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Fate/Grand Order Material

General Info

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AwardsNo award information available
GenresRole-playing video game
Book NameFate/Grand Order Material
TranslatorNot Applicable
Release Date2015-01-01
Original TitleFate/Grand Order マテリアル
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.typemoon.com/
Fate/Grand Order is a legendary epic that transcends time and space, guiding players through challenging quests throughout history. In this RPG, players take on the role of "Masters" who make contracts with mythical entities known as "Servants". From divine gods, legendary heroes to elusive spirits, these Servants use their unique abilities to aid the Lords in their battles. The game not only immerses players in a confusing storyline, but also allows them to experiment with different strategies through a turn-based battle system. Between its artistry and complexity, Fate/Grand Order offers a rich story, many characters, and hours of challenging gameplay. It's time to explore the unknown passages of history in this vibrant world of destiny! Based on this material, there is detailed context and lore behind each Servant and story, perfect for fans looking to delve deeper into this vast universe.


In the intriguing realm of Fate/Grand Order, embark on a grand adventure with the spirits of historical, mythical and literary figures, also known as Heroic Spirits or Servants. the truth behind a mysterious disaster that threatens to destroy time and space. This journey is characterized by exciting stories of camaraderie, courage, strategy and humor in very different environments: from the depths of the oceans to the heights, unknown lands and unique periods of world history. With characters and complex storylines created by acclaimed artists and respected writers, Fate/Grand Order creates a universe that uniquely combines folklore, history and epic battles in a stunning mobile RPG format. Use this material book and immerse yourself in the history of the game: explore detailed character profiles, delve into the story, discover the tactical nuances of the game and appreciate the amazing graphics that have become the hallmark of this phenomenal series.


In the majestic and majestic realm of Fate/Grand Order, the dangerous path of history is under siege like never before. The Chaldean Security Organization, a group specializing in the human continuum, is working tirelessly to prevent an impending apocalypse that could tear apart humanity's place in the timeline.
On New Year's Eve, Chaldea, normally humanity's haven of nature, experiences an alarming fluctuation in the ability to predict the future. While it is usually possible to visualize the course of human history for the next hundreds of years, the organization's future forecasting model suddenly suggests that humanity will cease to exist by 2017.
This unforeseen turn of events forces the Chaldean Security Organization to expedite the previously anticipated "Grand Order," an order for the "preservation of mankind." The members of Chaldea are then tasked with stepping into different eras, known as the Singularity, in an incredible effort to correct the corrupt course of history.
The hero of our story suddenly finds himself in the important role of "Master," tasked with summoning and commanding "Servants," representations of heroes, heroines, and mythical creatures from around the world and time. This grim group of historical and mythical figures is the only one capable of combating the horrors that distort history and threaten future continuity.
They must embark on seven Grand Orders in seven singularities, a journey through time filled with greatness and despair, friendships and betrayals, victories and defeats. The mission may seem insurmountable, but with courage, perseverance and the strength of their servants, they strive to save the world and create a future for all mankind. Impending danger and grand adventure make the Fate/Grand Order universe an unforgettable feast of storytelling.


The Development section takes a closer look at the creative process behind the immersive game Fate/Grand Order. This process took place through an extraordinary collaboration of game designers, skilled script writers, talented artists and dedicated programmers, resulting in this masterpiece.
The first premise of the conceptualization started from the position of one starting point. Fate/Grand Order sought to expand the already vibrant universe of the Fate Series. The plot focused on connecting both the stories of the individual characters and the main storylines. The team was determined to create a universe rich in story, full of compelling character relationships and infused with compelling quests.
This was an important step in the development journey to take advantage of the many resources and employ artists capable of capturing the unique essence of each character. The artists' contributions went beyond simple character illustrations to include various character animations, skill effects, and Noble Phantasms. In addition, the programmers have worked diligently to bring the illustrative imagination to life on the user's screen.
Writing the script for the game presented some challenges. During it, several unique dialogues were created that not only entertained the players, but also captured the inherent essence of various characters from different fictional and historical backgrounds.
Another important part of the development was related to the game mechanics. It was carefully structured around the idea of ​​a command card combat system where strategy played a key role.
Making Fate/Grand Order has been a challenging but rewarding journey. It involved tireless research, creative collaboration, and endless rounds of grinding. The result was a game that not only won the hearts of millions of Destiny fans around the world, but also helped push the boundaries of the RPG genre in the mobile gaming industry.


In this edition of Fate/Grand Order Material, we delve into the history and lore of the Fate universe. Discover behind-the-scenes insights that create an enriching understanding of the game. Immerse yourself in the complex mechanics that control such iconic minions as King Arthur, Gilgamesh and Nero Claudius.
Explore the creative concept art that is at the heart of character design and offers detailed insights into the evolution of your favorite Servant characters. Discover interesting, previously unknown facts about noble phantasms, personal abilities and command cards. Examine each servant's base stats to see if they are fair to each other and what makes them great.
Our searchlights do not even avoid the often unknown mystical codes. Discover the origins, traditions and applications of this unique weapon. Understand their role in supporting the master through grueling battles. Enjoy learning about exclusive mystical codes such as the Chaldean Uniform, the Atlas Institute Uniform, and the Mage Association Uniform and their abilities. Get to know the history chapters better. Each chapter is broken down not only from a gameplay standpoint, but also from a narrative standpoint. From the first prologue to the final Lostbelt, discover how each development intertwines with the larger story of destiny.
Uncover a deeper understanding of the many created essences that inhabit the Fate/Grand Order. From the elegant 5-star kaleidoscope to the elusive Black Grail, each Essence is scrutinized for story relevance, gameplay functionality, and graphic design ingenuity. This publication is a must for all fans of Fate/Grand Order. Immerse yourself in the depth and complexity of a world that fascinates millions of people. A deep exploration of Fate's story, characters, mechanics, and general magic awaits!


The Release section highlights Fate/Grand Order's unprecedented success, sensational worldwide recognition. Initially in 2015 launched in Japan, it quickly captivated players with its engaging gameplay, attractive graphics, and captivating narrative.
Based on the landmark graphic novel Fate/Stay Night, the world of Fate/Grand Order is filled with rich history, complex character relationships, and epic battles. It will appeal to franchise veterans and newcomers alike with a balanced mix of original and familiar characters, each with their own unique abilities and stories.
The game brilliantly brought together renowned illustrators, voice actors and writers to create a unique experience that straddles the line between game and visual novel. The server crashes due to the high number of players on launch day is a testament to its immense popularity.
Over the next few years, the game broke records and set new ones. It expanded rapidly around the world and became a global phenomenon. Immersive events, limited edition characters and exciting updates keep players engaged, ensuring they stay relevant and grow.
The success of the game is not limited to the digital world. Anime adaptation, character stickers, fan art, cosplay, and comics are just some of the vast culture that inspired Fate/Grand Order. Its influence can be seen in various aspects of pop culture, contributing greatly to its prevalence in the video game and anime community.
Whether you're a hardcore gamer, a casual gamer, or an anime fan, give Fate/Grand Order a try. Join millions of other players and experience an immersive story, strategic gameplay and an amazing, ever-changing world.


The Fate/Grand Order material has been received overwhelmingly positively in the Fate/Grand Order community. Readers rave about the detail and richness of the illustrations, praising how the book allows you to further immerse yourself in the fascinating world created by Fate/Grand Order. The book features character profiles, game design concepts, and behind-the-scenes commentary that illuminates the team's creative process.
For many, the most important thing is the artwork depicted. The quality of the illustrations was rated as "stunning", "sophisticated" and "breathtaking" in depth and vivid colors. Each character or minion is treated in almost excruciating detail, from costumes to weapons, bringing them to life on every page.
Fans also appreciated the linguistic accessibility of the book. Despite being a Japanese game, there are detailed English translations to help non-Japanese speaking fans better understand and enjoy the content. The level of thought put into linguistic inclusion shows the dedication of the Fate/Grand Order team to their global fan base.
The book "Materials" not only provides a better understanding of the game, but also brought new followers to the franchise. A thorough exploration of the world of Fate/Grand Order, it gives new and potential players a taste of what to expect, making it an effective bridge between the game and potential fans. In short, Fate/Grand Order Material is considered essential reading for anyone who wants to further immerse themselves in the phenomenal world of Fate/Grand Order.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Fate/Grand Order is deep and widespread. Not only did it capture the hearts of millions of gamers around the world, but it also had a major impact on the wider pop culture landscape. Rooted in historical, mythological and literary narratives, it broadens players' perspectives by introducing them to different cultures and eras, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world's rich history.
The complexity of the Fate/Grand Order narrative has inspired many theories and fan debates. The ability to weave together human history, mythology, and original storytelling has resulted in a unique and compelling storytelling ethos that continues to fuel intellectual discourse among her fans. The character designs have become iconic and widely recognized, bringing ancient heroes and historical figures to life, shaping the modern aesthetic of anime. The game's visuals have influenced a variety of creative endeavors, from cosplay, fan art, and even professional animation and design work.
Fate/Grand Order is not just a game, it has also created a powerful community with shared interests and passions. This sense of community transcends global borders and fosters friendships and connections between different cultures and regions. In addition, the game's ardent fan base has led to numerous community initiatives, including fan conventions, rallies and charity events, demonstrating the game's social and cultural impact beyond the digital world. Ultimately, Fate/Grand Order's cultural impact is a testament to its innovative design and compelling story that resonates deeply with fans and influences pop culture trends. As games continue to grow and evolve, their cultural footprint will grow even further, shaping the future dynamics of pop culture and digital gaming.