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Faction NameTeam A
The Fate/Grand Order A-Team is an extraordinary group making history for human survival. Known for their uncanny ability to engage in strategic battles with minions from different eras, they are resistant to disaster. Each member never backs down, displaying unique abilities ranging from exceptional mastery of magic to great understanding of human order. Their dedication plays a vital role in the defining diversity of human history. Over time, they even befriend several heroic spirits who help them on their terrifying quests. Their common main goal is to save human history from scrap. They are more than just a team in Chaldea's security organization; they are the beacon, humanity's last hope for survival.


Often considered the foundation of the Fate/Grand Order universe, Team A is a loosely-knit collective of Servants, Heroic Spirits summoned by the Holy Grail to serve their Master. United by a common goal, they travel through time and space and start the Grand Orders to protect human history from existential threats.
The members of Team A are diverse and have many powerful figures drawn from human lore. Achilles, the legendary hero of the Greek Iliad, and Francis Drake, the brave English sea captain, are just two of the servants who bring immense strength to the team's mission.
Maintaining harmony in such a diverse group is a difficult task, but one that their masters from the Chaldean Security Organization provide navigation and strategic guidance for. This is where the core strength of Team A lies: not sheer collective strength, but unity and mutual trust, creating a truly indomitable team spirit.
Committed to their goals and unwavering in their loyalty, each member of Team A contributes their unique skills and experience. They face many battles, each testing their strength, strategies and camaraderie. It is their journey and story that truly defines the heart and soul of the Fate/Grand Order universe. From daring fights to emotional interactions, this team has truly left an indelible mark on the franchise.


The A-Team, also known as the Altruistic Alliance Team, began as a small group with a simple but grand goal of preserving the fabric of human history. Born amidst the chaos and turmoil of the singularity's early eras, the team understood the value of every moment and the butterfly effect any event can create.
Originally composed of pioneers from the original Chaldean security organization, the A-Team brought charisma and leadership to the team, making the team a beacon of hope in the darkness of impending extinction. Throughout their journey, which often felt like an uphill battle against overwhelming odds, the team never deviated from their primary mission.
An important event in their history was the battle of the "Great Roman War". With relentless tenacity, unmatched strategic brilliance, and deep bonds of trust, Team A triumphed in stemming the tide of chaos and preserving a crucial timeline. This victory quickly became a symbol, a beacon of hope for other alliances and warring factions.
Despite their victories, the A-Team faced many challenges, temporal anomalies, nefarious conspiracies, and the merciless nature of time itself. Each threat was met with a resolute and unwavering belief in the essential value of preserving human history. The team learned, adapted, and grew stronger until each member became not just another Time War soldier, but a multi-faceted individual with their own insights and perspectives on the preserved realities of crossed timelines. With the experience they've gained, Team A has evolved: they're no longer just a faction in the vast Fate/Grand Order universe. It was a testament to unity, resilience and the undying power of hope. The team has become an enduring symbol of the balance between power and selflessness, and continues to inspire others with a strong belief that every timeline has infinite possibilities, each of which deserves its own chance to thrive.
Today, the A-Team continues its mission, facing adversity while still preserving the beauty of every moment in human history. To witness their journey is to peer into the core of the universe, where the course of history is constantly fought over and shaped by those who dare to step into the rift in time.

Notable Members


The A-Team, based in the Fate/Grand Order universe, operates primarily in Babylon. Babylonia, an enchanting region steeped in ancient myths and powerful gods, is the enchanting backdrop for the team's exploits.
The geography of Babylon is marked by the meeting of two great rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, both of which are essential to the emergence of civilization in the world. They serve as the main paths and battlegrounds for their quests and offer unique challenges and rewards. The team must navigate through the many swamps, lush farmland, and densely vegetated cityscapes that dominate the area. Additionally, Babylonia is home to numerous ziggurats, the stepped temples that were synonymous with this ancient civilization. The central Ziggurat, Etemenanki, plays a central role in Squad A's operations, often serving as the starting point and essential framework for their strategies. But their most daring adventure takes them out of the city and into a harsh desert full of dangerous winds.
Such diverse geography dictates their adventures, as the open terrain often becomes the scene of intense battles against formidable foes, and the changing landscape often forces the team to be flexible in their strategy. As such, Babylonia is not only a setting, but also a vital part of the A-Team's journey. This enriching location not only fuels their adventure, but also depicts the amazing story of their journey.

Legacy and Impact

The A-Team's legacy in the Fate/Grand Order universe runs deep and will determine the course of their extraordinary journey. Their heroic deeds, fighting spirit and excellent tactical skills have left an indelible mark on history. Led by Mash Kyrielight and Ritsuka Fujimaru, this group has proven their resolve time and time again by solving the singularities and saving humanity from impending doom.
Their impact resonates through time and space, inspiring other Servants and Masters to strive for a better future. Even when they faced formidable opponents, their unwavering courage and dedication to their cause raised the bar among other factions. Their exploits have become timeless stories of bravery and courage, influencing generations to come.
Despite the overwhelming odds they faced, they overcame many obstacles, highlighting the importance of unity and resilience in the Fate/Grand Order universe. The legacy of the A-Team is a beacon of hope for those fighting against the forces of the evil world. They are truly the embodiment of humanity's will to survive and thrive.