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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actor
Birth Date1978-05-04
Birth PlaceKōchi Prefecture, Japan
Knows aboutVoice Acting
Person NameDaisuke Ono
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/OnoDaisukeStaff
Member of OrganizationMausu Promotion
Daisuke Ono is a famous voice actor in Japan known for his outstanding contributions to various anime and games. Best known for voicing Jotaro Kujo in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler, his varied vocal nuances and powerful performances add depth to his characters. Ono's work also spans the gaming world with iconic roles in Final Fantasy XV and Persona 5. His talent is not limited to voice acting; his musical efforts include several singles and albums, making him a standout in the Japanese entertainment industry. Ono's unique skills and sensational skills captivated the audience and won a great place in their hearts.


Daisuke Ono is a versatile talent in the Japanese entertainment world, best known for his amazing work as a voice actor. Born in 1978 May 4 Based in Kochi, Japan, Ono's distinctive voice has graced numerous anime and video game series, earning him numerous accolades throughout his long career. His journey began with roles in small projects that soon led to leading roles in popular productions such as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Black Butler and Durarara!!. Perhaps his most revered role is that of Sebastian Michaels, the diabolical butler, which not only cemented his popularity but also underscored his versatility as a performer.
Outside of voice acting, Ono's performing portfolio extends to radio hosting and singing. She has a successful singing career, as evidenced by her numerous singles and albums that cross different genres, further proving her adaptability. His captivating vibrato and deep baritone voice set him apart from his contemporaries, making his performances uniquely recognizable.
Ono is also known for his regular appearances on various Japanese radio shows, both as a host and as a guest, where his funny and charming personality continues to captivate viewers. His rich talent pool in various fields of entertainment is a testament to his great skills and dedication that have made him the number one in the industry and in the hearts of his fans. Daisuke Ono's universe continues to expand, promising more and more exciting adventures for both viewers and listeners.

Early Life and Education

Daisuke Ono was born in 1978. May 4 Kochi, Japan. From early childhood, Ono was interested in the creative arts. He spent his formative years juggling schoolwork with interests in music and theater.
Ono completed his primary and secondary education in Kochi where he worked hard to develop his musical talents. His passion for music led him to join the school choir, fueling his fascination with the rhythms of various songs. At the same time, Ono was also involved in school plays, gradually developing a taste for the art of vocal modulation.
After graduating from high school, Ono decided to further his knowledge of music and entered Osaka University of the Arts. Here he was thoroughly trained in various aspects of music, including tonality, composition and brevity. His college education enhanced his understanding of musical nuances and helped him flourish as a recording artist.
While in college, Ono was introduced to the world of voice acting. Intrigued by this fusion of his love of theater and music, Ono began taking lessons in voice modulation and delivery. His teachers soon noticed his unique voice and encouraged him to consider a career in voice acting.
In 1999, armed with great enthusiasm and formal education, Daisuke Ono entered the professional world. He moved to Tokyo hoping to find opportunities that would help him excel in the world of music and voice acting. Contracted and unknown in the bustling metropolis, Ono pursued his dreams, eager to break into the industry. Through this journey, with a solid foundation in music, theater and voice acting, Ono has transformed from a passionate student to a steadfast professional. His early life and upbringing play a huge role in his unceasing dedication to excellence in his career and have greatly influenced his work in the Daisuke Ono universe.


Of course, Daisuke Ono is undoubtedly one of the most important figures in the world of dubbing today. Born in 1978 May 4 Born in Sakawa, Japan, Ono initially had no intention of entering the field, but when he did, he quickly stood out and gained recognition for his unparalleled talent.
Ono's career began in earnest when he joined Nihon Narration Engi Kenkyūjo, a training school for voice actors and artists in Japan. From there, he broke into the industry and began lending his voice to various anime and video games. His career took a major turn when he voiced the character Sebastian Michael in the popular anime Black Butler. Also, his portrayal of Jotaro Kujo in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure enhanced his status in the industry.
In addition to her work in anime, Ono has voiced characters in several popular video games. These include his portrayal of Snow Villiers in Final Fantasy XIII and Shizuo Heiwajima in Durarara!! His vocal range and ability to give unique characteristics to each character helped players create immersive gaming experiences.
Aside from her voice acting, Ono also has a great music career. She has lent her vocal prowess to several character songs, albums and singles. His musical work is mainly in the J-Pop genre, and his discography only illustrates his versatility and talent beyond his voice acting.
Finally, whether acting as a voice actor in anime and video games or foraying into music, Daisuke Ono has built an impressive career full of memorable performances and contributions. His talent continues to attract fans from all over the world, making him an indispensable part of the voice acting world.

Other Ventures

Daisuke Ono's talent is not limited to the famous stuntman. In addition to voicing some of anime's most iconic characters, he also dabbled in the music industry. She has released numerous singles and albums that showcase her deep and expressive singing voice. His music often complements the personalities of the characters he portrays, giving fans an extra connection to his work.
Ono has also showcased her talent in the radio industry. He hosted several radio shows where he shared behind-the-scenes stories, discussed anime trends, and interacted with his fans on another platform. Their unique personality and quick wit made these shows very entertaining and loved by fans.
In addition, Ono has provided the voices and narration for several video games, creating an immersive experience for players. His characters range from heroic knights to comedic supporting characters, showing his versatility as a voice actor.
Even with his distractions, he still finds time to perform at live events and concerts. These shows are an opportunity for him to personally connect with his fans, expressing gratitude for their support. Beyond his voice acting, Ono's adventures have enhanced his unique appeal and further cemented his presence in the industry.

Awards and Honors

Daisuke Ono has amassed an impressive collection of awards and accolades throughout his illustrious career. In recognition of his amazing voice acting talent, Daisuke was awarded the prestigious "Best Voice Actor" award at the Seiyuu Awards 2015. Daisuke also won Best Supporting Actor at the 3rd Seiyuu Awards in 2009. a unique performance. Erwin Smith's portrayal in the popular anime series Attack on Titan led him to win the Best Supporting Actor award at the 2021 Tokyo Anime Awards.
In particular, Daisuke's voice for his character Sebastian Michael in The Black Butler earned him two awards at the Seiyuu Awards: Best Lead Actor and Best Personality. He further cemented his success with the "Best Radio Personality" award for the radio show "DGS", which he shared with his host Hiroshi Kamiya.
Ono's amazing vocal range led him to win the 'Best Singer' award at the Anisong Awards for the song 'Kuroshitsuji', further proving his talent for acting as well as singing.
These impressive awards are a testament to Daisuke Ono's dedication to his craft and outstanding contribution to the voiceover industry. His performances continue to thrill fans around the world and with each new role he strengthens his legacy in the industry.

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