heartfelt performance. Longtime contributions to many other anime series were recognized when he received the Timeless Star Award, a belated recognition for his work outside of specific roles.
These accolades are truly a testament to Kawasumi's genius and immense influence on the anime universe. His talent continues to illuminate the anime world and contribute to an enriched experience for audiences around the world.

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