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Grand Piece Online

General Info

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Game NameGrand Piece Online
Directed ByPhoeyu
Game EngineRoblox Studio
Produced ByPhoeyu
Release Date2020-10-10
Social Mediahttps://discord.gg/h8fWY8K
Game PlatformsPC
Publisher NameRoblox
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.roblox.com/publishers/GrandPiece
Grand Piece Online (GPO) is a spectacular sea game inspired by the famous anime series: One Piece. It attracts the global gaming community with its dynamic environment where players can explore the vast ocean world, build their unique ships and participate in epic sea battles. GPO offers players robust character development, including customizable levels, skills, and aspects. It also features a unique Devil Fruit system that gives players impressive abilities and strategic depth during combat. The game's visually appealing graphics and engaging game mechanics provide an immersive gaming experience. With regular updates and a thriving player community, Grand Piece Online is constantly evolving, bringing new challenges and exciting adventures to every player.


'Grand Piece Online' game screenshots
'Grand Piece Online' game screenshots
'Grand Piece Online' game screenshots
'Grand Piece Online' game screenshots
'Grand Piece Online' game screenshots


Grand Piece Online is a highly addictive online RPG inspired by the popular anime One Piece. It invites players to a rich seafaring world filled with fascinating quests, hidden treasures, formidable enemies and wild sailing freedom.
In this massive world, players can create or join crews, communicate with others, engage in fluid and dynamic combat, and navigate amazing adventures across various islands. Each island is uniquely designed, filled with mystical secrets, deadly dungeons and fascinating NPCs.
The game features a complex battle system that allows players to unlock and master various skills and fighting styles that suit their chosen path. It offers a variety of weapons, including katanas, poles, and pistols, along with rare Devil Fruits, mythical fruits that grant the user unique abilities, adding to the depth of gameplay. In this vibrant universe, players can level up by completing challenges and defeating enemies, improving their stats over time. The enjoyment of exploration is enhanced by the game's complex weather system, which adds an element of unpredictability to navigation and combat.
A special highlight of the game is the immersive storyline, which is as exciting and mysterious as its anime counterpart. The thrill of navigating uncharted waters, engaging in thrilling battles, gaining powerful abilities and aiming to become the Pirate King is an experience every player will remember. It's not just a game; is an invitation to live your own pirate adventure!



Grand Piece Online (GPO) is an immersive open-world action-adventure game that allows players to travel across vast oceans, explore mysterious islands, and engage in intense combat. Gameplay involves players freely roaming the world, defeating opponents, collecting treasures, and leveling up to improve their skills and power.
GPO players can choose from a number of unique "fruits", each of which gives the player a unique ability that can be used in combat or exploration. These abilities range from turning into a giant or creating shock waves to levitating objects. Players can also master a variety of fighting styles and weapons, from swords and pistols to hand-to-hand combat, allowing for customization in gameplay and strategy. Exploration plays a huge role in GPO as players navigate both sea and land to discover new islands, each with their own unique challenges, NPCs and treasures. Players will also need to adapt and prepare for the elements, as the weather and time of day can affect their journeys and battles.
Another useful aspect of the game is the multiplayer feature where players form "crews". Crews can take on challenging missions, engage in sea battles, and even compete against other crews. Through these interactions, players can earn rewards, gain new skills, and climb the leaderboards.
Overall, Grand Piece Online offers an exciting mix of strategy, action and exploration that captures the unpredictability and excitement of pirate life on the high seas. The game is constantly being improved, with new islands, fruits and features being added regularly, keeping the gameplay fresh and players always having new challenges to overcome.

Gameplay video


Set in a vast anime-themed world, Grand Piece Online transports players as future adventurers to a world of pirates and treasure hunters. At the start of the journey, players choose to become one of three different classes: Fighting Style, Sword Style, or Weapon. They then set out to explore the world, facing many challenges and dangers.
The main goal of the game is to explore various islands full of unique creatures, collectables like fruits and rare weapons, and challenging quests in search of the one thing every pirate dreams of - the great piece. The Grand Piece is an unmatched treasure that is said to grant all of its owner's wishes, making it the ultimate reward. As players level up and collect resources, they can form their own team, allowing for team strategy to get through the stages of the game. Interacting with other players adds strategic depth as crews can form alliances or compete against each other, adding a huge social gameplay element and further enhancing the experience.
The world even holds game-changing secrets: rare fruits that grant powerful abilities. These skills can mean the difference between victory or defeat, fueling intense competition between players for these fruits.
In the Grand Piece Online universe, every element is designed to encourage exploration and is full of hidden clues to untold mysteries. Whether you choose to follow breadcrumbs to hidden treasure, engage in epic naval battles, or form alliances for strategic dominance, the game is your canvas. The world of Grand Piece Online promises an engaging and exciting adventure that will test your mind and test your strategic skills.
In the end, it all boils down to one goal: find the Grand Piece and become the pirate you've always dreamed of.


The development path of Grand Piece Online has been great. in 2020 by developer Phoeyu, this Roblox game is a great example of what can be achieved when passion and persistence meet. As an action-adventure game based on the popular anime series One Piece, Grand Piece Online immediately caught the attention of a large audience.
The developers set the course and regularly release updates, introducing new islands, game powers, weapons and characters to keep the game intriguing and fresh. The interactive nature of the game gives players the opportunity to forge their own path, explore villains, fight or even go solo, letting their imaginations run wild. Each developer has worked diligently to include exclusive features, great graphics, and immersive sound effects. They were very appreciative of player feedback, quickly fixed reported bugs, and constantly improved the gaming experience. One of the main milestones in the continuous progress was the introduction of the in-game currency system, which created a whole new level of player engagement.
Constantly striving for perfection, the development team tirelessly updates the game by adding every little element to the most important anime, giving a true One Piece atmosphere. It's clear that they've gone beyond what's typical of a Roblox game as they're trying to make a difference by creating a gameplay element not just for them, but more importantly for the fan base. Today, Grand Piece Online has a thriving community of players, an achievement that can only be attributed to the relentless work, constant updates, and constant love of its dedicated developers. Indeed, the journey of Grand Piece Online mirrors the adventurous journey of One Piece and is poised to reach even greater heights in the years to come.


in 2020 October 23 Grand Piece Online was first released. This highly anticipated game, often abbreviated as GPO, immediately captivated players with its immersive gameplay and intricate graphics. Developed by the Grand Quest Games team, GPO offers players a massive open world.
The game takes place in a universe inspired by the popular anime and manga series One Piece, and allows players to experience extraordinary adventures on the high seas. The character creation system allows players to customize and customize their avatars for a unique gaming experience. The game offers a richly decorated map with several islands, each of which has its own secrets and missions. Pirates, marines, merchants and adventurers navigate stormy waters, fight terrifying bosses and discover hidden treasures.
To enhance the player's combat, GPO includes a huge selection of weapons, devil fruits and fighting styles. The developers are constantly providing updates and additions to keep the game fresh and interesting.
Despite being relatively new, GPO has already amassed a large and dedicated player base, putting it at the forefront of online multiplayer gaming. The game's focus on exploration, combat strategy, and RPG aspects has definitely cemented its place in the Roblox gaming community and promises continued success in the future.


Grand Piece Online has received a largely favorable response from its player base. Players praised the game for its immersive world and extensive RPG aspects. The special attention to detail in the restoration of the Grand Line was greatly appreciated. Players have also expressed admiration for the game's well-balanced combat system, which guarantees fun regardless of character level or skill set.
But the game is not without its critics. Some players found the grinding and leveling processes a bit tedious and wished for a smoother progression system. Similarly, players with less-than-fast internet have reported problems with lag and stuttering.
Another conversation between players is the cost of in-game purchases. While some players are happy with the cost of character outfits, perks, and extra lives, others find them too expensive and creating an unfavorable pay-to-play dynamic.
Despite the criticism, Grand Piece Online has a dedicated fan base that appreciates the beautifully designed landscapes, challenging combat, and interactive social features. The game's active online community contributes to the game's endurance, with players constantly sharing strategies and collaborating on missions, which adds to the game's overall appeal and success.

Cultural impact

Grand Piece Online has made a huge impact on the gaming community, creating a unique blend of anime and gaming culture. As a game based on the popular anime One Piece, its impact goes beyond the usual atmosphere of the game and reaches a wider audience: anime fans.
The game definitely contributed to the renewed interest in pirate-themed content. It gives fans a platform to put themselves in the shoes of their favorite characters, engage in epic battles and treasure hunts, while experiencing the pirate adventures they've always dreamed of while watching anime.
In addition, Grand Piece Online has affected how players deal with in-game currencies. The introduction of Beli and Devil Fruits to the game as currencies changed the way players trade, negotiate and strategize to progress in the game. This economic system taught players valuable economic principles that influence their approach to financial strategies in-game and in real life.
The gaming culture fostered by Grand Piece Online is also noteworthy. The community it fosters has seen players from different backgrounds and cultures connect, share strategies and even form alliances.
Character and ship design and customization options have also set gaming trends, offering an unprecedented level of freedom and creativity. This freedom has encouraged many gamers to unleash their imaginations and inspired other game studios to create more personalized gaming experiences.
In conclusion, Grand Piece Online has made a significant cultural impact on the gaming community due to its innovative gameplay, character customization, and complex in-game economy. It has bridged the gap between entertainment media, brought people from different cultures together, fueled creativity and redefined how a game can engage its community.