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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actress, Singer
Birth Date1992-06-23
Birth PlaceIwate Prefecture, Japan
Knows aboutSinging, Acting
Person NameHaruka Chisuga
Social Media@chisugaofficial
Member of OrganizationI'm Enterprise
Haruka Chisuga is a versatile and versatile personality in the world of Japanese pop music and anime. Born in 1992 January 23 In Iwate, Japan, she rose to fame by winning the second Macross Idol audition, where she secured a lead role in the popular anime series Macross Δ. She lent her voice to the character Freyja Wion and also contributed a lot to the series' music. Known for her mesmerizing and melodious voice, Haruka has a large fan base around the world. In addition to Macross Δ, he also played lead roles in several other anime series. At the same time, Haruka successfully continued her career in pop music, releasing many singles and albums. His musical performances are known to be energetic, fun and expressive, showing his deep dedication to the art. His journey is one of perseverance, passion and emerging potential in the world of Japanese entertainment.


Haruka Chisuga is a charming universe orchestrated by a talented Japanese voice actress and singer. Born in Iwate, Japan, Chisuga made her voice acting debut in 2012. and has since added dimension and flair to countless roles in Japanese anime and video games.
Chisuga's artistry is not limited to voice acting. She is also a successful J-Pop artist, and several of her songs appeared on the soundtracks of the series she worked on, adding to her influence on the series. Her strong vocal range and emotional delivery became a hallmark of her singing career. Moreover, his universe is unparalleled in this regard; his portfolio showcases a wide variety of characters, each distinct and memorable. From the feisty Shizuka Sakaki in Shirobake to the galloping Melty in The Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam, he breathes unique life into all of his characters.
His dedication to perfecting his craft has made Haruka Chisuga an undeniable force in the Japanese entertainment industry. The depth and versatility he brings to his work has created a universe that is not only compelling, but utterly unforgettable.

Early Life and Education

in 1990 March 23 Born in Iwate Prefecture, Haruka Chisuga marked her place in the universe with her presence. As a child, she was very fascinated by the world of animation and music, constantly immersing herself in character roles and humming anime theme songs while playing.
Haruka's educational journey began in his hometown, where he demonstrated an unmatched passion for art. As you talk to the teachers, you quickly see a recurring theme: a young woman who combined her love of music and acting and showed exceptional potential in the arts. Building on these basic skills, she went on to study voice acting and performing arts at a renowned institution that further honed and honed her talents. He was a lively character at school, known for his ability to imitate voices and attract peers who admired his unique talent. Something else fueled her interest: an extracurricular in the performing arts, which she attended with passion. Here, Haruka delved into learning vocal modulations, pronunciation, method acting and much more. She got to know the industry hands-on, improved her craft dramatically, and took baby steps towards a bigger goal.
In college, Haruka majored in performing arts. By choosing this path, he affirmed his unwavering commitment to the realization of his dream. Acting and vocal formation classes, various theater performances further developed her skills. His time at college was not just academic; Haruka also joined a music club which gave her much needed exposure to the music industry, one step closer to the world she had always dreamed of entering.
Haruka's development in the world of acting and music has been gradual but steady. Like the proverbial butterfly, she emerged from her nurturing cocoon, ready to dazzle the world with her abilities. Her early life and upbringing were a combination of opportunities, events, and experiences that together shaped her and uniquely placed her in his universe. It is proof beyond doubt that the right cultivation of talent and ambition can make dreams that span the universe come true.


Haruka Chisuga's career highlights his prowess in the Japanese entertainment industry. Best known as a voice actress and singer, Chisuga's exceptional talent has been adapted to various mediums.
Chisuga made his voice acting debut in 2012 when he won the 36th Horipro Scout Caravan, an event known for discovering new talent in the voice acting industry. Since then, he has shown his [versatility](http://www.harukachisuga.com/works/) in roles ranging from television, movies, and video games. Her notable works include appearances in Macross Delta and Shirobako, which brought her significant recognition and awards. His performance in Macross Delta also saw him pass the lead singer audition, earning him the unique role of both singing and narrating voice.
In addition to her famous career as a voice actress, Chisuga has also made a name for herself in the field of music. Her dedication and natural ability led her to release four albums and numerous singles, many of which were used as theme songs for projects she named. His music often incorporates themes from the anime he's working on, delving into themes such as growth, adventure, and the trials of youth.
Throughout her career, Haruka Chisuga has proven to be a tour de force. From her breakthrough in the voiceover industry to her constant journey in the music business, Chisuga continues to captivate audiences around the world with her sonorous voice and authentic performances. As her future unfolds, it's clear her talent knows no bounds. His journey is a testament to his resilience, hard work and boundless passion for his craft. Breaking new ground and constantly pushing boundaries, Haruka Chisuga is a true icon in the world of Japanese entertainment.

Other Ventures

Haruka Chisuga has not only become famous for her amazing singing in anime songs, but also in other ventures. Haruka's foray into the voice acting industry is notable as she voiced characters in anime series such as Macross Delta and Sky Method. Each character's portrayal was praised for their ability to bring emotion and personality to life with their voice.
In addition, Haruka's participation in radio shows also deserves recognition. His show 'Haruka Tomatsu's After School @ KLAK' has become hugely popular with fans due to his charming presentation and antics. The performance is a testament to his versatility as a performer as he transitions seamlessly from singing and acting to radio hosting.
In addition, Haruka has established herself as a prolific concert performer. She has performed live at various events and has also held several solo concerts. Her powerful live performances only confirm her exceptional talents and ability to captivate audiences.
As an artist of many talents, Haruka continues to expand her horizons in the entertainment industry, proving that she is more than just a singer or voice actress. He embodies the true definition of a versatile artist.

Awards and Honors

Haruka Chisuga is a recognized name in the world of voice acting and singing. Some of his notable achievements and awards are as follows. in 2012 she became the winner of the 36th Horipro Talent Scout Caravan, competing against 30,000 other applicants. This win opened her way to the world of voice acting and awarded her debut role in the anime The UNLIMITED - Hyobu Kasuga. Her talent was quickly recognized in 2014. She was nominated for Best New Actress at the 8th Seiyu Awards. This is a testament to the industry's recognition of her abilities. Haruka also showcased her singing talent when in 2012 won the 5th All Japan Anison Grand Prix. She not only impressed the judges with her powerful voice and emotional expression, but also won over the critical audience. Her singing career began with her debut single Monochrome Overdrive, for which she received critical acclaim.
Haruka is also known for her role in the popular anime series Macross Δ, where she voiced the main character Freyja Wion and sang several songs for the soundtrack. Her outstanding performance in the series earned her the "Best Musical Performance" award at the 11th Seiyū Awards in 2017. With her unique voice, Haruka Chisuga continues to make significant contributions to the anime industry. His journey has been marked by many awards and accolades, signs of his passion and talent.

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