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Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame

General Info

Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame logo
AuthorGeorge Mann, Tauriq Moosa
GenresFantasy, Action, Adventure
PublisherTitan Comics
IllustratorAlan Quah, Michael Walsh
Issue Number2
Release Date2016-09-21
Number of Pages32
Original TitleDark Souls: Legends of the Flame
Comics Issue NameDark Souls: Legends of the Flame
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://titan-comics.com/
Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame is an immersive comic series inspired by the legendary Dark Souls video game universe. This series takes readers into the heart of the treacherous kingdoms of Lothric and Lordran. Expect an unsettling journey punctuated by desperate battles against grotesque enemies in a world where the lines between hope and despair are thin and blurred. This anthology-style series offers different experiences created by different artists in the scattered tradition of Dark Souls video games. Each story offers a unique exploration of the Age of Fire, allowing readers to discover the hidden truths behind the fires, the hollows, and even the great lords themselves. This is a must read for fans of the franchise and those who crave dark, gothic stories with stunning art.


Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame is a masterful collection that delves into the history of the critically acclaimed video game Dark Souls. Each story is expertly written by a different creator, making the collection a hodgepodge of distinct art styles and storytelling techniques that connect the thread of the Dark Souls universe.
Immerse yourself in a world where the flame is extinguished and the darkness threatens to destroy everything. Each story brings a new perspective to the bleak yet enchanting environment of the Souls games, connecting complex points of the game's story and asking its own questions.
Fans of the iconic series will find plenty of familiar elements, from massive boss encounters, treacherous terrain, and terrifying character designs, as well as offering paradigms that delve into the philosophical and existential themes echoing in the eternally cursed lands of the Dark Souls universe. Discover new and unfamiliar stories about your favorite characters and enemies. Discover the fateful stories of brave knights, tragic heroes and sinister sorcerers. Are you ready to face the darkness and embrace the flame? Let Legends of the Flame guide you through the shadows into the heart of dark souls.


For centuries, a terrible curse has ravaged the lands of Lordran, drawing wanderers into an eternity of despair and endless night. Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame not only delves precariously into the waning tales of this realm, but also shines a light on the diverse spectrum of souls trapped in its fate. Themes range from brave and cunning warriors, terrifying apparitions trapped in limbo, to powerful fire lords, each providing a unique story woven into the apocalyptic tapestry of the Dark Souls universe.
The comic diligently explores the consequences of the evil mating of fire, igniting an engaging clash of despair and hope, often shrouded in perplexing prophecies. It shines a light on the abandoned characters of Lordran, their inner conflicts, their haunted pasts, and the decisions that dynamically affect their path. This anthology-style story ends with a great reflection of their lives, influencing the sinister history of Lordran. From the freezing depths of the catacombs to the flaming pits of Lost Izalith, the comic paints a broad picture of an empire mired in an apocalypse of its own making. It's an engrossing plot full of fantasy, horror and thoughtful storytelling that effortlessly invites readers to journey through this dystopian reality.


During the development stages of the Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame comic book series, the developers did careful research to ensure that the vast Dark Souls universe was accurately represented. The artwork resonates with the iconic gothic aesthetic that is synonymous with the franchise, enveloping readers in dark landscapes. Care was taken to bring favorite characters and monsters to life, reflecting the same emotions and despair that fans feel in video games.
Interestingly, these comics aren't just translations of video game stories. Instead, they serve as narrative extensions that explore conversations and characters' stories. The developers subtly combined the fragmented plot of the games, adding depth and intrigue to the series. Additionally, the comic series showcases a variety of art styles as multiple artists contribute to individual stories, providing a varied and enriched visual immersion.
With its captivating narrative and stunning artwork, Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame has managed to transcend the medium to create a unique experience. Indeed, the comic book series played a key role in growing the essence of Dark Souls, making it more than just a gaming franchise.


A fascinating anthology of stories set in the universe of the acclaimed video game series Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame, Masterfully explores the rich lore and dark fantasy world of Dark Souls. Featuring visionary stories from renowned comics and gaming industry writers, it features an ensemble of valiant knights, wicked witches, unholy monsters and other enigmatic characters whose fates are intricately woven into the dark mythological fabric of the world of Dark Souls. . With each compelling story, Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame delves into the dark realms, bleak backdrops, and disturbing mysteries of the Dark Souls universe, enhancing the franchise's sense of dread and despair. Filled with wonderfully dark artwork that reflects the dark atmosphere of the game itself, this anthology is sure to satisfy the deepest desires of Dark Souls fans as well as those new to the dark fantasy genre.


The release of the Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame comic book series was a huge joy for both comic book fans and avid fans of the critically acclaimed Dark Souls video game universe. in 2016 the comics presented in September delve into the mysterious and mythical world we have come to love - a world full of fear, despair, but also courage and will.
In two parts, readers travel through treacherous landscapes and deadly dungeons, following a collection of tragic heroes. Written by different authors, the various stories explore various themes of Dark Souls history, carefully walking the line between discovering new stories and respecting the source material.
The illustration team worked with the writers to bring the game's gothic and twisted aesthetic to spectacular life. Their ability to translate Dark Souls' gravitas, atmospheric tension, and overwhelming unease into stunning visuals is an applaudable feat that enhances the reading experience even more.
Overall, the release of Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame is important for the development of the Dark Souls franchise. Transforming it into another medium, he continues his exploration of the deep and complex universe. The comic series really shines a new light and perspective on the world of Dark Souls, beautifully highlighting why it continues to be a major influence on fantasy storytelling. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the game, these comics offer new stories to enjoy and deepen your appreciation for the immersive and complex world of Dark Souls.


Reception for Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame has been overwhelmingly positive. Critics have praised the comic for its successful adaptation of the Dark Souls universe, praising its ability to capture the dark and eerie atmosphere so characteristic of the video game. High praise was also given to the exceptional artwork that brought the story to life. Fans loved the inclusion of familiar gameplay elements such as infamous monsters and a mysterious story.
The strip's multi-story format received particular acclaim. Critics felt that the variety of stories allowed for extensive exploration of the Dark Souls universe. Each story, in its own unique style, managed to be individually appealing while creating a cohesive collection. The comic was not without its critics though, with some fans feeling that some of the stories didn't live up to the depth of the source material, but such entries were few and far between.
One notable aspect in many reviews was the availability of the tape. Die-hard fans of the Dark Souls series and newcomers alike found something to grab onto. It filled the gap perfectly for those unfamiliar with the game's story while maintaining the depth and detail that fans loved. Converting such a complex and detailed video game into a comic book format was risky, but critics agreed: Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame knocked it out of the park.

Cultural impact

The Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame comic series gave viewers a sense of significant cultural influence. The series gave us a deeper look into the dark and sinister world of Lordran, fleshed out the characters and story where the video games couldn't, and in doing so impacted readership across the globe. These comics are intertwined with popular culture, providing a variety of adaptations and inspiration for indie games, art, literature, and even music. The series' uniquely gritty tone and excruciating heaviness were a clear departure from the norms of modern fantasy, leaving an indelible mark on the genre. This, combined with the comic's distinctive gothic narrative and unique art style, made the series attractive and influential in subcultural circles. It has built a strong and highly engaged fan base, catering to discussion forums, cosplay groups, and fan-made customizations. Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame proved that enigmatic and thought-provoking stories can not only exist, but thrive in the pop culture atmosphere, setting a precedent for future franchises.