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Private Practice

General Info

Private Practice logo
TaglineA new start on life.
StarringKate Walsh, Paul Adelstein, KaDee Strickland, Caterina Scorsone, Taye Diggs, Amy Brenneman, Benjamin Bratt, Brian Benben, Griffin Gluck
Produced ByMark Tinker, Mark Gordon, Betsy Beers, Shonda Rhimes, Chris Van Dusen
Release Date2007-09-26
Running Time42
TV Series NamePrivate Practice
Content Rating7.7
Distributed ByABC
Original TitlePrivate Practice
Country of OriginUS
Number of Seasons6
Number of Episodes111
World Premiere Date2007-09-26
Production Company NameShondaLand, The Mark Gordon Company, ABC Studios
"Private Practice" is part of the successful series "Grey's Anatomy", starring the charismatic Dr. Addison Montgomery, who leaves Seattle's Grace Hospital and moves to sunny Los Angeles. Here she enters private practice with her new friends, a talented group of doctors, each of whom is exceptional in their own specialty. Throughout the series, Addison explores complex patient records and tangled personal relationships, negotiating the challenges and opportunities that emerge anew. In its development, it carries a piece of Grey's Anatomy, so that "Private Practice" becomes not only a separate part, but also an extension of the romantic, dramatic and humorous creative world of Shonda Rhimes. The show manages to deliver an enticing mix of medical drama and personal intricacies, making it a must-see for fans of medical drama series.



Private Practice is an outstanding medical drama series that is an exciting spin-off of the original Grey's Anatomy series. The show focuses on Dr. Addison Montgomery, a respected neonatal surgeon who moves his life from the bustling city of Seattle to sunny Los Angeles.
Retired from Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital after unsuccessful attempts to start a family, Montgomery now leads her exciting journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of true happiness at Oceanside Wellness Group in Los Angeles. Cooper Freedman, enterprising pediatrician, Dr. Sam Bennett, herbalist and internist, and Dr. Naomi Bennett, fertility specialist.
The series beautifully intertwines their personal and professional lives, describing their trials, tribulations and triumphs. Each episode invites viewers into the compelling stories of patients who challenge the team's medical and ethical principles and continue to develop their characters. Like its predecessor, Private Practice paints a realistic story of the medical world and highlights the emotional cost and satisfaction that comes with a career in this noble profession. It not only delves into mysteries and medical miracles, but also highlights the characters' quest for friendship, love and identity. With fascinating twists and unforgettable characters, Private Practice is more than just a medical drama; it is a very enriching exploration of life itself.


Private Practice is an inspiring episode of the medical drama Grey's Anatomy. The series is set in Los Angeles and revolves around Dr. Addison Montgomery, who feels miserable and dissatisfied with his life. He leaves the rainy city of Seattle for the sunny skies of California. She's leaving her days at Seattle's Grace Hospital to move into private practice, where things are less protocol driven than before.
At the Oceanside Wellness Group, Dr. Montgomery reunites with her old friends, famed fertility specialist Naomi Bennett and her ex-husband Sam. They are joined by psychiatrist Violet Turner, pediatrician Cooper Freedman and alternative medicine specialist Pete Wilder. As she takes a new path, she discovers that there is much more to the world of private practice than she first thought. His expectations of a more relaxed pace are quickly overshadowed by the trials and tribulations of managing his patients and cases.
During the series, the employees of Oceanside Wellness Group juggle highly sensitive issues, personal relationships and emotional dilemmas. From treating serious illnesses to solving complex ethical and moral issues, the practice pushes the boundaries of traditional medicine. Doctors' dedication to their work is just as important as their relationships. The exhibition emphasizes the individual and collective experience of doctors outside the four walls of the hospital. Their entwined personal lives, complicated relationships, mixed with their shared commitment to saving lives make for a moving and emotional journey. Every doctor is on a path of self-discovery, trying to balance their personal life with the high demands of a medical career.
Private Practice is an insightful and engaging series about the trials, triumphs and tribulations of doctors bound by their profession and shared experience. Through their struggles and celebrations, the show highlights the importance of friendship, love and the dedication it takes to save a life.


Private Practice is an American medical drama that first aired on ABC from 2007. September. until 2013 month of January. Created by Shonda Rhimes, the series was part of her hit series Grey's Anatomy. It revolves around Dr. Addison Montgomery, a character we first meet on Grey's Anatomy, who moves to Los Angeles from Seattle to start a private practice.
The idea for a standalone show came after Walsh's character, Dr. Addison Montgomery, made several appearances in the third season of Grey's Anatomy. Feeling that the character was exhausted in the Grey's context, Rhimes decided to explore her in an entirely new setting, the multicultural and bohemian coastal town of Santa Monica. The series was filmed at Hollywood Studios in Raleigh. The pilot was shot in Seattle, which served as the backdrop for Addison's family life, with principal photography in Los Angeles. They effectively replicated the Seattle scenes by shooting the sequences on green screen and combining them with real footage of Seattle.
The production team for the series included producers Shonda Rhimes, Mark Tinker, Craig Turk and many others with years of experience creating medical dramas. The show was well-received primarily because of its ties to Grey's Anatomy, but it took major strides to establish its unique identity over six seasons. "Private Practice" proved that a compelling medical drama can be created outside of the hospital. In a more personal and intimate setting, the series tackled various ethical, social and medical issues, proving that Rhimes' creative genius can shine even beyond the original and much-loved setting of Grey's Anatomy. The show once again featured a heavy dose of powerful storytelling, multi-layered characters and an unwavering commitment to tackling complex real-life issues.


Private Practice has aired on ABC since 2007. September 26 until 2013 January 22 This medical drama series, a sequel to the hit show Grey's Anatomy, follows Dr. Addison Montgomery's journey after leaving Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. He moved to Los Angeles and began working at the Oceanside Wellness Group, a private clinic with old friends and new colleagues.
Created by Shonda Rhimes, the series deals with more than just medical cases. Dive deep into the personal lives of the doctors, their struggles, romances and dilemmas they face. As the show progresses, these characters develop, face many challenges, and make difficult decisions both in their medical practice and in their personal lives.
For six seasons, Private Practice has captivated viewers with its unique cast of characters and compelling storylines that have managed to create a medical drama series that stands on its own two feet rather than relying solely on its connection to Grey's Anatomy. It's a must-see for anyone who enjoys gripping dramas, especially those set in a fascinating medical setting. The series is available for streaming on various online platforms.


The TV series "Private Practice" received mixed reviews. Critics praised its potential, particularly for its tie-in to the hugely successful show Grey's Anatomy, but argued that it sometimes lacked the depth and compelling drama of its predecessor. Led by popular actress Kate Walsh, the cast has often been praised, although some characters have been criticized for appearing alone in the show's early seasons.
The show's ratings varied widely, and it struggled to maintain consistent viewership in its first season. As the series progressed and the cast of characters began to develop and deepen, she managed to build a steady and passionate fan base. His approach to a variety of sensitive topics, such as mental health, addiction and reproductive rights, has often been hailed as groundbreaking.
Despite occasional ratings dips and mixed critical reviews, Private Practice has maintained a loyal following and over time has earned its own unique niche in the medical drama genre. The show's frank depiction of the challenges and triumphs of private medical practice created a landscape that many viewers found appealing. His significant character arcs and daring storylines have left an indelible mark on the annals of television history.

Cultural impact

Private Practice, the hugely successful episode of Grey's Anatomy, has had a significant cultural impact, especially in the field of medical dramas. The show looked at a unique angle of medical representation, showing not only the familiar hospital environment, but also revealing a more intimate look at private practice. This allowed for a more personal exploration of the lives of doctors, their struggles and moral and ethical dilemmas.
In particular, the series highlighted medical issues that are often overlooked by the mainstream media. From tackling controversial topics like euthanasia, abortion and surrogacy to highlighting the complexities of healthcare systems, Private Practice has encouraged dialogue on topics previously considered taboo. The portrayal of strong and complex female characters like Dr. Addison Montgomery has had a positive impact on the portrayal of women in the medical field. Originally introduced on Grey's Anatomy, Montgomery's character broke norms and challenged gender expectations on "Private Practice", further inspiring women to enter the medical profession.
Additionally, "Private Practice" highlighted the importance of mental well-being with a fast-paced storyline focusing on therapy and psychiatry to help destigmatize conversations around mental health. This influential aspect was a crucial part of the series' cultural impact.
A rich and diverse cast and compelling storylines that deal not only with medical cases but also with personal stories have made Private Practice a staple of American television history. The show's cultural significance is evident in how it helped revolutionize storytelling in the medical drama genre.