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Place NameDragon Ball Cafes and Diners
Dragon Ball Cafes and Eateries offer a great dining experience for all fans of the Dragon Ball series. This themed restaurant offers a menu inspired by the series' beloved characters and their favorite dishes. Step into one of our locations and you'll be transported into the vibrant and exciting world of Dragon Ball. Enjoy an atmosphere reminiscent of an anime environment, with decorations and elements that reflect the unique aesthetic of the universe. Immersive experiences don't stop at aesthetics, our menu features exciting dishes inspired by food featured in the show, such as Goku's favorite ramen. Each dish is prepared with local ingredients and offers mouth-watering taste. For every Dragon Ball fan, a visit to our venue is more than just a dinner, it's a time to feel the love for a phenomenon that has stood the test of time and inspired generations.


Welcome to Dragon Ball Cafes and Diners, a universe inspired by the iconic anime series. Our place is a paradise for Saiyan travel followers, a place that bridges the gap between the animated world and reality.

Enter our universe and find yourself on the planet Namek or in a hyperbolic time chamber. Our elaborately themed interior and menu capture the essence of Dragon Ball magic, immersing you in an atmosphere filled with the energy and enthusiasm of Goku, Vegeta and all your beloved characters.

  • Innovative Cuisine: Our menu features a variety of dishes expertly crafted to reflect the world of Dragon Ball. Our specialties include Senzu Bean Salad, Capsule Corp Burger and Saiyan power sushi plate, guaranteeing an adventurous food journey.

  • Themed Experiences: Our dining room regularly hosts events such as quiz nights, themed parties and anime viewing nights. Take part in the Majin Buu Dessert Eating Contest or enjoy a relaxing Kame-Sennin Tea Ceremony.

  • Exclusive Merchandise: Created from beloved elements from the series, collectors will love our exclusive merchandise range, which includes everything from pocket Dragon Balls to full-size Saiyan armor. them>

Join our vibrant community, enjoy anime like never before and create timeless memories at Dragon Ball cafes and eateries. It's not just a place to dine; it's a journey into the heart of a world you've only seen on screen.


Since its inception, the universe of Dragon Ball Cafes and Diners has undergone a remarkable evolution, referencing the true story of the acclaimed anime series. The journey began with a passionate Dragon Ball fan envisioning a unique space where other fans could gather, enjoy the fascinating universe of Dragon Ball and indulge in gastronomic delights.

Our first restaurant was opened in 2016. in Tokyo, Japan. The cafe was an instant success and became a favorite place for fans to celebrate the iconic Japanese pop culture phenomenon. With walls decorated with anime artwork and a menu inspired by the series' characters and arcs, the cafe has included a Dragon Ball experience.

2017 due to growing demand, the first international store was opened in New York, USA. Similar spaces soon spread across Europe, catering to the tastes of dedicated Dragon Ball fans around the world.

When Dragon Ball fans joined our team, we started organizing events to celebrate the milestones of the anime series. From Goku Day celebrations to character-themed food festivals, our diners have quickly become an integral part of the global Dragon Ball community.

Today, Dragon Ball Cafés and Diners are unique spaces where fans can not only enjoy anime-inspired cuisine, but also participate in the rich history and culture of the Dragon Ball franchise. As we continue to expand and innovate, we promise to maintain the spirit of the anime that inspired our journey and bring even more amazing experiences to Dragon Ball fans around the world.

Geography and Natural Features

Geography and natural features

  • The universe of Dragon Ball Cafes and Diners showcases a unique combination of geography that recreates the vibrant setting of the popular Dragon Ball series. These places are located in different places, which gives the cafes and eateries a special charm.

  • They exist among tropical islands, from tranquil deserts to lush mountains, each with its own unique characteristics. For example, cafes located on the slopes of mountains offer a breathtaking panorama of natural splendor, while dining in the desert offers the immersive sensations of the beauty of a lonely sandy landscape.

  • Some exhibits are indelibly marked by the elements of nature, they are alive and glowing with the living fauna and flora of the earth. There is no denying that dinosaurs evoke the prehistoric era and add an exciting touch to the landscape.

  • The one-of-a-kind Planet Namek-themed cafe features vast turquoise spaces, exquisite human greenery and stunning blue bodies of water. A special feature is the Four Star Dragon Ball area, a tranquil oriental-themed garden that houses the sacred divine dragon Shenron.

  • Whether it's Capsule Corp's eatery in a scenic setting that mixes earthy and modern elements, or Kame House's beachside cafe, they all contribute to an unforgettable gastronomic journey in this exciting Dragon Ball universe.

Influence and Legacy Features


Under Influence and Legacy Dragon Ball Cafes and Diners highlights an indisputable fact – the deep and wide impact of this anime on the pop culture of the world. The legacy that Dragon Ball carries goes beyond the millions of fans it has gained over the decades. It has become an integral part of our time, influencing many works and creating many additional things.

Dragon Ball's longevity and popularity is evidenced by the success of our bars and restaurants. Offering a unique combination of food, entertainment and fantasy, these restaurants offer a multi-layered experience that goes beyond mere admiration.


  • Themed Menu: each dish on our menu is designed to reflect and celebrate the ethos of the vibrant world of Dragon Ball. From the strength of the Saiyans to the resilience of the Namek, each dish tells a story.
  • Character inspiration: Cafes and restaurants have aesthetic, atmosphere and decoration taken directly from the series, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the Dragon Ball universe.< /li>


  • Replicas and memorabilia: Our cafes and restaurants have a large collection of figurines, posters and other memorabilia for fans to admire and add meaningfully to the legacy of the franchise.
  • Dragon Ball Exhibitions: Through various exhibitions, events and gatherings, we have built a community of fans who present the enduring legacy of Dragon Ball and its magic to future generations.



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