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Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia

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Event NameFate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia
The Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demon Front: Babylonia event was born out of the epic story of the seventh singularity in the Fate/Grand Order universe. Players travel to the ancient civilization of Babylon in the grip of war fueled by divine beings. The storyline intricately interweaves historical and mythological elements and introduces the revered Mesopotamian king Gilgamesh and the enigmatic goddess Ishtar. As an event, it brings a series of challenging quests, promises great rewards, and the ability to unlock attractive servants. It also provides unique insights into the story, emphasizing the sense of adventure in the grand scheme of the Fate/Grand Order story. Players are drawn into the heart of the conflict, tasked with working with Gilgamesh to resolve the disaster and ensure the survival of human history. It's a true testament to the immersive storytelling and strategy gameplay that Fate/Grand Order embodies.


Fate/Grand Order is a popular Japanese mobile game that replaces the base of the Fate series as a great story about saving the world. The story of the game follows the candidates for "Master" who summon legendary figures from history and mythology, known as "servants", to fight against enemies in epic battles in various historical and mythological eras of mankind.

The game includes an impressive roster of over 200 servants, each with unique abilities, their own stories, great voice acting, and stunning artwork. From the heroic spirits of King Arthur and Joan of Arc to the legendary figures of Ozymandias and Leonardo da Vinci, players can command these minions to save the world.

An essential part of the game's appeal is a well-written story that successfully captures the essence of each era and mythology. Players are treated to stories of epic scope and personal nature as they wrestle with humanity's collective subconscious, embodied by the ever-present threat of The Beast.