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Blade of the Darkmoon

General Info

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Faction NameBlade of the Darkmoon
The Darkmoon Blades are a troop in the Dark Souls universe dedicated to the service of the revered deity Gwyndolin, the youngest son of Lord Gwyn. This faction pursues their divine mission of wreaking vengeance on those who have sinned by invading their worlds as spirits of punishment. Members of this cult, known as the Knights of the Dark Moon, have a blue eyeball that allows them to invade. Armed with deadly precision and the blessings of Gwyndolin, they punish the guilty and restore order to the world. Serving in Blade of the Darkmoon offers a more difficult, uniquely challenging experience that interweaves faith and battle, making it a favorite route for players looking for an intense and rewarding role in the enigmatic expanse of the Dark Souls universe.


The Blade of the Darkmoon is an alliance of players who uphold justice and order in the treacherous realm of the Dark Souls universe. As the name suggests, members of this faction are devoted servants of the Darkmoon, the embodiment of divine retribution and retribution.
The members of the Blade of the Darkmoon are tasked with tracking down those who have committed sins and wrongdoings in the realm. Each member carries a dark sword to symbolize their authority and duty. They are sent to hunt down and execute criminals, usually individuals who have invaded other players' worlds or attacked non-player characters. This fundamental duty underlines the seriousness and rigor of their code of conduct.
Their commitment to order and justice is immense, resulting in a constant and never-ending battle between them and those who wreak havoc in the realm. Their belief in the cause they serve is so strong that they are ready to sacrifice their lives for it. They believe in punishment rather than forgiveness, and this strict attitude often leads them down a path that many others find unforgiving.
But for all their roughness and harshness, the actions of this alliance are necessary to maintain order in the universe. For all its brutality, The Blade of the Darkmoon plays a central role in the unforgiving world of Dark Souls, a stark reminder that the pursuit of justice always comes at a price.


The Blade of the Darkmoon is a storied faction dedicated to the service of Gwyndolin, the youngest son of Lord Gwyn. To understand their origin, one must delve into the stories of the Age of Fire, where their purpose and destiny took hold.
The Age of Fire is a time of divinity and power, when Lord Gwynne and his sons ruled from the golden kingdom of Anor London. Among the famous sons of Gwyn, Gwyndolin, a different kind of child, was closely associated with the power of the moon. From this divine connection, the Blade of the Darkmoon faction was born. Raised as a daughter with a strong attraction to moon magic, Gwyndolin took to serving the gods in secret, away from the public eye. Loyalty to Gwyndolin means he founded a coven, the Darkmoon Blades, chose members to play the role of vengeful ghosts, and took on the ruthlessness of hunting down all sinners.
Led by Dark Sun Gwyndolin, the Knights of the Dark Moon are known to punish the guilty, those who have sinned against the gods or their alliances. Theirs was a grim duty, born of a vow to the deep darkness, to protect the sanctity of the gods and to take swift vengeance on those who disobeyed their laws.
This story of the Darkmoon Blade is intertwined with the demise and rebirth of the Age of Fire, as seen through successive cycles of Fire Link. They stand even when the flame is extinguished and the world darkens, ever ready to punish the guilty with the gaze of their dark sun.
Thus stand the Darkmoon Blades, as knights loyal to their divine master, guardians of the honor of the gods, and true bringers of vengeance in the Dark Souls World. Their story is one of constant duty and isolating darkness, a testament to the power of loyalty even at the end of the world.

Notable Members

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The Dark Moon Blade of the Dark Souls Universe has a unique geographical landscape that is worth seeing. The Pact is based in the Gothic London of Anor, which is remarkable for its huge gilded castles that represent ancient age, wealth and power. This city of the gods is known for its quiet streets bathed in endless twilight under the artificial night sky.
In addition to its fascinating architecture, Anor Londo is adorned with intricately designed pathways lined with huge silver knights that guard every corner. High above the city, atop a giant cathedral, lives the Covenant Keeper Gwyndolin. The geography of Blade of the Darkmoon's habitat is not only terrifying, but also strategic. Endless corridors that create labyrinths and huge castle walls that provide excellent protection symbolize an impregnable fortress. Now muted and full of flair, Anor Londo, along with the Darkmoon Blade, still retains a majestic and austere beauty to behold. Despite its eerie silence, desolation, and overwhelming sense of isolation, the geography of this alliance resonates with the proud echoes of a once-thriving civilization.

Legacy and Impact

The Blade of the Darkmoon faction in the Dark Souls universe has left an indelible mark on gaming culture. The faction's unique style of vigilantism, based on the pursuit of justice, resonates deeply with players who value honor and retribution. The concept of prosecuting and punishing criminals in this story reinforces the role of faction and helps shape the dark and morally ambiguous themes of the anthropological tradition. Their blue-hued, ethereal presence in the game often signals impending retaliation, prompting intense anticipation and adding to the overall immersive gameplay experience. The mystical alliance of the Blade of the Darkmoon not only made Dark Souls more appealing, but also influenced other developers to create similar implications in their game's narratives, cementing its lasting influence and legacy in gaming history.