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Job TitleActor, producer
Birth Date1966-02-27
Birth PlaceOttawa, Ontario, Canada
Knows aboutActing, Film production
Person NameDonal Logue
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/donallogue
Member of OrganizationScreen Actors Guild
Donal Logue is an accomplished Irish-Canadian actor known for his versatile roles in television, film and theatre. His acting journey began in the 90s and his major breakthrough came with the MTV series Jimmy the Cab Driver. However, he made a significant breakthrough in the industry with the lead role of Sean Finnerty in the comedy Grounded for Life. Subsequent credits include his appearances in Vikings, Sons of Anarchy and Gotham, showing his ability to transition effortlessly from one character to another. In addition to acting, Logue is a well-known writer and co-authored the novel Voyage: Based on a True Story of Survival at Sea. Donal is the founder of Monkey Barrel, an organization that focuses on educating children in developing countries. Fiercely private, Logue balances the demands of a successful career with an unwavering commitment to humanitarian efforts.


Born in Ottawa, Canada, Donal Logue is a successful actor with an extraordinary range that allows him to immerse himself in a variety of characters in various genres of television and film. A longtime Hollywood figure, Logue has starred in many hit TV series and movies in a career spanning more than four decades. Best known for his roles in Vikings, Terrier and Gotham, Logue's performances are celebrated for their authenticity and depth. He is probably most famous for playing Detective Harvey Bullock in the DC Comics series Gotham. Apart from acting, he also dabbles in other aspects of filmmaking, proving his versatile skills in the industry. With a reputation for consistently recreating intriguing and engaging characters, Logue has not only made a name for herself, but also contributed greatly to the growth of the entertainment industry. Despite his significant career achievements, Donal Logue remains a humble and recognizable figure in Hollywood, making him even more admired by his growing fan base.

Early Life and Education

Donal Logue was born in 1966. February 27 in Ottawa, Ontario to Irish parents who emigrated from County Kerry, Ireland. His father Michael J. Logue was a Catholic Carmelite missionary and his mother Elizabeth was a school teacher. Donal's early life was characterized by constant movement, with his father living in various parts of Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom due to his father's missionary work. Despite its temporary nature, he credits his early exposure to different cultures and lifestyles as shaping his worldview and fostering his curiosity. Logue's interest in art grew in his early years. Encouraged by his parents' love of literature and theater, he grew up surrounded by books, plays and popular songs. As a teenager, he actively participated in local theater productions.
After high school, Logue moved to Massachusetts and attended Harvard University. While at Harvard, he was a member of the Signet Society, a select group that promotes literary scholarship. He studied history and graduated in 1988. It was an active time for Logue as he combined academics with being on the rowing team and continuing to participate in theater.
After graduating, Logue moved to England. He attended the British American Drama Academy in London to further pursue his passion for acting. This period of formal drama training played an important role in shaping Logue as an actor, honing his craft and preparing him for his future career in Hollywood.


Donal Logue's career spans over thirty years in the entertainment industry and has made a big impact on both the big and small screens. He began his acting career in the late 1980s with a number of roles on television, before starring in the independent film The Tao of Steve, for which he won an Academy Award in 2000. won the Special Grand Jury Prize for Best Actor at the Sundance Film Festival. His unique acting style combines dry wit and heavy drama.
It wasn't long before Logue was cast in the critically acclaimed television drama Grounded for Life, where he demonstrated his versatility by effectively portraying a wide range of emotions. His memorable performances continued in other acclaimed television series Sons of Anarchy and Vikings, showing his range in a variety of contrasting roles. To further prove his versatility, Logue delved into the world of comics and played the role of Detective Harvey Bullock in the television series Gotham. His flawless portrayal of the grizzled detective won raves from critics and moviegoers alike.
In addition to acting, Logue also explored the field of writing and directing. His directorial debut was the independent film Tennis, Everybody...?. 2005, in which he also wrote and starred. His passion for storytelling extends to his memoir, Vikings: A Little Faith, which combines his captivating storytelling talent with an intriguing life journey. Donal Logue's career is a mixture of immersive performances and creative explorations, where various genres and media merge with his indelible touch. He continues to amaze audiences with his skill, dedication and versatility, a true gem in the entertainment industry.

Other Ventures

In addition to acting, Donal Logue pursued various creative interests in pursuit of solid life experience. He founded Frison-Logue Hardwood, a hardwood company that promoted eco-awareness by supporting the sustainable supply of local wood. Logue also turned to the literary universe with memoirs. In her book, Viking: Have Baby Will Travel, she shares heartwarming stories of traveling with two children. But his exploits are not limited to industry and art. In sports, Logue, once a player with the Shark Attack, brought his energy to the football field, battling between coach and assistant coach. His countless life experiences outside of the world of television and film add tremendous value to each character he brilliantly brings to life. Donal Logue's achievements extend beyond the silver screen to business, literature and sport; a testament to a man who steps outside his comfort zone.

Awards and Honors

Donal Logue has been recognized for his outstanding achievements in the film industry with numerous nominations and awards. in 1994 his role in The Despatches brought him his first breakthrough, winning the Voltigeur Award for Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival. The Irish-Canadian actor has continued to impress critics with his upcoming projects.
His role in The Tao of Steve was a particularly important milestone. This earned him a special Grand Jury Prize for Best Actor in 2000. at the Sundance Film Festival. Logue's performance in the critically acclaimed television series Grounded for Life cemented his place in the hearts of viewers. in 2001 he earned a nomination for the Satellite Award for Best Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy.
His portrayal of King Horik in the historical drama series Vikings added another highlight. in 2014 it was nominated for a Critic's Choice Television Award for Outstanding Guest Drama Series. These awards are a testament to Donal Logue's versatility and talent, making him a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. He continues to enthrall the audience with his spectacular performances.

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