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Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella

General Info

Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella logo
GenresAdventure, Fantasy, Science fiction
LanguagesJapanese, English
Issue Number1
Release Date2017-12-15
Number of Pages192
Original TitleFate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella
Comics Issue NameFate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttps://kodanshacomics.com/
Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella is an immersive journey into an alternate universe of grandeur and magic. Favorite characters from the popular Fate/Grand Order series are discovered here in an enchanting combination of fantastic missions and exciting battles. This visually stunning comic series depicts the sheer power and brutal chaos of intense battles, the complex layers of the world underpinned by mystical history, and the riveting drama of history fueled by honor, destiny, and sacrifice. Each page offers an irresistible pull, allowing you to immerse yourself in a compelling plot, skillfully woven together by experienced writers, accompanied by illustrations that perfectly balance nostalgia and novelty. This comic series is sure to delight fans with each character's unique take on fate, making it an essential addition to the library of any true Fate/Grand Order fanatic.


Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella is an enticing addition to the Fate universe. It builds on the fascinating tradition of the Fate series by bringing in fan-favorite characters to create a powerful storyline for fans to enjoy. The comic expands the chronological gap, adds previously unexplored aspects, and illuminates the ongoing tug-of-war between Servants and Masters. Readers can experience the blood-curdling tension of the Holy Grail War in beautifully illustrated form, adding a tangible element of progression to the unfolding drama and chaos. With Mortalis: Stella, you will go off the beaten path and find familiar characters in new challenging situations, revealing their invisible vulnerabilities and testing their unfathomable strengths. It offers a new immersive escape into the depths of Destiny history while maintaining a comfortable sense of familiarity that keeps readers in its universe. Chilling tension, emotional camaraderie and epic battles are expertly combined to keep fans on the edge of their seats.


In Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella, the story delves into the realm of the Holy Grail Wars. The Chaldean protagonist is unexpectedly drawn into a war that is unlike anything he is used to. Instead of minions, there are massive warriors known as Star Spirits. These celestial animals push the limits of their master's strategic intelligence and courage as they engage in intense battles to protect the Grail. Through alliances, betrayals, and the uncovering of secrets, our protagonist must face these trials and protect his friends from ever-present dangers. Will the protagonist emerge as a beacon of hope in a world where gods walk among men, or succumb to the weight of his responsibility? Featuring a unique take on a beloved franchise, this series delivers an action-packed drama with hidden agendas.


Making Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella was a real challenge. The team sought to capture the essence and grandeur of the original game within the confines of the comic book series. Comic artist Takashi Takeuchi has masterfully translated complex plots and an extensive cast of characters into an engaging and visually stunning story. His artwork is the heart and soul of the series, bringing every page to life.
Presenting such a rich story in an understandable format also required careful scripting and dialogue writing. The writing team carefully researched the canonical universe to create a script that stays true to the source material while adding its own unique twist. First of all, they deftly navigated the many character interactions so that each Servant had a chance to shine.
Meanwhile, the color team had the daunting task of recreating the game's living world. Their extraordinary work has resulted in beautifully colored and detailed panels that enrich the story, engaging and immersing readers in the world of Fate/Grand Order.
In summary, the painstaking production process of Mortalis: Stella involved an amalgamation of artistic, written and technical skills to ensure high quality and authenticity in the final product. The result is a comic series that visually and narratively pays homage to the world of Fate/Grand Order.


Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella takes readers into the exciting world of the most popular mobile game and reveals a story as exciting as ever. Get ready as the new master of Chaldea, Ritsuka Fujimaru, ventures into uncharted territories in a race against time to avoid the fate of mankind. With vivid illustrations depicting intense battles and a fast-paced story, the journey takes readers through secret stories and different timelines. A must-have for seasoned players and newcomers alike, this comic series offers a new way to experience the enduring appeal and complex narrative of Fate/Grand Order.


The comic book series Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella, an exciting adaptation of the world-famous Fate/Grand Order universe, was born after its first release in 2016. December 4 Distinguishing between Eastern and Western comic art. the scene is presented with majestic and exquisite artwork that enhances the intensity of the engaging storyline. Created by the skilled hands of Shiramine, whose knowledge of manga art adds an astonishing level of detail and embellishes the atmosphere with a harmonious blend of action and adventure.
Staying true to its origins, the book stays true to the game's narrative while seamlessly integrating new and unique twists into the plot. As the original arc revolves around a group of wizards who travel back in time to prevent the impending doom of humanity, fans are immersed in surprising events involving their favorite characters, inspiring anticipation for the next outing. Depth of characterization, bold and dynamic storytelling, intricate storylines interwoven with genuine humor and emotion enhance the reader's experience, making each issue a highly anticipated event for fans of Fate/Grand Order. This impressive combination is sure to make the Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella comic series a valuable addition to the collections of Fate/Grand Order fans worldwide.


Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella has received a warm welcome from fans of the Destiny franchise. Readers enjoyed captivating visuals that brought their favorite characters to life and a captivating story that delved into their personalities and motivations.
The comics stayed true to the source material while introducing new elements that kept the medium interesting. Each character has been expertly rendered with attention to detail while maintaining the game's distinctive look and feel. The story picked up where the game left off and felt like a natural continuation rather than a forced patch. This seamless transition between different mediums is no easy feat and showed the creative team's understanding and respect for the Destiny universe.
What really set Mortal: Stella apart was the tight and intense storytelling. He effectively balanced character development, world building, and story progression while keeping readers on the edge of their seat. Not only did it appeal to longtime fans, but it was also a welcome entry point for newcomers to the series. This universal appeal has been confirmed by positive reviews and increased demand for future releases. All in all, Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella was a success for fans and newcomers alike, setting a high standard for future adaptations and expansions of the Fate universe.
[Note: This text is generated and does not necessarily represent the actual receipt of the Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella comics.]

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Fate/Grand Order: Mortalis: Stella's comics goes beyond influencing the anime and manga industries to shaping pop culture. With a rich tapestry of characters and a deeply layered story, it has had a profound impact on the medium and its audience. These comics defied conventional anime norms, bringing forth deep philosophical discourse about life, mortality, power, and destiny. The diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities and quirks, became the archetype for many sequels. It also increased inclusivity by adding diversity in character designs and storylines that appealed to a wider audience worldwide. The creative depiction of historical heroes and villains with an evocative narrative has stimulated young readers' interest in history. The series' success has been widely attributed to its ability to spark intellectual curiosity and provide visual pleasure, a testament to its cultural footprint.