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General Info

Isaac logo
Job TitlePhysicist, Mathematician
Birth Date1643-01-04
Birth PlaceWoolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
Knows aboutPhysics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Natural philosophy, Alchemy, Christian theology
Alternate NameSir Isaac Newton
Character NameIsaac Newton
Member of OrganizationRoyal Society
Isaac, the titular character of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, is a young boy whose journey is both haunting and harrowing. Forced into the basement by his deranged mother, Isaac encounters a strange world of creepy creatures as he fights for survival. Despite his carefree exterior, Isaac struggles with a darker reality. Use her imagination to transform abandoned objects into powerful weapons to ensure her survival. Isaac navigates grueling levels, each spawning fiendish enemies and vicious monsters. Rebirth presents Isaac in a bright and whimsical light that perfectly complements the rounded and clean style of the game. The character of Isaac embodies the main themes of the game: sacrifice, loss and survival.


Isaac, the titular character of the beloved game Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, is the ultimate embodiment of innocence, entangled in a world of darkness and fear. Isaac's journey, brought to life by his mother's indoctrinated obedience to a voice claiming to be God, is a harrowing exploration of the human psyche as it confronts unimaginable horrors.
Despite being a child, he is a beacon of courage in the face of great danger and uncertainty. It is a testament to the relentless spirit of survival. Her stark nudity is a symbol of vulnerability, in stark contrast to the monstrous enemies she faces on her journey. She has no weapons or protective gear, only tears to repel intruders. Her tears, every manifestation of her fears and sufferings, become her most powerful defense.
Despite many obstacles, Isaac perseveres in darkness and despair, battling both real and imagined horrors. Every monster he encounters is a physical projection of his own psyche, reflecting distinct aspects of his deeply tortured mind. With each object he finds along the way, he often grotesquely alters the gesture, symbolizing his changing mindset and perspective. The character of Isaac is a mirror of great resilience and strength in innocent hearts forced to face a harsh reality far beyond their comprehension. Amidst all the tragedy and horror, Isaac's journey in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a stark reminder of the damaging effects of psychological manipulation on young minds and the heartfelt desire we all have to survive despite adversity.


Isaac is the protagonist of the popular dark fantasy game The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. This dark but harrowing adventure of self-discovery begins when Isaac's mother receives a message from God asking for his sacrifice. Fearing for his life, Isaac flees to a cellar full of monstrous creatures, where he is faced with trials that will test his courage, faith and sanity to the limit.
Each descent into the labyrinth plunges Isaac into his intense emotional and psychological trauma, presenting unspeakable horrors that symbolize his inner demons. As he defeats these monsters, Isaac fights for the light, a beacon of hope that shines through his twisted and menacing reality. The portrayal of Isaac as a character is convincingly tragic. He is initially shown as a helpless child trying to avoid certain death, but as the game progresses he transforms into a determined survivor. With no one to rely on but himself, he gathers the courage to overcome his nightmares and becomes a symbol of resilience.
Isaac is not blessed with strength or finesse, but his strength lies in his ability to adapt. He has to make do with what's available, surviving the nightmarish basement using sheer wits and a bit of luck. With each new round of the game, Isaac's character takes on a different form or acquires new abilities, emphasizing his ever-changing nature.
The story of this unassuming character is a grotesque evisceration of the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, and the grim limits of a child's imagination have gone astray. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth weaves Isaac's story into a monstrous world design, enriching his character and the game's story through environmental narratives.
As a character in such a complex story, Isaac means more than just a playable character. Amidst its hideous creatures and bleak atmosphere, this game unfolds a harrowing story through Isaac—a tale of fear, courage, survival, and ultimately rebirth.

Creation and Development

The character of Isaac from The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was conceived and created by Edmund McMillen and Nical. Isaac's Journey grew out of McMillen's personal experiences and interpretations of religious themes. He used the biblical story of Isaac as inspiration to portray an innocent child's struggle with despair and fear.
In the early stages, creating Isaac's image presented a challenge for McMillen. He wanted Isaac to be recognizable and unique. Isaac's design was simple, reddish brown with small eyes and a few lines representing his hair. His depiction of a constantly crying child reflects the troubling circumstances he faces, symbolizes vulnerability and evokes empathy.
Isaac's gameplay mechanics are designed to be challenging yet addictive to emotionally involve players in the character's journey. Isaac starts out weak, trapped and helpless. But as he acquires new items and abilities, he becomes a stronger version of himself. An important part of the game is the sense of growth it provides, reflecting the character's resistance to abuse.
The developers also added several "endings" to Isaac's story, giving players multiple scenarios to explore. These alternate storylines are designed to give players a sense of unpredictability and replayability, making Isaac's journey unique every time the game is restarted.
Over time, Isaac has become an icon of the dungeon gaming genre, touching both casual and die-hard players alike. Isaac's fearsome yet courageous character speaks to the power of the human spirit. His character longs for freedom, faces nightmares, struggles with despair and thus embodies the essence of survival.

Character Profile

Isaac, the titular character of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, is a complex and deeply likable figure. Ironically, Isaac starts out as the weakest character in the game, but has the potential to become the strongest.
Scared, alone, and under attack from all sides, he shines as a beacon of resilience in a world that just wants to see him fall. Isaac's journey through the cellar is filled with danger and despair, proving that he is willing to face his fears.
He begins his journey with only three containers of hearts and no bombs, keys or coins. However, this apparent lack of power leads to a feast-or-famine style of play. Encourages careful asset management and strategic decision-making. The more risks Isaac takes, the stronger he becomes.
Despite his horrific surroundings, Isaac's apparent innocence and naivety make him relatable. Images of him as a crying little boy evoke an emotional response from players. This empathy grows stronger as we explore the game and show the horrors of Isaac's existence. We invest in its survival and growth.
No matter what challenges he faces, Isaac's will to conquer and survive is what drives the players to keep trying despite repeated defeats. Through trial and error, Isaac and the player grow stronger and learn to navigate the monstrous basement maze.
Isaac essentially represents the resilience of the human spirit and the will to continue despite all adversity. His journey resonates with the player, making him an unforgettable character in the vast video game universe.

Story Arc

Isaac, the protagonist of the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth universe, embarks on a tragic and complex journey of self-discovery and fear, wrapped in biblical allegory and dark symbolism. The plot begins with Isaac and his mother living peacefully on a hilltop, their lives filled with Christian shows that his mother adores.
Unexpectedly, Isaac's mother hears a message from what she believes to be divine intervention, telling her to save Isaac from the evil of the world. He politely locks Isaac in his room. But the voice presses harder, demanding Isaac's life as a test of faith. Desperate, Isaac seeks escape through the locked door of his room leading to the basement, embarking on a harrowing journey of confrontation with grotesque monsters.
Throughout his journey, Isaac encounters physical manifestations of his fears and insecurities. While these encounters mostly involve fighting nightmarish creatures, they also spawn from transforming items. Many of these objects symbolize some aspect of his life or reinforce his physical flaws, revealing a deep self-loathing.
As her battle in the basement escalates, it becomes clear that her true battle is not with the monsters outside, but with the monsters within. His turmoil is heightened as the lines between reality and imagination blur. Multiple endings offer variations on his struggles and often bleak explanations of his reality.
Each exploration of the cellar is a tragic metaphor for Isaac's attempt to make sense of his existence, his struggle with sin, repentance, and ultimately his search for redemption. The cyclical nature of his journey, characterized by repeated regurgitation of experiences, represents a lack of resolve or an escape from one's situation.
The story builds to Isaac's heart-wrenching realization of reality; he is trapped in a coffin, probably suffocating, suggesting that his struggles may be metaphors for his emotional suffocation, and that each monster is a manifestation of his unresolved emotions and self-loathing. Isaac's mysterious history leaves a lot of room for interpretation, making his story a stunning ebb and flow between childlike fear and imaginary horror.

Cultural Impact

With the release of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, the character of Isaac has had a significant cultural impact. Isaac's trials resonated with the players; will encourage them to explore themes of religion, sacrifice and trauma through the lens of a roguelike video game. The game presents a unique approach to how tragedy and fear can shape the person embodied in the character of Isaac, and provides an emotional depth unusual for the genre.
The image of Isaac as an innocent and vulnerable character trapped in a dark and unforgiving world has been a recurring theme in fan art, cosplay, and other user-generated content, reflecting its impact on the depiction of human predicament. Additionally, Isaac's iconography, especially the teary face, has become a core part of the game's visual identity, becoming increasingly recognized and referenced in the gaming community. The character also influenced the landscape of game design, showing how effective the interweaving of story and gameplay is. Each player's unique journey with Isaac through procedurally generated dungeons fosters a sense of belonging, making character combat even more engaging.
In addition to being an iconic figure in indie gaming, Isaac paints a portrait of a child struggling with fear, guilt, and despair, providing a unique perspective on the vast realm of video game storytelling. This complexity of character portrayal underscores Isaac's cultural importance in today's gaming scene.


Isaac's legacy in the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth universe runs deep. Overshadowed by her innocent exterior, he finds himself burdened by a difficult past as he wanders the nightmarish dungeon-like basement of his home. Caught up in his mother's fanatical religious beliefs, Isaac encounters her and a gallery of creepy and absurd creatures that reflect his deepest fears and insecurities.
In the game's universe, Isaac has grown into a tragic hero whose story is as terrifyingly dark as it is artistically compelling. His adventures reflect the struggles every player faces in life: the struggle against our fears, our past, and the dark side of our nature. Isaac's compelling storyline turned the game into a rich labyrinth of emotional exploration, making him not just a character, but a symbol of personal awakening and transformation. This legacy of struggle, hope, and resilience makes Isaac a memorable icon at the center of the Rebirth universe.