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Misa Amane

General Info

Misa Amane logo
Job TitleModel, Actress
Birth Date1984-12-25
Birth PlaceTokyo, Japan
Knows aboutDeath Note
Alternate NameSecond Kira
Character NameMisa Amane
Member of OrganizationYotsuba Group
Misa Amane, known from the Death Note universe, is a famous model and actress known for her stunning good looks and bubbly charm. But beneath this charming surface lies a resilient soul that yearns for justice. Misa tragically loses her parents to a brutal criminal and has a different perspective on the world than the average person. She loves Light Yagami dearly and fervently supports him in his legal path. Although Misa is often seen as carefree due to her cheerful demeanor, she proves to be intelligent and manipulative, keeping up with the dangerous game involving the Shinigami and Death Notes. The owner of Death Note herself, Misa plays an integral role in the tense and emotional story of Death Note.


In the fascinating universe of Death Note, Misa Amane is a complex character steeped in innocence and mischief. Shinigami-eyed Misa is no ordinary damsel in distress. She's a famous model, but beneath that shiny exterior hides a tough Death Note holder ready to unleash her power on the love of her life, Light Yagami.
Her unconditional love for Light drives her to make decisions that ultimately have a major impact on the course of the story. Having wasted half her life in exchange for Shinigami Eyes shows her brave spirit and adds an intriguing layer to her personality. His character paints a picture that quickly transitions from crazy celebrity to cunning underling ready to use his second death note to further Light's ambitions.
Misa's character portrays the intensity of devotion. His intense emotions for Light transcend the limits of reason and create a seductive character dynamic. His cheerful and lively demeanor contrasts sharply with the dark and menacing abyss of the Death Note universe, enhancing the exciting aspect of the story.
In addition to love for the Light, Misa is also driven by a thirst for revenge. Having successfully avenged the death of her family, she indirectly represents justice in a world full of moral paradoxes. While Misa Amane doesn't shine as a main character, Misa Amane's character adds to the compelling story of the Death Note universe, providing a unique charm and appeal within the context of a chilling tale of power and morality.


An important part of the Death Note universe, Misa Amane is more than just a regular idol and role model, she has much more depth to her character. Born in Kyoto, she grew up dreaming of a life among the lights, and it is this dream that drives her on her journey.
Misa's life took a big turn when she became the second Kira to acquire her own Death Note. Driven by a thirst for revenge against her parents' killer, she uses the Death Note to mete out justice in her own unique way.
Misa's character is further enhanced by shades of intense loyalty and love for the light of Yagami, the original Kira. Despite being used by Light for his grand plan, her unwavering love knows no reason or bounds, showing her capacity for love and the intensity of her emotions.
An intriguing feature of Misa's personality is her cheerfulness, which she manages to maintain even in the darkest of circumstances. His naive nature contrasts sharply with the cunning and ruthless nature of the other characters, bringing a breath of fresh air to the rather bleak Death Note universe.
But beneath her bubbly and exuberant exterior lies a tortured soul trying to repair the traumas of her past. This dichotomy makes Misa a very nuanced character and a vital part of the fascinating Death Note saga. Between mind games and moral dilemmas, Misa Amane's fascinating journey resonates with viewers, cementing her place as an unforgettable character in the Death Note galaxy.

Creation and Development

The creation and development of Misa Amane's character in the Death Note universe shows a surprising combination of charm and complexity. When Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata—the series' writers and illustrators, respectively—first conceived the character of Misa, they did so with the goal of bringing a fresh perspective and dynamic presence to the plot.
Misa was conceived as an independent character with a mind of her own, challenging the stereotype of women in love being portrayed as dependent. Despite her strong personality, she is very devoted to Light Yagami, stating that she would do anything for him. This dedication, highlighted by her willingness to sacrifice her life twice for the Light, highlights Misa's unique combination of loving obedience and determined personality. The creators took a calculated risk by including such a complex character in a story that is predominantly male-led. While Misa's appearance and modeling profession may contribute to her being seen as a fanservice trope or gimmick, her character defies such simplistic interpretations. She is written as an intelligent and cunning character with a clever understanding of the Death Note.
Also, Misa's character development took an interesting turn when she became the second Kira. Ohba and Obata pushed the envelope to expand her character by including her as a subset of Kira's henchmen; more knowledgeable and proactive than the average fan. The creators knew her powers wouldn't overwhelm Licht, keeping the hierarchy of the main characters and giving Misa a believable identity.
Misa Amane's injection into the Death Note universe has proven to be effective in bringing more personality and depth to the story. His strong presence combined with his intense devotion to Yagami creates a unique character that goes beyond the surface and adds another layer of complexity to the plot.

Character Profile

The central character of the Death Note universe, Misa Amane, is a famous model and actress who is madly in love with Light Yagami. Driven by a deep love for him and a desire for revenge, her character has a unique combination of innocence and darkness. Misa's life takes a dramatic turn when she becomes the second Kira after encountering a Death Note dropped by Shinigami Rem.
Haunted by the traumatic murders of her parents, Misa's main goal is to avenge their untimely deaths. He doesn't hesitate to use the Death Note to kill his parents' killer, an example of his consequentialist view of morality. Misa's unwavering loyalty to the light and determination to use the death note for her own ends portrays her as vulnerable and ruthless.
Despite her superficial fame and glamour, Misa is ruthless, strategic and ready to risk everything. It enhances the story by adding emotional intensity and a contrasting perspective on how power can corrupt. Misa's character gives a better understanding of the negative consequences of the irresponsible use of such immense power. Reflecting the moral degradation of the Light, it shows that even love and revenge, two emotionally charged motivations, can lead a person down a dark path if they are overtaken by the sinister power of the Death Note.

Story Arc

Misa Amane's storyline begins when she receives the power of Shinigami Eyeballs twice in exchange for half her life. This power allows her to see a person's name and lifespan by looking at their face. Determined to avenge her parents' murder, she discovers that their killer is soon captured and killed by a character known as "Kira".
Falling in love with this force of justice, Misa decides to support Kira in her mission to cleanse the world of evil. She moves to Tokyo, where she crosses paths with Light Yagami, the original Kira, who herself is looking for Kira in a Japanese investigation group. Sensing an opportunity, he manipulates her crush in order to plead his cause and keep her at bay.
However, Misa's reckless actions and emotional volatility repeatedly put both of their positions in jeopardy. She is arrested, suspected of being the second Kira, and imprisoned. However, due to her unwavering loyalty to Light, she loses the death note and gives up her memories of it to protect Light's identity as Kira.
Misa spends the rest of her life blissfully unaware of her past actions. When Light's plan fails and he dies as a result, she loses ground. His storyline ends tragically: it's heavily implied that he kills himself shortly after Light's death.
The character of Misa Amane offers a close examination of the dynamics of manipulation, loyalty and love as they intertwine with power. Its tragic conclusion further underscores the life-and-death destructive effects of Death Note's immense power.

Cultural Impact

Misa Amane's character in Death Note made a huge impact on pop culture because of her unconventional portrayal of femininity, obsession, and morality. He is one of the show's most memorable characters, largely due to his unwavering devotion to Kira despite her manipulative behavior. It sparked conversations about toxic relationships and the representation of women in media, especially in anime culture.
Misa's signature fashion style, featuring Gothic Lolita elements, has been widely recognized and has inspired numerous cosplays and fan art. His striking appearance contrasted sharply with his twisted personality, which was a unique blend of innocence and darkness. In addition, Misa's controversial Shinigami death note for love challenged typical interpretations of good and evil, law and justice, morality and immorality. Society wrestled with the consequences of his actions, encouraging introspective analysis of personal ethics and judgment.
Notably, the introduction of Misa's character led to a thematic shift in the series involving the use of supernatural powers to achieve personal desires. This aspect of her character contributed to the show's critical acclaim and popularity, prompting further analysis and debate.
Misa Amane's character has resonated with fans and critics alike and is a testament to the deeply layered narrative of Death Note. Despite its problematic aspects, it offers a nuanced exploration of complex themes, leaving a lasting impression on the landscape of contemporary anime and global pop culture.


In the Death Note universe, Misa Amane has left a complex and compelling legacy. His eternal worship of Light Yagami, despite the obvious danger, showed his fearlessness and proved that his loyalty knew no bounds. Not only that, he brought a new dimension to the series with his ability to see people's lifespans. This marked her as an important character who brought intense drama to the plot. His ultimate sacrifice, willingly giving his life for the sake of the Light, showed his selfless nature and deep-rooted love. Despite her cheerful and seemingly naive nature, Misa's strategic thinking made her a vital asset to Light's plan, defying his suspicions many times over. Misa Amane's legacy in the Death Note universe is a powerful reminder of how far people can go in love and commitment.