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Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia

General Info

Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia logo
AuthorKinoko Nasu
GenresAction, Adventure, Fantasy
LanguagesJapanese, English
PublisherDel Ray Manga
IllustratorTakeshi Takeuchi
Issue Number1
Release Date2015-08-12
Number of Pages192
Original TitleFate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia
Comics Issue NameFate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttp://delraymanga.com/
Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babilonia is an extraordinary saga set in the gigantic world of FGO. The comics take readers to Babylonia, a world created by the Chaldean Agency. The characters are descended from heroic ghosts, each with an extraordinary story. The story revolves around the mission of the Seventh Grand Order, Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight to change the impending fate of humanity. As the plot thickens, the two embark on an unprecedented adventure where myths are resurrected and gods descend among humans. Unravel the intricate twists of Mortalios: Babylonia; is a euphoric journey through time, mythology and an extraordinary combination of action and emotion.


Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babilonia is an exciting saga set in the universe of the acclaimed Fate/Grand Order franchise. This comic immerses readers in a world set in the 7th century BC in the ancient city of Uruk, a metropolis teeming with culture, bravery and evocative folklore.
Based on the game's Seventh Singularity, the story revolves around the brutal intensity of battles, offering readers a great mix of drama and action. Protagonist Ritsuka Fujimaru and his loyal servant Mash Kyrielight travel back in time to the Age of Gods where they meet legendary characters such as King Gilgamesh. With Uruk under constant threat from the Tri-Goddess Alliance, the constant tug-of-war interspersed with epic skirmishes keeps readers on edge. Mortalis: Babylonia has a past as it battles an apocalyptic future. With visually stunning illustrations, intriguing dialogue, and detailed exploration of historical contexts, the comic offers an immersive reading experience that transcends time, steeped in mythology, and packed with high-octane action. This is an enchanting epic that combines power, strategy and enchantment into a grand narrative that invites readers to embark on a journey that defies their wildest imaginations.


Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia delves into a world steeped in divinity, magic, and mysticism. Deadly encounters with almighty gods in the ancient city of Uruk propel the plot forward. Battles of epic proportions take place between powerful heroes known as Servants and evil beasts of various sizes.
Chaldea's Fate/Grand Order system users Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight are humanity's last line of defense, traveling through time to solve anomalies. After a spectacular victory at Camelot, they are banished to Mesopotamia in 2655 BC. Herein lies the last of the seven features, humanity's last chance before certain destruction.
In this age, they discover Gilgamesh, a demigod king torn between his divinity and his humanity, struggling with the inevitable destruction of his people. Gilgamesh recruits the duo to control the goddesses and create chaos. Terrible battles, painful betrayals and heartbreaking sacrifices await our heroes.
Mortal: Babilonia offers a whirlwind adventure that combines stunning art with a compelling story. Each chapter leaves readers on edge, anticipating the next move in this chess game between gods and men. Will Ritsuka and Mash, along with their Minions, be able to quell the unrest, restore the timeline, and keep the Flame of Humanity alive? The comic book series will leave you wanting more with its tumultuous plot that has yet to reach its epic climax.


The development of the Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia comics required exceptional attention to detail. The creative team focused on accurately portraying the game's massive story, complex character relationships, and captivating fight sequences. This was no small task; however, the creators' passion and dedication to the project was evident in every panel.
A team of renowned illustrators brought the characters and environments to life. They used a combination of traditional and digital art techniques to create distinctive and vivid images, turning each page into a masterpiece. A dedicated team of talented writers worked tirelessly to transform the game's complex story into an engaging comedy format. They wanted to create a storyline that would appeal to existing fans of the game as well as new readers who hadn't yet delved into the Fate/Grand Order universe.
The result was a successful and memorable adaptation that brought the world of Fate/Grand Order to life. The comics have received great reviews and have achieved a feat that not many adaptations can: delighting both long-time fans and bringing new viewers into the fascinating universe of Fate/Grand Order.


In Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia, ancient gods collide and destinies intertwine in a dramatic crescendo of epic proportions. This comic adaptation of the hit mobile game Fate/Grand Order offers a compelling storyline that transports readers to the era of the ancient Sumerian city of Babylon. Caught in a war in the sky, enigmatic characters must find a way to change the course of humanity while facing their own personal demons. Vivid illustrations, intricate character development, and bold comic twists deepen the game's story and introduce new narrative elements that make for an enjoyable reading experience. Whether you're a loyal player or a newcomer, Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia is a page-turner that adds a new dimension to the critically acclaimed universe. Stories add depth to beloved characters, revealing their deepest fears, hopes, and struggles. This publication is not just any comic book; it's a journey through time and an exploration of the human spirit in times of adversity.


Release section:
The Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia comics hit the shelves with a bang. This extraordinary series takes us deep into the Fate/Grand Order universe, where historical characters are reincarnated as heroic spirits called to fight in an epic war.
The story takes place in ancient Babylon, one of the cradles of civilization, a place full of wild intrigue, unpredictable twists, and magical transformations. Readers are taken on a heart-pounding journey as famous characters like Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight face complex dilemmas, surprising alliances, and a fierce enemy.
This graphical application beautifully captures the intricate details of the ancient world, giving the story a unique depth and rich texture. The combat is visceral, full of dynamic energy, and the storyline is layered and nuanced, drawing readers into a swirling maelstrom of action and drama.
Fans will appreciate the faithful representation of their favorite characters and the careful translation of the game's story to this new medium. The comic series is also an interesting entry point for those unfamiliar with the Fate/Grand Order universe, giving them a rich cast of characters and a multi-layered storyline to delve into.
The Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia series perfectly captures the essence of the game it was created from, and provides readers with an exciting, immersive experience. It's a beautiful show that will appeal to fans and newcomers alike."
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The reception of Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia comics has been overwhelming. Intricate stories combined with beautiful illustrations have captivated a large audience. Die-hard fans of the Fate/Grand Order universe consider it a great continuation of the story, but it also attracted many newcomers with its universal themes and relatable characters.
The artwork was extremely popular, with readers appreciating both the character designs and the perception of the mythical Babylonian world. Comic Book Review says it's a "visual feast that reveals the medium's potential." The writing doesn't disappoint either. The story offers a mix of epic battles, intriguing mysteries and deeply human moments. It surprises the reader with twists and turns while developing the character. The dialogues are clear and concise and they show the different personalities of the characters very well.
This comic series is more than just a standalone; it is itself a fascinating exploration of mortality, heroism, and the human capacity for good and evil. This is a must read for all comic fans, but especially those who love fantasy and mythology. The Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia series is an undeniable testament to the power and potential of the graphic novel genre.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Babylonia comics has been profound, transcending the realms of comic book literature and reaching into popular culture. Due to its complex plots and richly developed characters, the series has gained a significant fan base worldwide, evoking the vibrancy of ancient mythologies, specifically the Mesopotamian era, against a Babylonian setting. The inclusion of historical figures as official figures added an educational flavor, keeping readers interested in ancient regions and characters. The adaptation of the comic book story from mobile games to print has also contributed to discussions about the changing relationships between different media formats, increasing recognition of the potential of digital storytelling. It also fostered fan creativity, fueling fan art, cosplay and fan fiction, reinforcing the valuable role of audience engagement in contemporary comic book culture.