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Faction NameGrado
Located in the dark southern regions of the Fire Emblem universe, the Grad Empire is known for its massive fortifications and immense military prowess. Born from the ashes of conflict, Grado has a long history of wars, victories and resilience. The Empire, led by its visionary Emperor Vigarde, flourished and took on the challenge of uniting the continent's warring factions under one banner. In addition to its reputation as a formidable military power, it is also a rich cultural sphere that celebrates a deep love of art and scientific pursuits. Despite their dark past, the people of Grad are steadfastly loyal to their land, fueled by an inexorable hope for a harmonious and prosperous future. The Grad Empire is not just a symbol of power and conquest; it is a testament to the resilient human spirit in times of adversity.


The Grad Faction, also known as the Grad Empire, is one of the most prominent forces in the Fire Emblem universe. The kingdom, named after its capital Grado, is characterized by a rich history, a large army and influential people.
Founded centuries ago, the city of Grado is known for its strong culture, characterized by a deep respect for art, literature and knowledge, highlighted by the establishment of the largest and most prestigious educational institutions in the region.
At the helm of Grado's power is his military prowess. Armed with the black double-headed eagle insignia, Grad's armed forces are feared for their strategic skill, discipline, and impressive weaponry amassed through years of research and warfare. Their specialization in dark magic and weaponry helped them defend and attack the kingdom in war on the continent.
Grad's influence is felt far and wide with his amazing figures. Emperor Vigarde, a man renowned for his wisdom and strength, rules Grad, and under his rule the empire has grown to power. Other notable characters include General Dussel, known as 'Obsidian', one of the revered Imperial Triad who commands respect and fear, and Prince Lyon, a scholar with unparalleled knowledge of sacred stones.
Despite the conflicts and trials it faces, the Grad Empire remains invincible in the Fire Emblem universe, leaving an indelible mark on the continent's ongoing history and evolution.


Known as one of the strongest nations on the continent of Magvel, the Grad Empire has a rich history filled with power, wisdom, and the pursuit of knowledge. It was founded by a character known as Grad the Great, a man of unparalleled intelligence and strength who truly lived up to his "great" nickname. Gradus the Great had a great admiration for knowledge and understanding, which laid a solid foundation for the empire's preeminence as a nation of scholars.
Early in his reign, the empire discovered the Holy Stone within its borders. The sacred stone was believed to be a powerful and divine artifact with the power to defeat evil. Under Gradus, this discovery marked the Golden Age, ushering in a period of peace and prosperity. The sacred stone was celebrated and revered and became the axis of Grad's identity development.
The Empire's subsequent focus on scientific endeavors was largely due to Emperor Vigard, an enlightened ruler who particularly encouraged intellectual growth and wisdom. Thus the Grad flourished as a center of learned men and women, cementing its reputation as the epicenter of Magwell's academic excellence.
But Grad's history took a sinister turn with the mysterious death of Emperor Vigarde. This led to a series of internal conflicts, culminating in the infamous Stone War. Led by Prince Leon, who has succumbed to despair at the predicted catastrophe, Grado finds himself at war with the allies he once sought to protect.
Despite its tumultuous history, Grad remains a kingdom revered for its indomitable will and pursuit of knowledge. The story intertwines with that of Magwell, forever reminding the inhabitants of the power of wisdom and the dangers of despair.

Notable Members

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Selena Flourspar


Grad, commonly referred to as the Grad Empire, encompasses the vast and varied landscapes of the southern part of the Magwell continent. The empire has a vast terrain that stretches from fertile plains to towering mountain ranges.
The Grado Plain in the western regions provides fertile soil and fosters a thriving agricultural culture that largely supports the empire's economic power. The temple of Grado, the imperial capital, stands in the heart of these plains, and exudes a majesty and grandeur worthy of the seat of an empire.
To the east, the land of Grad turns into the menacing Borg Ridge, a mountain range that forms the empire's natural defensive barrier. Further south, the arid marshes of Za'albul stretch, forming an inhospitable terrain where only the hardiest flora and fauna thrive. These marshes gradually give way to the giant Carcino rocks that border the southeastern edge of Grado.
In addition to its natural obstacles, Grad is also known for its masterful construction of fortresses at key strategic points to strengthen the empire's defenses. Renais, a prominent fortress on the contested border between Grado and the Rhineland, is an example of Grado's strategic architectural value.
Overall, Grado's diverse geography contributes to its economic prosperity and military strength, shaping the empire's influential status in the Fire Emblem universe. It is a land of contrasts, where each geographic feature tells a unique story of imperial resilience and power.

Legacy and Impact

As one of the main factions in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, the Grad Empire has left a deep legacy and influenced the gaming universe. Falling from a peaceful realm into a realm ravaged by chaos and war is a stark reminder of the dangers of unchecked power. The Grad generals, each with their own unique stories and depths, have become distinct characters. In particular, the character development of Ephraim and Eirica, forced to take up arms against their old friend, Lyon further reinforces Grad's importance. As such, the fall of Grado and its aftermath act as a catalyst to create the dichotomy of peace and discord that is central to the game's plot line. It also continues to influence the characterization and motivations that drive other nations in the Fire Emblem universe. The complexity of Grado's events and characters ultimately adds to the rich tapestry of moral intricacies and emotional involvement that characterizes the Fire Emblem series.