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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actress
Birth Date1979-05-14
Birth PlaceTokyo, Japan
Knows aboutVoice Acting, Acting
Person NameChie Nakamura
Social Media@nakamura_chie
Alternate NameNakamura Chie
Member of OrganizationSigma Seven
Chie Nakamura is an acclaimed Japanese voice actress in the world of anime and video games. Born in 1979 May 14 In Tokyo, she is best known for her famous portrayal of Sakura Haruno in the popular anime series Naruto. He voiced complex characters and brought them to life with his unique and emotional performance. Her dedication to her craft and versatility has allowed her to voice characters in a variety of genres, from romantic comedies to gritty action. Fans around the world appreciate her consistency and dedication to anime, making her one of the most beloved gems on the voice acting horizon.


Chie Nakamura, Japan's leading voice actress, has created her own universe in the entertainment industry with her versatile and magnetic voice. He has impressed international audiences with his ability to bring animated characters to life. Known for her exceptional vocal range and ability to convincingly convey different emotions, Chie Nakamura excels at bringing the vividness of manga and anime characters into the phonetic realm.
Born in Tokyo, Japan, Nakamura's initial career path was uncertain, but her passion for storytelling and acting led her to dive into the unpredictable world of voice acting. The gamble paid off and her career skyrocketed when she landed the role of Sakura Haruno in the acclaimed anime series Naruto. Her flawless performance in capturing Sakura's strength and vulnerability endeared her to a global audience and cemented her position in the industry.
He has lent his talents to other popular franchises over the years, proving his mettle time and time again. In particular, his work in the Digimon film series was recognized and appreciated. Audiences praise Nakamura's extraordinary talent for creating emotional connections and enhancing the overall viewing experience through his compelling voices.
In the fascinating universe of Chie Nakamura, she continues to expand her repertoire with ongoing anime series and video games, continuing to demonstrate her prowess as a voice actress. Fans eagerly await her new projects, always ready to be impressed by her spectacular performances.

Early Life and Education

Chie Nakamura, a famous Japanese voice actress, was born in 1979. May 14 in Tokyo. Due to her great talent for stage art, her path was as if predetermined, rooted in her from the very first days.
Throughout his childhood, Nakamura was drawn to various forms of art and performance. He spent many hours in the world of animation and its characters, finding solace and inspiration in their stories. Soon she was fascinated by the art of voice acting, intrigued by the creative process - she brought animated characters to life with her own voice. Nakamura's formal education was largely driven by his passion. She enrolled at the Tokyo Broadcasting Workshop, a renowned vocational school that specializes in training voice actors and performers. Here, under expert guidance, her exceptional talent emerged, culminating in a powerful display of skills that would later set her apart in the voiceover world.
During his school days, Nakamura delved into various performances, honing his skills and adding nuanced subtleties to his arsenal. Importantly, here he began to understand the essential synthesis of passion and work, which would play an important role in his further career. After graduation, Nakamura's raw talent and ruthless industry professionals are in awe. Her journey from an aspiring voice actress to an acclaimed voice actress is a testament to her dedication, resilience and immense love for the craft. Today, she is known for bringing back some of the most iconic Japanese anime characters, including Sakura Haruno in the world-loved Naruto series. Her unique combination of talent and tenacity continues to inspire new artists, making her a priceless gem in the voiceover universe.


Chie Nakamura's career is a testament to her exceptional talent and passion for acting. She knew from an early age that the entertainment industry was meant for her. Her love for acting started when she was still a student and since then she has been relentlessly pursuing her dream.
Her career began when she voiced Sakura Haruno in the acclaimed Naruto anime series. This role quickly catapulted her into the limelight and earned her recognition and popularity with a global audience. During the Naruto series, she not only demonstrated her prowess as a voice actress, but also revealed her ability to fully immerse herself in her roles.
Nakamura's portfolio isn't limited to Naruto. The depth and versatility of his acting is reflected in the variety of characters he has voiced, including leads, villains, and supporting characters. Each performance shows his dedication to bringing the characters to life in the most evocative and authentic way.
Over the years, Nakamura has won numerous awards for his performances. However, she says that recognition and fame do not drive her. She is driven by a pure love of acting and a zeal to constantly improve her craft.
Today, after more than 20 years in the industry, Chie Nakamura is a respected figure among her peers. She continues to inspire budding voice actors with her performances and is revered as a true icon in the voice acting fraternity. His passion and drive for his craft is unwavering and he continues to be a beacon of inspiration to those interested in pursuing a career in the voice acting industry.

Other Ventures

Aside from lending her voice to Sakura Haruno in the Naruto series, Chie Nakamura's multi-faceted career has included a number of impressive roles and ventures. She has worked in many famous anime series such as Eureka Seven and Bleach, showing her wide acting versatility.
Outside of the animation industry, Nakamura made a name for himself in radio. She hosted several radio shows and used her charming voice to attract a large audience.
In addition, Chie Nakamura is also known for his contributions to video games. He has voiced roles in many popular video games, including Final Fantasy XIII and Tales of the Abyss. His ability to embody different characters in the game world added another highlight.
Not limited to acting, Nakamura also ventures into singing and has albums that further illustrate the depth of his talent. His efforts, in addition to his voice acting, reflect his relentless drive to innovate and his passion to make an impact in the entertainment industry. Whether it's anime, radio, video games or music, Chie Nakamura continues to hone her talents and deliver outstanding performances.

Awards and Honors

Acclaimed voice actress Chie Nakamura has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades for her immense talent and dedication to the arts. Of course, the winner of the prestigious Seiyuu Awards "Best Actress", Nakamura is recognized worldwide for her outstanding contribution to the anime industry.
Nakamura gained recognition for her brilliant portrayal of Sakura Haruno in Naruto, garnering immense acclaim and recognition. Her mesmerizing voice and emotive articulation in Naruto Shippuden earned her the title of Best Supporting Actress at the esteemed Anime Grand Prix.
The Anime Grand Prix didn't stop there, but moved on to honoring Nakamura with the Rookie of the Year award, recognizing his great rise in the anime field. Nakamura's illustrations for Barakamon and Gintama have also been widely acclaimed, further proving his versatility and talent.
In addition to these important accolades, Nakamura also holds numerous certificates of recognition and appreciation from various anime bodies and forums. His nuanced incarnations of anime characters continue to inspire and fascinate millions of anime lovers around the world.
Indeed, her unquestionable talent and undying dedication to improving the anime universe have made Chie Nakamura stand out in the voice acting industry. With a career decorated with such prestigious awards and accolades, Nakamura continues to raise the bar for anime voice acting.

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