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Path of the Dragon

General Info

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Faction NamePath of the Dragon
The Way of the Dragon in the Dark Souls Universe is a mysterious arrangement steeped in ancient precepts. Members strive to shed their humanity and seek to ascend to a respected draconic state. To attain this ethereal form, devotees must seek out and honor dragon scales, the remains of mighty eternal dragons. Despite their daunting scope, these visionaries live a peaceful life, largely detached from the suffering of the outside world. Students value wisdom and inner strength more and often demonstrate great patience and self-discipline. The path they travel is lonely and difficult, but the reward would be transformative and provide a glimpse into a realm incomprehensible to mortals.


The Way of the Dragon is a mysterious alliance connected to an ancient world in the Dark Souls universe. This faction is closely related to the Eternal Dragons, revered creatures of ancient times. As a member, players have the ability to transform into a dragon and gain various dragon-related powers and abilities.
This contract revolves around imitating dragons using Dragonstone objects that symbolize physical and spiritual change. Those who follow the Dragon Path seek to transcend their human form to embrace the essence of the infinite existence of ancient dragons. True to its complex narrative of dark souls, The Way of the Dragon is steeped in mystery and ancient legend. She tempts those willing to give up their humanity and pave the way to immortality by transforming into a powerful dragon. This Transcendent Pact is not just a simple change of form, but a quest for absolute and unparalleled power and wisdom, embodying the spirit of the Ancient Age.
Road of the Dragon embodies the game's core mantra of overcoming massive challenges and introduces unique gameplay mechanics. These include dueling, where players can engage in PvP battles to gain valuable dragon scales, and meditation, a mechanism that symbolizes the player's transformation into dragon form. All in all, Path of the Dragon Pact offers an exciting and intriguing journey, imbued with the mysterious aura of Dark Souls, pushing the boundaries of lore exploration. Players are invited to join this secret path, lost in time and human understanding, and embrace an existence far removed from ordinary mortality.


The Way of the Dragon is associated with ancient beings from the Ancients and Seath the Scaleless, a paledragon who betrayed his own before the fire came. This dragon cult is trying to do what Seath failed to do; discover and harness the true essence of your inner dragon, thus achieving the highest form of ascension.
The Path was formed from the surviving descendants of Siet's betrayal: flawed dragon experiments and sons who had to feign death in order to survive. With the arrival of the Age of Fire and the beginning of Gwyn's reign, dragons were hunted and hunted until they were on the brink of extinction. Their desire to survive led to the search for a path of transformation that evolves into a stronger and more resilient form of a dragon, hence the name Dragon Path. Reveling in the forgotten, nihilistic tranquility of Ash Lake, the trail found its home beneath the arch, a relic of ancient times that has stood the test of time and change. The Dragon Head Stone and the Dragon Torso Stone are tools of transformation, so followers of the Path perform rituals with hope and despair.
Despite Siet's plan being a pawn against the dragons and incidentally the targets of Gwyn's purge, the Dragonpath held no discernible ill will towards either the Duke or the Lord. Rather, their approach revolves around gaining the true essence of dragons within themselves, not revenge.
Driven by determination and confused ambition, they swore to wield the power of wild and unbridled dragons. Despite many obstacles over the centuries, followers of this path display an unshakable will that truly embodies the spirit of the dragons they strive to become. Their legacy permeates the history of the Dark Souls universe as they continue this sacrificial and transmutational journey towards the pinnacle of draconic ascension.

Notable Members

Member #
Stone Dragon
Ashen One (potentially, player's choice)
Chosen Undead (potentially, player's choice)


The Way of the Dragon is not a faction bound by territory, but by ethos. This principled approach has led members to practice their craft in different regions of the Dark Souls universe. One of the most scenic areas is Ash Lake, a stunningly beautiful spot below Blighttown Marsh. Ancient dragons once claimed to live here, whom the faction members respect and seek to emulate. Shrouded in thick mist, with towering trees reaching for the misty sky, it embodies the ghostly, primal nature of ancient dragons. Beyond the Lake of Ashes, the dragon's disciples are mysteriously scattered across Lothric and Drangleik, places filled with danger and ancient history. In these breathtaking realms, steeped in magic and filled with adversity, true courage is tested. But the epicenter of the faction undoubtedly remains Lake Ash, a place shrouded in ethereal mystery that bears witness to the ancient world of dragons and the devoted followers of the Dragonway who seek to remember and honor it.
Although they do not have a formal community place, they are united by a common determination; their journey: the quest for ascension in the dragon. From the gritty sands of Lake Ash to the lush, forbidding landscapes of Dranglek, the geography through which Dragonpath winds is as varied as it is complex, reflecting the journey of self-transformation the faction members have volunteered to undertake.

Legacy and Impact

The Way of the Dragon reveals its influence far beyond Lordran. The fusion of Eastern mysticism with European dragon mythology created a nuanced and compelling portrayal of traditional dragons and effectively influenced later stories. At its core, Faction forces players into an existential exploration of self, humanity's insignificance, and infinite potential. Becoming a dragon is transformative and symbolizes transcendence and empowerment. The promise of becoming more powerful and ultimately breaking free from weakness has inspired tons of fan art, story discussions, and active followings. As a testament to its impact, future iterations of Dark Souls will continue to reference this faction, ensuring its resonance in gaming culture. His legacy lives on not just as a game mechanic, but as the epitome of a ruthless quest for power and evolution in a bleak world. This impact extends beyond the Dark Souls series and sets a new standard (sic) for RPG development in the world.