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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

General Info

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare logo
AuthorJustin Jordan
GenresAction, War
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorAndrea Mutti
Issue Number1
Release Date2019-11-20
Number of Pages24
Original TitleCall of Duty: Modern Warfare
Comics Issue NameCall of Duty: Modern Warfare
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
"Experience an intense and compelling story in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comics!" Delve into the intricacies of your favorite game series as the comic book series delves into character origins, covert operations and hidden alliances. Both characters have a world beyond the battlefield, from heroic soldiers to ruthless villains. Experience the harsh realities of war through the eyes of a highly trained international team tasked with high-risk, high-reward missions. Discover intricate storylines and stunning visuals that capture the authentic feel of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare universe. It's more than a game, it's a fascinating story that will transform you page after page!


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comics take readers on an unstoppable journey through the world of international espionage, advanced military technology and iconic characters. Immerse yourself in an ever-changing storyline that expands the Modern Warfare universe and adds depth to your favorite video game franchise. The series reveals the stories of elite soldiers and their fight against global terror. It has a perfect blend of brutal action sequences, emotional storytelling and surprisingly human moments. Explore the origins of famous characters, predict important events and uncover dark secrets. The comics continue the gruesome and gruesome style of the Modern Warfare series, attracting old fans and new readers alike. Each issue is a stunning showcase of artwork that complements the compelling story and provides a visual spectacle to match the lightning-fast action. Whether you're a fan of the franchise or just enjoy the thrilling military drama, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comics are sure to turn the page.


The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comic series tells an epic story starring Captain Price. A top-secret mission in the Middle East sends him and his elite team behind enemy lines to find a high-value target. In the turmoil of war, the team battles an extremist group bent on destabilizing the world. Price travels with the team in a dangerous area and faces the harsh reality of war. Trust is tested, alliances are forged, and strategies are devised to outwit the enemy. Each comic delves into the psyche of the team and the moral lines they wrestle with. Readers delve into the resilient spirit of these soldiers, their unwavering sense of duty, and the price they are willing to pay for freedom. Each mission brings hair-raising revelations as Price and his team are pushed to their limits.


The Production section highlights the creative power behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comics. A huge team of renowned writers, illustrators and colorists have combined their talents to bring the pages of war to life. Scenarios are created with a deep understanding of the context of the game, using emotional intensity, civilian hardships and military strategies. Each character is created with great attention to detail: their development stems from psychologically complex profiles. The artwork reflects the grim reality of war. The artwork is bright, gritty and unforgiving, mirroring the game's high-octane action sequences. Color intensity is used to distinguish between different factions, time zones and geographical areas. The production team receives ongoing support and input from game developers to ensure authenticity. Comics are a great bridge to the game's story, filling out storylines and adding depth to characters.


The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare universe has spawned a terrifyingly intense graphic novel series that illuminates the harsh realities of war. As well as being an exciting addition to avid gamers, these comics stand as a stand-alone exploration of the psychological impact of battlefield conflict. The story follows Captain Price and his task force through hostile zones as they separate allies from enemies. The series features a vivid, realistic art style that depicts both the tangible physical dangers and the internal labyrinth of emotions felt by the soldiers. With a nuanced plot and compelling characters, these comics offer a new level of understanding of modern warfare. This publication is a must for fans of action, suspense, strategic combat and of course the Call of Duty franchise. Dive into these pages and prepare for a journey beyond the video game screen into the realm of tangible wartime realities.


The highly anticipated comic "release" of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ushered in a new era of thrilling action and immersive storytelling. Intertwined with the captivating storyline of the world-acclaimed video game series, the comics highlight the intense combat and sheer bravery of the iconic characters.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comics have been released in many exciting issues, each opening a new chapter in the relentless war against the forces of chaos and terror. Fans around the world eagerly await the release of each installment, ready to devour the heart-pounding twists and action sequences that have become the hallmark of this series.
The comics, which are both a standalone saga and a live game series, allow fans to delve into the rich storyline and complex characters they've come to love. The stories come to life through stunning artwork that perfectly captures the thrill, excitement and camaraderie of war.
The release of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comic book marks another milestone in the franchise's journey, a testament to its relentless pursuit of compelling stories and iconic characters. It's not just about the war on the battlefield, it's about the war within, and the comics masterfully portray this with intense character development and exciting twists.


After the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the comics received great acclaim from fans and critics alike. The storyline, based on the established history of the Modern Warfare series, was praised for its inventiveness and depth. Readers admired the seamless integration of familiar characters into the story, stating that it added extra nostalgia and appreciation for the series.
Many praised the comic's artistry, noting the well-drawn and consistent graphics. Attention was paid to the quality of the graphics, as it was felt that the rough and bold style perfectly captures the feel of the Modern Warfare games. The pace of the story was another point of praise from readers. The balance between high-octane battle sequences and quieter, character-driven moments was deftly managed, keeping readers looking forward to subsequent installments.
However, there was a minority who felt that some of the storylines were a bit rushed and unresolved. They have expressed a desire to further expand on the supporting characters, who they feel have not been explored enough.
Despite its low critical acclaim, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comics proved to be a huge hit with its target demographic and successfully bridged the gap between video game fans and comic book enthusiasts. The series effortlessly captures the essence of the popular video game franchise, delivering an action-packed, visually stunning and emotionally captivating experience.

Cultural impact

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comics had a major impact on pop culture and redefined the way military-themed stories were presented. The comics balance a broad depiction of war with a captivating narrative, a rare combination of genres in war comics. Its cultural impact is evidenced by the widespread acceptance and proliferation of military tactical games and media. It also significantly influenced the development of modern war stories in comic form, inspiring new creators to create more nuanced war-themed stories. This comic series has been found to continue to have an impact far beyond the gaming community, permeating various forms of media and entertainment and sparking complex discussions about war, heroism, moral ambiguity and survival. It also led to a deeper exploration of the psychological effects of war on soldiers, adding to the discourse of mental health in popular culture.