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Friday Night Funkin

General Info

Friday Night Funkin logo
AwardsBest Game For Kids award in The Webby Awards
ArtistsPhantomArcade, evilsk8r
Game NameFriday Night Funkin'
ComposersKawai Sprite
Game EngineHaxeFlixel
Release Date2020-11-01
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/fnfgame
Game PlatformsWindows, MacOS, Linux, Web browser
Country of OriginUnited States
Friday Night Funkin' is a popular rhythm-based indie game with a strong sense of nostalgia. You will be immersed in the world of the 90s with Newgrounds-style animation and GDR-inspired gameplay. Here you take on the role of a guy, and the main goal is to impress a girl. It's your job to nail every beat and dominate the stage as you engage in infectious musical battles with silly characters. Infused with a unique art style and iconic soundtracks, Friday Night Funkin' offers an unrelentingly fun challenge for fans of rhythm games. Periodically, new songs and characters add excitement as players constantly test their timing and coordination. Join this amazing quest to prove your musicality and win the heart of your love.


'Friday Night Funkin' game screenshots
'Friday Night Funkin' game screenshots
'Friday Night Funkin' game screenshots
'Friday Night Funkin' game screenshots
'Friday Night Funkin' game screenshots
'Friday Night Funkin' game screenshots


Friday Night Funkin' is an addictive rhythm-based indie game where players use their superior keyboard skills to win the heart of their lover. The game revolves around Boyfriend as the main character who has to defeat various unruly rivals in intense music battles.
Accuracy is very important in this game as you have to hit certain notes in time to control the melody and defeat your opponents. Each challenger offers unique songs with varying degrees of difficulty, making each battle challenging and unique. The extraordinary creativity of the animated characters and interactive tracks provide a lively and immersive gaming experience. Friday Night Funkin features a series of hilarious opponents - monsters, rappers, creepy kids, even the girls' parental figures - who push the player to perform better through various musical challenges. This charming rhythm game not only thrives on catchy jingle tunes, but also has charming stories that will keep players hooked.
This open source free game gets harder and harder the further you go into the story, making it challenging and fun at the same time. Friday Night Funkin is more than just a rhythm game; is an exciting gaming experience filled with catchy music, interesting stories, vibrant characters and high stakes that sets it apart from traditional rhythm-based games. Friday Night Funkin is filled with dynamic music that unfolds a fun rhythmic journey that appeals to seasoned rhythm players and newcomers alike.



Friday Night Funkin' is a rhythm-based indie game with a new and addictive gameplay that lasts for several hours. The game revolves around the main character, Boyfriend, who tries to win his girlfriend by defeating everyone who dares to stand in his way through musical battles.
Each round or "week" features unique characters who try to become best friends in rhythmic battles. The player must match the notes coming from below while keeping the achievement bar higher than the opponent's. Missing notes can cause the achievement bar to drop, causing the player to lose the game; so practice makes perfect in this game. The game features charming retro-style graphics with bright and colorful visual effects. The character designs are quirky and the animations match the exciting atmosphere of the game. The main focus of the game revolves around exceptionally well-tuned original songs that complement each character's personality, making each battle unique.
The game consists of three difficulty levels for each week: easy, normal and hard, suitable for different players. The higher the difficulty, the faster the notes appear and the harder it is. The challenge increases as players progress through the game, introducing new models that merge with each other, keeping players on their toes.
In short, Friday Night Funkin' is a lively, energetic and rhythmically challenging game that combines the charm of rhythm games with a unique story. The real point is addictive gameplay, a great soundtrack, and tons of characters, each with a unique musical battle. Despite the difficulties, players keep coming back, because each defeat only fuels the desire to follow the rhythm and win the love heart of the guy. You can't help but tap your foot to the fun beats. The game certainly lives up to its name; it's always a fun Friday Night with Friday Night Funkin.

Gameplay video


Friday Night Funkin has a fascinating story, full of art, electronics and a lot of characters. It centers around a young, fluffy, blue-eyed hero named Boyfriend, who is determined to impress his girlfriend, an equally attractive character sitting on top of a giant stereo and win the approval of her parents. But the journey is far from easy. Throughout the game, players engage in rhythmic battles, each of which creates an important event in the story.
The plot takes an interesting turn when Boyfriend is forced to face Daddy Dearest, girlfriend's rock star ex-father, who shows his passion by beating him in an intense musical battle. But after surviving aggressive rock, a bigger adversary awaits: the incarnation of the goofy and creepy ghosts collectively known as Spooky Month. Just in time for Halloween, these mischievous skeletons will challenge your sense of rhythm.
The pace picks up when the Monster, the Christmas monster, makes an unexpected appearance. Being the perfect mix of cute and creepy, move on to the Christmas theme music. But the biggest surprise is that the Monster isn't the actual enemy; rather, it's just a pawn operated by Mommy Must Murder; Opera's mother of a girl who intervenes to kill a boy. The game does not end there, but expands into further epic musical confrontations. These battles feature intriguing characters such as the ruthless and merciless demon sisters Sarvente and Ruv, the imaginative and hilarious Tankman and the enigmatic HEX, each bringing out a majestic element of rhythm and music. Coupled with stunning visuals and infectious beats, Friday Night Funkin is more than just a game, it's also a thrilling ride. The plot revolves around the essence of perseverance and how far you can go for love, even when it comes to funky rap battles.


Creating Friday Night Funkin has been a journey where a simple rhythm-based indie game blossomed into a phenomenon loved by the community. The game was created by a team of just four – programmer Ninjamuffin99, artists PhantomArcade and evilsk8r, and musician Kawai Sprite – and was originally released in 2020. in November as an open source project.
The heart and soul of the game lies in its irresistible appeal, a throwback to the dance-dancing revolution era, complete with bright arrows and catchy tunes. The game brings new things to the story through immersive rhythm battles, a unique twist on the genre that has attracted fans around the world.
Gradually, Friday Night Funkin expanded with the help of a rapidly growing online community. Frequent updates called "weeks" introduce new characters and music to keep you interested. In addition, being an open source project, it has become a lot of mods, each of which brings its own quirks and twists to the essence of the game.
This strong combination of likable character designs, charming original soundtracks, and a community-driven approach has been a huge reason for Friday Night Funkin's success in such a short time. The development team remains committed to expanding the scope of the game and bringing more unforgettable rhythm battles in future updates. With effortless charm and infectious wit, Friday Night Funkin shows what passionate people can bring to the gaming world, revolutionizing rhythm gaming.


Friday Night Funkin was released in 2020. November 1 Created by a team of passionate and dedicated programmers, artists, and musicians, this rhythm-based indie game quickly gained a loyal following. The premise was and remains extremely addictive, allowing players to immerse themselves in the life of the main character, a boy who tries to impress his girlfriend through the power of music and rhythmic attacks.
As a guy, players engage in musical battles with various characters, from the girl's father to many other members of the hip-hop world, making the game lively and interesting. Pixel-Art style graphics combined with catchy background tracks created an irresistible combination that captivated players from all over the world. The high recognition contributed to the rapid updates of the developers, which brought new songs, characters and additional features to the game. These updates also enabled modding features where the community could create and share their own custom levels, further cementing Friday Night Funkin as a mainstay in the rhythm game genre and indie game scene. This game is proof that when a forward-thinking idea is implemented with enthusiasm and dedication, it can lead to an experience that will be long remembered and cherished.


Upon its release, Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) received widespread acclaim and quickly developed a strong and dedicated fan base. Players from all over the world have praised it for its complex game mechanics that embody the rhythmic and strategic skills required in musical rhythm games. Critics praised the game's art direction and stylized graphics reminiscent of early Newgrounds flash games and 1990s TV shows. They were particularly impressed by the innovative structure, where the story unfolds in rhythmic battles instead of traditional scenes.
The various characters in the game have also received positive reviews, each with their own individuality and unique musical style that resonates with fans of the game. In particular, the game's antagonist Dad and his catchy songs became important elements of the success of Friday Night Funkin'.
In particular, the game's bright and eclectic soundtrack has received critical acclaim, featuring compositions from genres such as hip-hop, electronica, pop and even metal. Players were impressed with how each note and rhythmic beat fit perfectly with the overall gameplay mechanics.
As a mod-friendly game, FNF has seen tons of fan-made content expand its universe with new characters and songs. This further strengthened community engagement and became a defining feature of the game's success. Despite its simple nature, Friday Night Funkin has carved out a unique place for itself in the gaming world, promising a niche yet solid legacy.

Cultural impact

Since its debut, Friday Night Funkin has made a significant cultural impact and transcended its original niche. As a rhythm-based indie game, it happily draws from a variety of sources, such as pop culture, Flash-era games, and the wider world of music. This was the catalyst that led to a revival of interest in the genre of rhythm games.

Friday Night Funkin' is truly a product of its time and synonymous with the democratization of game development. It epitomizes the ethos of the indie gaming scene and proves that even without a lot of funding, a fascinating idea combined with passion can make an impact on the gaming community.

The influence of games is not limited to games alone. He unleashed a wave of creativity in his community and inspired countless fan art, animations and remixes. Catchy songs have infiltrated platforms like TikTok and become the background beats for popular viral videos.

One of the main reasons Friday Night Funkin has made such a big cultural impact is its accessibility. The game's inviting nature, catchy tunes, and simple mechanics appeal to both die-hard and casual gamers alike, allowing them to reach a wider audience.

Also, the fact that Friday Night Funkin is an open source project has made it a hotbed of mods, greatly extending their lifespan and availability. It has essentially evolved into a platform for creative expression, allowing budding developers to create and customize their own unique gameplay.

Friday Night Funkin is a testament to the beauty of simple game creation and how it can capture the attention of millions of people around the world. Its cultural impact will no doubt continue to reverberate as it shapes the paths of rhythm games to come.