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Fate/Grand Order: Divine Realm of the Round Table Camelot

General Info

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Event NameFate/Grand Order: Divine Realm of the Round Table Camelot
The Divine Realm of the Round Table: The Camelot event is an intriguing part of the Fate/Grand Order universe. Set in the grandeur of a timeless kingdom, it follows the legendary Knights of the Round Table. In this event, players are immersed in a tangled story as they examine their chivalry and bravery. True to the legend of Arthur, the elements of the story are reflected in the game which takes your gaming experience to the next level. Each stage is designed to test your characters' strategies, alliances and strength. This event will remain incredibly faithful not only to the authenticity of the Arthurian story, but also to the core ethos of Fate/Grand Order. Experience the thrill and pain of real knight territory. The heavier the crown, the heavier the burden. But in the end, the truth of the Round Table awaits you. In this event, you will find yourself at the center of responsibility, courage and, above all, your destiny.


Fate/Grand Order is a popular mobile game based on the extensive Fate series. It features a rich universe where the player becomes a 'master' of 'Servants', historical, legendary and mythical figures from different eras and cultures.

This universe is set in the near future, where Chaldea, an organization to preserve human order, is committed to preventing the extinction of humanity. They use a system that simulates multiple parallel universes called a "singularity" to discover and solve potential events that could endanger humanity.

However, unforeseen catastrophes occur that lead to many upheavals in history. The player is immersed in an epic quest through time to correct these anomalies. Accompanied by their minions, they fight against numerous enemies and uncover secrets that threaten human existence.

The game combines a strategic battle system with a fascinating story and character development. Each servant has unique abilities and a story that creates a deep connection with the player.