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Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

General Info

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Event NameFire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War is an event centered around the epic saga of Siegürd and his son Selif. Starting in Grannvale, this event will spread across the continent of Jugdral, immersing players in the complex storyline and strategic gameplay that has become iconic in the Fire Emblem series. Players will experience the camaraderie and tactical prowess of Sieghurd's army, fight treacherous enemies, and follow a wonderful story. This event offers a taste of the richness and depth of the Fire Emblem universe. Not to mention the opportunity to learn more and discover the stories of 12 legendary crusaders. Get ready for Fire Emblem's incredible feast of compelling storytelling and immersive tactical combat.


The Fire Emblem universe was born from the popular series of tactical RPGs developed by Nintendo. First released in Japan in 1990, the Fire Emblem series is known for its complex storyline, deep character development, and strategic gameplay. It combines fantasy themes such as dragons, magic and medieval kingdoms with complex turn-based combat scenarios. Each game takes place in a unique setting, with distinct characters, cultures, mythology, and politics. The characters are known for their diversity, depth, and personal relationships, making the gameplay experience rich and immersive.

Fire Emblem's defining feature is constant character death. If a character falls in battle, they don't come back, giving players a lot of strategy and emotional investment. With its unique blend of immersive storytelling and tactical gameplay, the Fire Emblem universe continues to expand and captivate new generations around the world.