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Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

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Event NameFire Emblem: Thracia 776
Fire Emblem: Tracia 776 is a major event in the fascinating Fire Emblem universe. Located throughout the Jugdral timeline, it represents a time of great conflict and turmoil. It is in this context that the story of Leifus, the rightful heir to the kingdom of Thrace, takes place. Thrace 776 follows his harrowing journey as he raises an army against the vast empire of Granvale. Driven by the noble goal of reclaiming his homeland, Leif battles nefarious villains, navigates complex political landscapes, and forges alliances with a wide variety of characters. This event highlights the elements of self-sacrifice, courage and the pursuit of justice; the core themes that define the Fire Emblem series. This is a must experience for any avid follower of the Fire Emblem franchise.


The Fire Emblem universe, a Nintendo brainchild, is a fantasy realm steeped in magic, mythology, and medieval warfare. This RPG series has a unique turn-based tactical grid system that is very different from the typical RPG setup. In this world, players are tacticians who command a group of diverse units, from simple soldiers to crazy wizards, countless knights, secret assassins and even mythical dragons.

The series features multiple timelines and alternate universes, each filled with intricate storylines, memorable characters, and relationships. From the continent of Archanea in the original Fire Emblem to the land of Fodlan in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there is constant strategic combat, character creation and story progression.

Essentially, Fire Emblem challenges players to make strategic decisions not only in the heat of battle, but also when managing units, building relationships, and shaping the outcome of the story. Immersive gameplay, immersive storytelling, and a wide variety of characters have made Fire Emblem a beloved franchise in the gaming world.