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Joker logo
AwardsBest Actor (Joaquin Phoenix), Best Original Score
GenresCrime, Drama, Thriller
Music ByHildur Guðnadóttir
TaglinePut on a happy face.
Edited ByJeff Groth
Film NameJoker
StarringJoaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy
Directed ByTodd Phillips
Produced ByTodd Phillips, Bradley Cooper, Emma Tillinger Koskoff
Budget in USD$55–70 million
Release Date2019-10-04
Running Time122 minutes
Screenplay ByTodd Phillips, Scott Silver
Content RatingR
Distributed ByWarner Bros. Pictures
Original TitleJoker
Box Office in USD$1.074 billion
CinematographyLawrence Sher
Country of OriginUnited States, Canada
Trailer Youtube URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t433PEQGErc
World Premiere Date2019-08-31
Production Company NameDC Films, Village Roadshow Pictures, Bron Creative, Joint Effort
The Joker is an engaging character study that delves into the psyche of Arthur Fleck, a man ignored by society. Around 1981 Set in Gotham City, the gritty and haunting film features a raw and intense performance by Joaquin Phoenix. His transformation from lonely, tormented soul to iconic clown prince of crime is a haunting reflection of society's indifference and cruelty. With a dark tone, careful storytelling and great acting, The Joker offers a unique insight into one man's descent into madness. This film is a stark reminder that even the most deranged villains are essentially the product of tragic circumstances, often beyond their control. The Joker is more than just another superhero movie, it's a wonderfully dark psychological drama that's sure to keep viewers thinking long after the credits roll.


The Joker is in 2019. a psychological thriller that is the voice of people alienated and ignored by society. This gripping story follows the life of Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian masterfully played by Joaquin Phoenix, against the terrifying background of Gotham's crime, unemployment and indifference. Fleck's life was marked by loneliness, pain, and an ignorant society that pushed him down a path of madness and chaos that would eventually lead to his transformation into the infamous Joker.
Breaking away from traditional superhero tropes, this standalone film delves deep into the psyche of one of the most infamous super villains. It prompts reflection on the powerful potential of social pressure to produce unintended evils. Arthur's relentless struggle and survival in a ruthless world, his descent into madness and the rise of the "clown prince of crime" are raw and disturbing.
The Joker greatly humanizes the super villain, making the audience empathize with the character they fear and hate. It's an engrossing character study of a broken man, and his spiraling descent into dishonesty is not only revelatory, but a chilling reflection of society's own demons. It's not so much a comedic adaptation as an intense and masterful drama that keeps audiences enthralled and shocked long after the credits roll.



'Joker' "film" screenshots
'Joker' "film" screenshots
'Joker' "film" screenshots
'Joker' "film" screenshots
'Joker' "film" screenshots
'Joker' "film" screenshots


In Gotham City, downtrodden comedian and part-time clown Arthur Fleck struggles to find an identity in a ruthless society bent on destroying him. Arthur lives with his frail mother Penny and struggles with hopelessness and chronic depression. She finds solace only in dreams of a successful comedy career, just like her idol Murray Franklin.
But Gotham is about to descend into chaos. The great gulf between the rich and the poor explodes, symbolized by Thomas Wayne's wealth and the extreme poverty that Arthur struggles with on a daily basis. As society mounts pressure and humiliation, Arthur approaches the brink of sanity, prompted by a chilling discovery: a grim letter from his mother revealing that Arthur is Wayne's son. This revelation sends him into a tailspin and forces him into a gruesome showdown in which he introduces himself as the Joker for the first time.
From here, the shy comedian transforms into anarchy incarnate, an evil clown prince who charms the disaffected masses. He cleverly uses a horrific subway train crash to galvanize the disillusioned citizens of Gotham, who embrace the Joker's clown mask as a symbol of rebellion against the city's elite.
This Joker movie explores the profound transformation of an abandoned man into a feared symbol, asking the question: Who is the real villain in a society that heaps ridicule and contempt on its poorest citizens? Basically, this story fatally blurs the line between good and evil, hero and villain, right and wrong. It's no longer about fighting crime, it's about surviving in a society that creates crime.


2019 saw the birth of a new face in DC's rogue repertoire: The Joker. This unique cinematic adventure is produced by Phoenix Pictures and DC Film. Departing from the traditional superhero costume, The Joker delves into the transformative journey of Arthur Fleck, an aspiring stand-up comedian oppressed by society.
The production team's determination to make the character authentic led to an exploration of the dark underbelly of Gotham City, and Fleck concluded with a dangerous transition into the iconic nemesis, the Joker. The stylization of 1980s New York helped shape Gotham's oppressive metropolis, and the film's rich depiction of urban decay was integral to Arthur Fleck's narrative of transformation. Known for his method acting, Joaquin Phoenix delved into the psyche of the character, which was both challenging and beneficial to the production. Complementing Phoenix's performance, Hildur Guđnadóttir's stunning score and Lawrence Sher's gritty cinematography under the direction of Todd Philip set the mood for Arthur's journey into the Joker. Detailed art direction, costume design and make-up further enhanced the stories, depicting Arthur's gradual descent into madness.
The manufacturing process has remained as engaging and attractive as the final product. Despite the controversy and intense media attention, the team's courage resulted in a breakthrough film that received critical acclaim and earned Phoenix an Academy Award. The making of The Joker was a milestone in the superhero genre, proving that these films could contain deep social reflections and psychological explorations.


"The release of The Joker was one of the biggest moments in the cinematic world. Featuring a stunning portrayal of the legendary supervillain, the film was a visceral and haunting exploration of the life of Arthur Fleck, an individual. led down the path of madness and mischief. It became a sensation upon its release and received critical acclaim for its gritty story, bold direction and phenomenal performance by Joaquin Phoenix.
Audiences around the world have praised the film for its brave and unflinching portrayal of mental health issues and social exclusion. Phoenix's transformation into the mayhem-loving clown prince of crime, the Joker, has been hailed as one of cinema's best and most nuanced performances. The film was not without controversy, with some fearing that it might lead to violence due to its sympathetic portrayal of the villain. But the impact and resonance was undeniable. The Joker has etched itself into our collective psyche, forcing viewers to question the fragile boundaries between heroism and dishonesty. in 2019 in October, it will become the highest-grossing film of all time, a testament to its prowess and popularity among moviegoers.
A psychological thriller and a tragic character study, The Joker remains one of the most audacious achievements of modern cinema and contributes greatly to the power and potential of comic book adaptations.


After being released, the Joker received several responses. Joaquin Phoenix's sensational performance as Arthur Fleck was widely acclaimed, with critics praising the depth and nuance he brought to the iconic character. His impressive portrayal of a downtrodden spiraling into madness captivated audiences worldwide and earned him a well-deserved Academy Award for Best Actor.
However, the film's dark and provocative themes have sparked much debate. Some praised its bold exploration of mental illness and societal abandonment, hailing it as a bold departure from typical superhero cinema. But others have criticized it for its perceived glorification of violence and its potential to encourage imitation in the real world.
Despite the controversy, Joker managed to gain a large audience. It defied predictions to become one of the highest-grossing R-rated films of all time, garnering numerous nominations at the 92nd Academy Awards, including Best Picture.
The polarizing Joker certainly left an indelible mark on the comic book movie landscape. Its success speaks not only to the continued appeal of the titular character, but also to an audience hungry for more complex, character-driven stories in the genre.

Cultural impact

in 2019 the cultural impact of the blockbuster movie "Joker" was far-reaching and profound, reverberating on a global scale. The film reintroduced the famous DC villain in a new, compelling way, sparking conversations about mental health, societal neglect and systemic failure.
Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of Arthur Fleck, a man who descends into madness and becomes the Joker, has sparked a new dialogue about mental health. Her show portrayed the grim reality of mental illness and the desperate need for adequate mental health support and services; it definitely shocked viewers and raised awareness of mental health and empathy.
In addition, "Joker" turned into a social critique, highlighting the systemic failures of society. Arthur's transformation is caused by the apathy shown by those who intended to help him, making the Joker a symbolic embodiment of social neglect and disenfranchisement. This poignant performance ignited debates about social responsibility and the damaging effects of social inequality.
Furthermore, the film's depiction of violent protests and a city in chaos mirrored real-world scenes, anticipating and depicting the growing global disillusionment. This aspect of the film drew attention to the increasingly difficult times in our lives, sparking discussions about poverty, unemployment and social unrest.
It is clear that the cultural influence of films extends far beyond the realm of cinema. The Joker encouraged audiences to question, empathize with and discuss the prevailing social issues it accurately articulated, making it an influential work in today's cinematic landscape.