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General Info

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AuthorKazutaka Kodaka
Book NameDanganronpa/Zero
Release Date2011-09-16
Number of Pages272
Original Titleダンガンロンパ/ゼロ
Country of OriginJapan
Danganronpa/Zero is an epic two-part novel series that takes place before the harrowing events of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The plot follows Ryoko Otonashi, an amnesiac student at Hope's Peak Academy who, under the guidance of the enigmatic Yasuke Matsuda, tries to regain her memories while encountering a series of dizzying and deadly accidents on campus. This series delves into the intricacies of the dark history of Hope's Peak, presenting a chilling and fascinating story full of unexpected twists and revelations. A must-read for any Danganronpa fan, Danganronpa/Zero provides a solid foundation for the video game and enhances the overall Danganronpa experience. It's a claustrophobic thriller that fits perfectly into the larger Danganronpa universe, delivering powerful doses of tension, psychological intrigue, and despair.


Danganronpa/Zero is a must-read for any dedicated Danganronpa fan looking to delve deeper into this mysterious universe. The story focuses on Ryoko Otonashi, a girl who suffers from amnesia, and her journey of self-discovery at the unconventional Hope's Peak Academy. As the story unfolds, readers are immersed in a fascinating exploration of her memories, which, unbeknownst to her, contain shocking, despairing truths.
The book has a wonderful mix of mystery, psychological horror and drama that will leave readers in suspense. Unpredictable and tense, it uses a dark and haunting narrative, yet remains strangely engaging. Readers are transported into a twisted story of despair, hope, betrayal and amnesia that precedes Killing School Life.
Travel with Ryoko as she uncovers the secrets of her past, the basis of her amnesia, and her connection to the most horrific event in the academy's history. Each page reveals a different piece of a dark secret, creating a compelling suspense that continues right to the end.
Danganronpa/Zero isn't just about story, it's about character. Each character is expertly crafted with unique traits and mysterious backgrounds, adding new levels to the complex world of Danganronpa. It's more than just an introduction, it's a major piece that reveals the vast universe of Danganronpa. Immerse yourself, open your mind, prepare for despair, but when you immerse yourself in the world of Danganronpa/Zero, keep hope.


Danganronpa/Zero immerses you in the mysterious Hope's Peak Academy, an elite institution that admits only the most outstanding high school students known as the Ultimates. The story revolves around Ryoko Otonashi, a girl with amnesia, and the eccentric Yasuke Matsuda, a recent neuroscientist and Ryoko's romantic obsession.
Our protagonist, Ryoko, struggles with her identity against the backdrop of amnesia. It is inexorably overshadowed by a mysterious term: Despair. There seems to be amnesia in these concepts, something dark, something lurking beneath his lost memories. In particular, the book highlights a sinister experiment conducted by academy officials. Allegations of unethical practices float along the walls of the academy and cause student unrest. Despite these tensions, the academy is home to a wide variety of unique and fascinating students, each with a unique personality and skill set.
Between the covert operations of the prestigious academy and Ryoko's personal turmoil, a terrible event crystallizes: the terrifying spread of a mysterious "despair." As Ryoko navigates the complex web of relationships, power hierarchies, and her own fragmented mind, she becomes dangerously entangled in this "despair." As the plot thickens, Ryoko's memory begins to return little by little, revealing an ever-increasing series of gruesome events. This revelation adds weight to his research, shakes the very foundations of his existence and shakes the academy. What is the real purpose of entering Hope's Peak Academy Ultimates? What is the secret of dawning despair? The answers bring her ever closer to the unimaginable truth. Danganronpa/Zero recreates the essence of the ghostly battlefield and the terrifying reality of being drowned in despair, caught in an impulsive need for hope. The unique combination of dark satire, intriguing intrigue and vivid character will captivate readers as it reveals a world where the line between hope and despair is thin. When the curtain falls, it leaves the reader with a chilling effect, a chilling reminder of the dark side of ambition and the price of ignorance.


The plot of Danganronpa/Zero delves into the intellectual psyche of a dystopian world. A prequel to the original Danganronpa game, this light novel is based on the intense darkness surrounding the fight for survival at Hope's Peak Academy.
The story unfolds with a chilling realization of how absolute power corrupts and influences people in a desperate environment. The novel glorifies the characters, portraying them not just as students, but as psychologically complex individuals who struggle with their natural fears and the overwhelming will to survive.
The world-building in Danganronpa/Zero is meticulous, complex, and often terrifying. The setting of Hope's Peak Academy, while seemingly ordinary, provides a chilling backdrop to the gruesome violence that unfolds. Each passing page builds suspense, leaving the reader wanting more.
The development arc of protagonist Ryoko Otonashi presents a compelling portrait of an amnesiac trying to uncover her past. His struggle to remember is not his only, but a metaphorical hope trying to break through the dark curtains of despair, a central theme of the Danganronpa series.
In addition, the book skillfully balances and unfolds the two perspectives, allowing for a thorough exploration of character dynamics and emotions. Whether it's the gruesome sequence of a deadly game in progress or the gruesome depiction of a character's desperate attempt to remember who he is, the book offers many facets.
Indeed, the development phase of Danganronpa/Zero is the crux of this eccentric universe's story, providing a compelling prologue to the famous follow-up series.


Danganronpa/Zero is the prequel to the main series of mystery novels and games, adding depth to an already complex and fascinating universe. This story, published in two parts, explores the origins of despair.
The story focuses on Ryoko Otonashi, a character suffering from amnesia. Despite his memory lapse, he manages to take us deeper into the complex world of Hope's Peak Academy. Unique among the mysterious characters in the Danganronpa universe, Ryoko captivates readers with her inexperienced response to unfolding and exciting events. The novel skillfully brings together important characters from Danganronpa such as Junko Enoshima and Izuru Kamukura, fitting perfectly into the main timeline of the series and filling in gaps in the story that were not told before. Author Kazutaka Kodaka shows his ingenuity by moving the story forward through the eyes of an amnesiac. As readers, we walk alongside Ryoko on her journey of self-discovery and despair, so the revelations hit home straight away.
Although it's a prequel, Danganronpa/Zero offers a fresh and independent experience. It adds significantly to the overall narrative of Danganronpa and paints a bigger and more complete picture for fans. The issue dynamically expands the universe and further pushes the narrative design of the series.
While it deepens your understanding of the universe of the Danganronpa series, the book can also stand alone for newcomers to the franchise. It offers a chilling immersion into a universe where despair triumphs over hope and mystery reigns supreme. The release of Danganronpa/Zero thickens the plot, making the entire series a compelling read.


First published in 2011. in September, Danganronpa/Zero details the events leading up to the original game, details the story, and sheds light on a few mysteries. The book takes on a dual perspective; told through the eyes of the amnesiac teenager Ryoko Otonashi and the eccentric and enigmatic Yasuke Matsuda.
Danganronpa/Zero really strikes the right balance of humor, tension, and emotional depth. The book delves into the psychology of the characters: their struggles, motives and any internal conflicts. This gives the reader a good sense of the complex dynamics of Hope's Peak Academy beyond what is obvious in the game. Danganronpa/Zero supports and enriches the complex tapestry that is the Danganronpa universe. This release allowed fans to better understand and appreciate the events leading up to the tragedy. Furthermore, the novel is a testament to the franchise's ability to provide not only entertainment, but also a glimpse into the dark psyche inherent in its characters and overall story.
For those emerging from the paradoxically fascinating and terrifying story of Danganronpa, this book offers an evocative exploration of the world they fell under its spell. As the pages turn, the lines between hope and despair, sanity and insanity, fact and fiction become irrevocably blurred, making the Danganronpa/Zero reading experience an absolute must for any Danganronpa enthusiast.


Danganronpa/Zero received largely positive reviews from its readers. However, it stands out from other entries in the franchise in its unique format as a light novel rather than a video game. Fans applaud because it allows for deeper character development and creates a richer story for the characters. Main character Ryoko Otonashi in particular was praised as a well-developed character with an intriguing personality.
While the story has been praised for its depth and complex layering, some readers will find the plot quite complex, requiring a lot of attention to accurately follow the many plot threads. Additionally, the book's extensive exploration of the dystopian world of despair, a core element of the Danganronpa universe, is praised for its impressive world-building.
This book is considered essential reading for die-hard fans as it fills in important gaps in the overall plot of the Danganronpa series. On the other hand, it can be a bit difficult for newcomers or casual fans to understand, as they rely heavily on their existing knowledge of the Danganronpa universe.
Overall, Danganronpa/Zero is an exciting continuation of the Danganronpa story, even if it may prove difficult for those new to the franchise. Nevertheless, his role as a bridge between the various entries in the series and his successful characterization make him a valuable addition to the franchise.

Cultural impact

Danganronpa/Zero has left a significant mark on popular culture beyond its fan base. The novel revived the psychological thriller genre, incorporating elements of mystery, horror, and dark humor. His ingenious plot twists, character development and narrative structure captivated audiences and later influenced other works in the genre.
The book was praised not only for its innovative storytelling, but also for its exploration of deep philosophical themes such as morality, free will, and the nature of reality. In a world where dystopian stories often revolve around fighting an oppressive system, Danganronpa/Zero shifts the focus to the psychological battles the characters wage inside their heads, bringing their own thoughts and ideologies to the forefront of the conflict. In addition, the theme of despair, a core element of the Danganronpa series, has permeated the wider cultural sphere. Many fans have resonated with the characters' struggles with despair, reflecting society's fear and disillusionment. The novel's stark depiction of man's tendency toward self-destruction, as well as the resilience of hope in the face of great despair, has sparked much debate and discussion in both academic and fan circles.
Danganronpa/Zero also contributed to the popularity of visual novel adaptations, proving that such works can be just as captivating and thought-provoking as their anime and manga counterparts. The success of the novel, along with its various adaptations, has firmly established Danganronpa as a staple on the global pop culture scene. In short, Danganronpa/Zero's cultural impact is not limited to its immediate audience. The combination of psychological suspense, philosophical themes, and relatable characters entertained and challenged readers, and later influenced other works in the genre and beyond. This cultural contribution confirms Danganronpa/Zero as a seminal work in the modern mosaic of literature and media.