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General Info

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Faction NameNohr
One of two distinct nations in the Fire Emblem universe, Nohr is shrouded in mystery. Constantly plunged into darkness due to its geographical location, Noras has a rugged terrain with minimal fertile land for agriculture. Despite this adversity, the Nohrians developed into natural warriors; combative, resilient and strategically skilled. This forced the kingdom to sustain itself through a combination of conquest, trade, and political maneuvering. The royal family, led by King Garon, is characterized by infighting and power struggles that reflect the brutal atmosphere of the kingdom. Despite their seemingly stern facade, the citizens of Noro display a strong sense of loyalty to their kingdom and family, making them one of the greatest forces in the game. They represent an intricate tapestry woven from threads of darkness, intrigue and resilience.


The Nohro faction, which resides in the Kingdom of Nohro in the Fire Emblem universe, is a large and distinct group. Humans are characterized by endurance and resilience, which is perfected by survival in the harsh and sunny regions of their homeland. Like the desolate landscape, the Nohrians are often misunderstood due to their seemingly austere nature. But beneath the surface, they show unmistakable strength and devotion to their kingdom, making their bond as unbreakable as the dark sky above them.
Nohr is ruled by the mysterious and mysterious King Garon, whose great reputation precedes him throughout the land. The royal family, including royal children Xander, Camilla, Leo and Eliza, have unique abilities that reflect their individual personalities and help protect the kingdom. Their diverse abilities combined with their unwavering loyalty to Nohr make them a force to be reckoned with.
The Kingdom of Nora has a powerful army, revered for its exceptional prowess in adversity. Their strength does not come from numbers, but from the brave hearts of their soldiers. Even in the face of overwhelming odds, they bravely march into battle with the Midnight Sun emblem on their armor. In the Fire Emblem universe, Nohr's story is not only about darkness, but also about resistance. It is a story of people who rise to everyday challenges, whose fighting spirit does not fade despite the unyielding darkness that surrounds them. The Nohr faction illustrates that even in the darkest of times, the human spirit can shine brightly. So amidst game-changing alliances and strategic battles, Nohr stands as a testament to resilience, loyalty, and unwavering courage.


In a turbulent and tumultuous world, the Land of Desire has a shocking and harrowing history. Originally, Nora existed as an isolated area surrounded by darkness and extreme cold as humans carved out a harsh existence under the cloudy sky. The formation of the nation took place under the strict watch of the first King of Nora, who rose to the throne due to sheer determination and an undying will to unite the scattered clans.
Over the years, Nohr has become a formidable force. His enduring spirit made the country an empire where authority was respected and cherished. Nohr's strength lies in the people who, despite living in a land that lacked the sunshine of other areas, developed their kingdom through a relentless pursuit of power, knowledge, and growth.
But over time, Nohr's powerful stature caught the attention of his opponents. The most prominent of these was the Hoshido, a nation blessed with fertile lands and good weather. Differences in ideologies and ambitions inevitably led to fierce competition between the two kingdoms, which ended in conflicts and wars.
A series of pitched battles known as the Hoshido-Nohr War heralded a dark era in Nohr history. Although this period was fraught with danger, it was during these trials that Nohr's courage stood out. The Nohrian forces were able to hold their own against Hoshido, showing their unrelenting determination and unwavering commitment to protecting their country.
Despite constant challenges and irreparable losses, Nohr persevered. Despite adverse weather and dark days, the people remained strong and unyielding. Throughout history, Nohr's story has been a testament to the resilience of its people, proving time and time again that even in dire circumstances, a nation's strength lies in its citizens who have the will to fight and thrive. This determination continues to define Nohr's legacy as they move into the future.

Notable Members

Member #
King Garon


Steeped in mysterious darkness and intrigue, Noras is a militaristic kingdom in the conflicted world of Fire Emblem. The geography of the country is distinct and very different from its rival, the heavenly Hoshido. The area is dominated by towering mountains, treacherous caves and enchanting forests that are known to hide secrets with their thick latticework.
The landscape of Windmire, the capital city of Nohr, is particularly characteristic. Showcasing a frightening art direction, it is located in the heart of this mountainous area surrounded by labyrinthine paths. It features massive fortifications, gothic architecture, and eternal darkness that honestly reflect the trials faced by its indomitable citizens.
Also, there is usually no sunlight in Noro's kingdom, and the sun barely crosses the sky. This resulted in a cold climate and scarce arable land, forcing the Nohrians to rely primarily on their militaristic power and rich mineral resources rather than agriculture.
An important geographical feature of the Nohr is the bottomless gorge. The gorge, littered with treacherous mists and deadly winds, forms a natural border with Hoshido. This extremely inhospitable area of ​​Nohr stands in stark contrast to the rural tranquility of Hoshido, reflecting the deep divisions and tensions between the two nations. Nohr's geography is thus a powerful testament to its inspiring history and enduring spirit.

Legacy and Impact

The Nohr faction in the Fire Emblem universe has impressively influenced both its physical geography and broad narrative structures. Characterized by its rugged landscape and dark aesthetic, this faction marked stark cultural and topographical contrasts compared to its Hoshido counterpart. Indeed, it developed a compelling sense of diversity in the game's world-building. In terms of narrative influence, Nohr's morally complex and often bleak tone drove Fire Emblem's narrative into nuanced and complex moral dilemmas, effectively challenging players to engage with the game on deeper ethical levels. His influence is also strong in character creation, where Nohr's characters often display traits of resilience and pragmatism shaped by harsh environments and intense combat. Above all, Nohr's legacy catalyzes the dominant theme of Fire Emblem: the necessity and tragedy of conflict. It embodies the hard decisions that must be made even in the hope of peace, a message that resonates somewhat throughout the Fire Emblem universe.