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Gundam Battle Operation NEXT

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Gundam Battle Operation NEXT is an intense online multiplayer game based on the iconic Gundam franchise. Players will engage in epic battles that take place on an interstellar scale. The pilots carefully designed the mobile suits, the massive war machines of the Gundam universe. The game offers an immersive combat experience with stunning visuals and tactical gameplay. Each mobile suit is customizable and offers a wide selection of equipment and weapons. The game features a variety of popular mobile suits from various Gundam series, creating a deep Gundam universe for players to explore. Gundam Battle Operation NEXT combines the thrill of fast-paced online battles with the rich knowledge of the Gundam universe to deliver the ultimate Gundam gaming experience for avid fans and newcomers alike.


'Gundam Battle Operation NEXT' game screenshots
'Gundam Battle Operation NEXT' game screenshots
'Gundam Battle Operation NEXT' game screenshots
'Gundam Battle Operation NEXT' game screenshots
'Gundam Battle Operation NEXT' game screenshots
'Gundam Battle Operation NEXT' game screenshots


Gundam Battle Operation NEXT is a fast-paced, action-packed multiplayer game that takes the spectacular mobile suit battles of the iconic Gundam series to new heights. Players take control of these massive machines and can engage in exciting battles both on land and in space, using a wide range of weapons and tactical options. Each match is a test of skill and strategy as teams battle each other for key positions on the battlefield.
The game features a variety of mobile suits from different Gundam series, each carefully designed to reflect the look of the anime. Players can use their unique abilities and weapons, from a lightsaber to a missile launcher, to gain the upper hand in battle. With customizable parts and piloting capabilities, players can create a mobile suit that matches their preferred play style.
Gundam Battle Operation NEXT also stands out for its dedication to capturing the epic scale and intense action of Gundam battles. The graphics are detailed and vivid, creating immersive battlefields where every explosion and laser beam is felt. In addition, the game's sound design and music deepen the immersion, making every match feel like big and dramatic battles straight out of a Gundam show.
Overall, Gundam Battle Operation NEXT is a must-have game for fans of the Gundam franchise and any gamer looking for an exciting multiplayer experience. It combines strategic gameplay, authentic Gundam aesthetics and heart-pounding action, making it a standout title in the Gundam gaming universe.



In Gundam Battle Operation NEXT, players can expect a game that embodies the visceral large-scale mech warfare that the Gundam series is known for. It is a team-based, free-to-play third-person shooter where two teams of six compete against each other on the ground or in space using various Mobile Suits (MS) from the Gundam series.
The game includes strategy and action. Alignment with teammates and strategic thinking are essential to success. Whether a player chooses a solid and heavily armored but slower MS or a nimble and lightly armored but faster MS has a huge impact on the battle plan. Each MS has its own weaponry, including lightsabers, beam weapons, and shields. Some even have unique abilities that make the game experience challenging and exciting. Additionally, players can upgrade their MS in the hangar, giving them an edge in battle.
In addition to fighting in MS, players have the option to shed their suits and fight as pawns with the ability to repair suits or capture points. But being on your feet on a battlefield full of stunning mobile suits adds a special element of danger. Gundam Battle Operation NEXT also faithfully recreates locations from the Gundam series, giving fans a visual experience. Constant updates, new MS additions and rotating maps keep the game fresh and engaging for players.
Whether players are longtime Gundam fans or new to the franchise, Gundam Battle Operation NEXT offers a unique blend of strategic gameplay and visceral, fast-paced warfare that truly embodies the spirit of the Gundam franchise. The game offers an addictive free-to-play experience that will keep players coming back for more.

Gameplay video


In Gundam Battle Operation NEXT, you will experience war from different perspectives in the legendary Gundam universe. The game provides players with an immersive and intense tactical combat experience in both the single-player campaign mode and exciting multiplayer battles.
The game takes place in Universal Century 0079 and puts players at the heart of epic conflicts, from the One Year War to the Counter Strike War. You are a pilot tasked with piloting a mobile suit, massive humanoid mechanical vehicles capable of operating in space, underwater and on the surface of the earth.
Relentlessly face danger and join forces with famous heroes from different Gundam series. You will form squads and command various mobile suits with different abilities. Face formidable foes and harness the power of sci-fi technology to fend off enemy advances and protect humanity.
The plot of the game unfolds in a highly immersive story, capturing the intensity of space warfare. Engage in strategic planning, resource management, and skillful execution of battle plans in real-time combat scenarios. With many missions and different modes to choose from, player choices play an important role in changing the course of the war.
Gundam Battle Operation NEXT features a detailed focus on the Gundam universe, the accuracy of the depiction of the mobile suits, and an exciting battle sequence that will keep players enthralled from start to finish. It's the charisma of the Gundam universe, where characters, technology, and story intertwine so compellingly that players are drawn into the depths of space to defeat enemies and explore the intricacies of interstellar warfare to bring light.


Gundam Battle Operation NEXT has been heavily developed since its inception. Bandai Namco Entertainment took a strategic approach to create a game that would appeal to fans of the Gundam series and attract a new audience of players.
The team has painstakingly created stunning visuals to make them look like the original Gundam series. With careful and skillful guidance, each Mecha has been meticulously crafted, reflecting iconic designs and integrating modern gameplay features. The team wanted the game to feel familiar to fans while also providing a new and engaging experience. Another focus was on game mechanics. To set itself apart from previous Gundam games, the developers created a system that would appeal to veterans and new players alike. They achieved this balance by introducing more accessible controls while retaining the tactical elements the series is known for.
The multiplayer element was introduced to promote a sense of community among players. The developers wanted to create an immersive and collaborative environment that inspires players to strategize and coordinate with their teams. During the game development process, the developers regularly solicited player feedback to understand the needs and interests of their audience. This invaluable input has helped shape the development of the game, allowing the team to refine and improve the features most important to players.
Ultimately, every improvement, decision, and change that went into the development of Gundam Battle Operation NEXT was driven by a passion to create an engaging and enjoyable Gundam experience for its player base.


Gundam Battle Operation NEXT was released in 2015. August 27 in Japan and other parts of Asia. As the highly-anticipated sequel to its predecessor, Gundam Battle Operation, the game brought several major updates. It featured a wide range of mobile suits and an exciting real-time combat gameplay that invited players to strategically combine their skills.
As an online multiplayer game, it greatly improved cooperative play, allowing players to assemble teams, coordinate their tactics, and engage in epic intergalactic warfare against other teams. Players had the opportunity to try out iconic mobile suits, use their unique abilities and play a central role in combat, redefining their gaming experience. In addition, the game also offered extensive customization options that highlighted the strong individuality of mobile suits. Not only did this add another layer of complexity, but it also kept the game interesting and dynamic while encouraging players to explore different combat strategies.
Although the game service officially ended in 2021. in March, Gundam Battle Operation NEXT still holds a special place in the hearts of gamers. The adrenaline-pumping combat, fluid teamwork, and immersive gameplay made it an enjoyable chapter in the Gundam universe.


Reception for Gundam Battle Operation NEXT was mixed, but generally positive. The game's unique real-time strategy elements have been appreciated by Gundam and strategy game enthusiasts alike. The mobile suit's graphics, animations, and rendering are especially praised, and the game lives up to the source material. Responsive controls and a wide selection of costumes suit different play styles, making the game different. However, some players find that the steep learning curve may not appeal to newcomers, which can lead to some initial frustration. Criticism also leans towards the occasional lag issues and the gacha system, leading to a pay-to-win element that sometimes overshadows the tactical prowess. Despite these few setbacks, Gundam Battle Operation NEXT has captivated Gundam fans with the immersive relationship between the mecha and its pilots. Although it can be quite challenging for the uninitiated, fans of Gundam and real-time strategy games will find a solid, action-packed game that accurately captures the scale and complexity of Gundam warfare. It sounds like a love letter to the Gundam franchise, as the series pays careful attention to detail without compromising on fun.

Cultural impact

As a game, Gundam Battle Operation NEXT presents an expressive reflection of cultural norms and influences both within the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and within a diverse international audience. Due to its immersive gameplay and complex storylines, the game has made a significant impact in the field of popular culture.
The prominent use of human-controlled robots or "Mobile Suits" added a whole new dimension to the sci-fi genre, moving it from anime to the wider realm of video games. It has since increased the Mecha genre's prominence in pop culture and inspired many other games, anime, and manga.
The effect of franchising is known throughout the media. It definitely influenced other famous franchises like Transformers and Pacific Rim. The "human-like" element of robots has become an integral part of their textures and designs.
This game also enhanced the cultural exchange between East and West. A Western-style multiplayer system with distinctly Eastern-style storytelling has led to significant cross-cultural interaction. This confluence, in turn, accelerated the globalization of Japanese pop culture known as the Cool Japan movement. Gundam Battle Operation NEXT has led to fruitful discussions about politics, war, and humanity. It reflects the complex realities of war and its effects on the human psyche, subtly exploring these themes of human morality and the cycle of revenge. This gave players a deeper sense of thought and conversation, increasing their cultural significance.
In short, Gundam Battle Operation NEXT is an influential piece of the cultural vocabulary, fueling creativity, fostering cultural exchange, and changing the way we perceive the Mecha genre. It remains an important factor in the broader pop culture discourse, emphasizing the power of video games beyond entertainment.