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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actor
Birth Date1968-05-02
Birth PlaceOtawara, Tochigi, Japan
Knows aboutVoice Acting, Music
Person NameHikaru Midorikawa
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/vamidori021/
Alternate Name緑川 光
Member of OrganizationAoni Production
Shining voice acting star Hikaru Midorikawa is known worldwide for her versatile voice talent. His charming voice spans several Japanese anime, video games, and dramas, resulting in many memorable characters. Midorikova's unique curves and reach allowed her to portray a wide range of personalities, from noble heroes to cunning villains. His contributions to iconic characters such as Gundam Wing's hero Yuy and Fate/Zero's Lancer truly embody the essence of these personalities. In addition to voice acting, Midorikawa is also a famous radio host and singer. His vocal prowess in the popular music group E.M.U (Electric Music Unit) from the mid-90s to the early 2000s still resonates with fans around the world. Hikaru Midorikawa's universe is a realm of versatility, talent, and unforgettable character portrayals.


Hikaru Midorikawa is a well-known name in the Japanese anime and entertainment universe. Born in 1968 on May 2nd, he lends his versatile vocal talents to some iconic characters from anime, video games and drama CDs. His voice can be heard in a variety of roles, from the fresh and composed Heero Yuy in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing to the charming and charismatic Tamahome in Fushigi Yugi.
Apart from his lead roles, he is widely admired for his ability to bring a variety of characters to life, be it a comic sidekick, a ruthless villain or a noble hero. Midorikawa's talent also extends to the world of singing, where she has released numerous albums and singles, further showcasing her skills.
He is often associated with the seiyuu (voice actor) unit EMU (Entertainment Music Unit), along with other well-known voice actors. His significant contributions to the Japanese entertainment industry have earned him a devoted fan base worldwide. With his constant presence and talent, Hikaru Midorikawa continues to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the world of anime and voice acting.

Early Life and Education

in 1968 May 2 born Hikaru Midorikawa spent his early years in Otawara, Tochigi, Japan. It was here that he first discovered his love of voice acting and drama, often spending hours imitating the voices of his favorite radio shows and cartoons.
His passion for vocal performance led him to the prestigious Nihon University College of the Arts, where he studied voice acting and storytelling. In college, Midorikawa was known for his dedication, often spending countless hours in the recording studio perfecting his craft.
While in college, Midorikawa joined the famous Himawari Theater Group. Here he develops his talents and takes his first steps in the world of professional dubbing. Among the talented performers, Midorikawa stood out and quickly gained attention for her distinctive voice and extraordinary versatility.
His performances ranged from dramatic to comedic, highlighting his ability to adapt to a wide variety of characters. This adaptability, along with a unique vocal style, laid the foundation for a prolific career in the voiceover universe.
After graduating, armed with a degree and unparalleled voice acting skills, Midorikawa was ready to make his mark in the anime and gaming industry, indicating that he would soon become a powerful figure in the world of voice acting. After college, Midorikawa continued to improve her skills by attending educational workshops and programs that focus on specific aspects of voice acting, such as character development and vocal technique. These formal and informal trainings transformed Midorikov into the vocal virtuoso he is known for today.


Hikaru Midorikawa is a well-known name in the world of Japanese voice acting. His unique voice, acting skills and versatility have made him one of the most sought-after voice actors in Japan. Midorikova's career inspired aspiring voice actors.
Midorikawa made his voice debut in the late 1980s and gradually established himself in the industry. His ability to bring a wide range of characters to life, from a deep, calm voice to youthful, energetic tones, adds to the range of tools in his acting arsenal. He has showcased his talent in various genres ranging from drama to horror, adventure and romance.
Midorikova's notable roles include Heero Yuy from the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing series, Akihiko Sanada from the Persona video game series, and Soft & Wet from the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga series. These roles allowed him to showcase his amazing range and depth as a voice actor.
In addition, Midorikawa is admired for her contributions outside of acting. During his career, he participated in various musical projects, released several singles and albums. He is not only a voice actor but also a singer which highlights his versatile career.
Midorikova's career shows his hard work, dedication and versatility. His dynamic voice, charismatic character portrayals and musical contributions make his career unique in the world of voice acting. Even after decades in the industry, he continues to touch hearts and thrill audiences with his performances. His illustrious career is a guide for those who want to follow the same path and marks him as a beacon in the field of voice acting.

Other Ventures

Hikaru Midorikawa, a famous Japanese voice actor, has many talents besides voice acting. Always versatile, Midorikawa has shown a special aptitude for music, releasing several albums and singles as a solo artist. Her melodious voice is not only limited to anime characters but is also used in her musical endeavors and has garnered her a large fan base.
Also, Midorikawa is a skilled writer. He has written numerous columns for various anime magazines, sharing his insightful insight into the industry, his experience as a voice actor, and other related topics. To the delight of fans, these columns often offer glimpses into his life and personality from the microphone. His writing skills are also reflected in his blog where he continues to share his thoughts and experiences regularly.
Hikaru Midorikawa's universe, while heavily focused on voice acting, emphasizes his versatile nature. His persistence in honing his various talents and the way he seamlessly blends them together has helped him create a unique brand that goes beyond voice acting. In fact, Hikaru Midorikawa's various adventures are proof that he is not only a voice actor, but also a well-rounded performer and artist.

Awards and Honors

Best known for his voice acting in anime and video games, Hikaru Midorikawa has been awarded numerous awards for his outstanding contributions to the industry. He has deftly portrayed a fascinating range of characters, each with a distinct personality, earning him wide recognition and prestige.
One of his most prominent awards is the 2009 Best Actor Award at the 3rd Seiyu Awards for his performance in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 as Tieria Erde. Further recognition came when he won the Overseas Fan Award at the 4th Seiyu Awards, in recognition of his international popularity as a voice actor, particularly for his work in the Dragon Ball Z series as Android 16.
in 2018 Midorikawa received another major award, the Synergy Award at the Tokyo Anime Awards for his role in the Saiyuki franchise. His portrayal of Genjo Sanzo contributed greatly to the overall recognition and success of the franchise, earning him an award that recognizes works and individuals who have contributed to the advancement of anime culture.
Midorikawa's stunning performance highlights her exceptional talent and dedication to voice acting. A beacon in his field, he continues to inspire new artists and entertain global audiences through his fascinating variety of characters and intriguing performances.

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