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General Info

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Job TitleProtector of Hallownest
Knows aboutHallownest, its inhabitants and its history
Alternate NameSarobia
Character NameHornet
The Hornet is an important figure in the Hollow Knight universe, portrayed as a skilled warrior with a sharp intellect and a compassionate heart. She is the daughter of the Pale King and the beast Herrah, which uniquely positions her as a balance between two realms: this world and the afterlife. His weapon of choice, a needle pierced with silk, demonstrates a great fighting style. Navigate the labyrinthine realm of Hallowest, giving the silent protagonist important hints and challenging duels. The hornet respects the knight's determination and tenacity and eventually helps fight the infection that plagues their shared homeland. His past is shrouded in mystery, and his fate is intertwined with the fate of the kingdom itself. An enigmatic and powerful ally, the Hornet remains one of the most compelling characters in the Hollow Knight saga.


Hornet, the enigmatic princess guardian of the Hollownest ruins, is one of the most intriguing characters in the Hollow Knight universe to date. As the only playable heroine in Hollow Knight: Silksong, her story expands and gives insight into her life and the burdens it carries. The Hornet is not hollow, she is the daughter of the Pale King and Herrah the Beast, making her a central figure in the overall story of the game.
With a sense of duty and honor, Hornet patrols the kingdom, eliminating threats to help the silent protagonist. He is incredibly agile, intelligent and fierce in battle, using his signature weapon, the needle, with deadly precision. His strength and skill are not the only things that command respect, but so is his dedication to the preservation of his kingdom.
Despite appearing cold and distant, the hornet has a deep melancholy. Rejected by her royal parentage and not accepted, she nevertheless pursues her mission with determination. That loneliness is the cross he has to bear, emphasizing the theme of loneliness in the game.
The complexity of Hornet's character comes from this balance of strength and vulnerability, which together create an unforgettable character. His courage and conviction are an indomitable beacon for those brave souls who dare to cross the dark and haunting beauty of Hollownest.


Hornet, a warrior princess from the famous Hollow Knight gaming universe, navigates the game's realm with an air of regal fortitude that perfectly matches her compelling story. Dubbed the Guardian of Hallowest, his character is shrouded in layers of deep mystery that are strategically revealed as the game progresses.
Daughter of the Pale King and Herrah the Beast, Hornet inherited her mother's fierceness and her father's determination. As a knight and cousin to the other ships, her genetic background wraps her character in intriguing subtleties, cementing her as a central part of Hallownest's royalty. Armed with her trusty weapon, the needle, she is a lithe figure that straddles the line between friend and foe. Hornet first appears in Greenpath, showing a commanding presence and tactical combat skills superior to the other characters. Her fast and acrobatic fighting style, characterized by quick and aerial maneuvers, contrasts sharply with her brother's more grounded movements and enhances the charming aura that surrounds her.
Further exploration of his character reveals its depth. She is much more than a feisty warrior princess; he also genuinely cares about the kingdom. This is shown when she accompanies the Knight on their journey, risking herself and her status for the greater good. In essence, the Hornet is not only a formidable warrior, but also a selfless defender. His main motive is to save his kingdom and he won't let anyone stand in his way. This dedication, combined with her rich history, makes her a fascinating figure in the Hollow Knight universe.

Creation and Development

Hornet, the only character to appear in both The Hollow Knight and its sequel, The Hollow Knight: Silk, has a particularly rich history and development. The Hornet character was painstakingly created by Australia-based indie game studio Team Cherry, who originally served as a boss in the previous game. She wasn't meant to be just an adversary, but a mysterious figure deeply connected to Hallownest's history.
As a key figure, the development of the Hornet has undergone significant changes over time. Early designs emphasized her as a small creature very similar to a knight. However, the creators felt the need to distinguish her visually, so they lengthened her silhouette and adorned her with a crimson scarf, making her a recognizable character.
One of the few characters in the game, the Hornet's language sets her apart and allows her to tell mysterious truths about Hallowest, leaving it up to players to decipher the story. He favored agility and grace over brute force, and his movements were designed to be swift and deadly, the epitome of his character.
Hornet's popularity among fans led to his starring role in the sequel. Here his character is further developed. Gain new skills that will enhance your gaming experience. Importantly, Team Cherry continues to consistently portray her as a staunch guardian of Hallownest. The developers even jokingly suggest revealing his elusive origin in the sequel.
In creating Hornet, Cherry managed to combine mystery, mythology and martial prowess into a character who is both leader and threat, friend and rival, further enhancing the ethereal and dark nature of the Hollow Knight universe.

Character Profile

A vital character in the enchanting Hollow Knight universe, the Hornet is the guardian of the most sacred ruins. His warrior hood is depicted through needle and thread, embodying the perfect balance of elegance and strength. Born of the Pale King and the Beast, Hornet royalty instills a sense of responsibility and instincts as a protector of the realm of Hallownest.
With speed and acrobatic abilities, Hornet develops combat strategies based on discernible patterns, carefully combining attacks to his advantage. His ability to adapt is reflected in his survival through the perilous ruins of Hallownest, often offering guidance to the knight, demonstrating his inherent wisdom and strategic ability. The hornet has her mother's resilient spirit and is like a beacon against infection, her resilience unwavering amid dire threats. Even on her own, Hornet's determination to protect the realm remains, making her the embodiment of a solitary and ruthless force.
Her character intricately interweaves elements of royalty, solitude, and resilience, her loyalty to the remnants of the kingdom she once called home even as it crumbles into decay and desolation.
An enigmatic figure, the Hornet not only navigates the delicate maze of royal duty and personal determination, but also weaves the story, each stitch bringing the intricate tapestry of the Hollow Knight universe to life.

Story Arc

The Hornet, a mysterious warrior, is a central character in the Hollow Knight universe, characterized by strong will, agility, and a mysterious aura. His plot is so intertwined with the story of Hallowest and his doomed downfall.
Raised as a princess of the kingdom, Hornet is the offspring of the beast Herrah, one of the three dreamers and the pale king. Despite his royal bloodline, his path is far from royal greatness. Instead, she is destined to traverse the treacherous terrain of the kingdom, which invariably introduces her to the game's protagonist, a knight. As the only character who cannot be underestimated as a knight, Hornet's role is crucial in guiding the main character through the terrifyingly empty realm. Not only does he help the knight gain power as the titular Hollow Knight, but he also fights the corruption plaguing the kingdom due to the Infected Nightmare.
Brave, protective, and quick-witted, the Hornet protects the remnants of a fallen kingdom and remains determined to deal with the spreading infection. But his immunity to the raging infection is astounding. This enigmatic immunity hints at her unique genesis, which was woven from her mother's soul as part of the Pale King's bargain. His journey also touches on the theme of alienation despite his royal background, which is reflected in his dialogue about feeling "separated from this world". This further emphasizes her unique story arc of identity and self-discovery.
Expressing many complex emotions and defying the intersection of fate and duty, the character's charm in "The Hornet" resonated deeply with fans. So the story of the Hornet is not just a simple bow, but a rich tapestry of courage, sacrifice and resilience.

Cultural Impact

Hornet, the brave heroine of the dark and enchanting world of Hollow Knight, has had a major impact on the culture of indie games. Not only does she represent a powerful female character in the gaming realm, but she also symbolizes perseverance and resilience, a beacon of light in a world shrouded in shadow.
Hornet captured the attention of many with its sophisticated design and compelling narrative. A strong personality characterizes her and shows everyone that strength is determined not only by brute force, but by mental strength and will. It shows that even in the face of hardship and abandonment, hope and determination can sustain you. The Hornet character's cultural impact in the fan art community continues to expand. Art enthusiasts around the world depict the Hornet in various forms of visual art, creating a unique sense of creativity and awe around his character. The existence of such art expands the game's influence, allowing it to live beyond its borders, creating a vibrant cultural impact.
Ultimately, Hornet's complex character design and gameplay mechanics influenced game developers around the world. The challenge of balancing her fluid movement with the deadly ferocity of her attacks makes up for the intriguing gameplay. As a result, many game developers have incorporated similar elements into their games due to the influence of the Hollow Knight universe.


Guardian of the Bone Nest, the Hornet is a character with a rich heritage who is fiercely protective of his kingdom. Born of the Pale King and the beast Herrah, she inherited her duty to protect the Realm of Dreams. A mystery shrouded in its past, the Hornet's legacy is deeply intertwined with Hallownest's history.
As a warrior and a princess, she stands at the confluence of many heritages. Every step of the way, the Hornet met the challenges thrown by the kingdom, combining the power of Herrah with the wisdom of the Pale King. He defended the kingdom against unimaginable threats with his agility that would make the bravest warriors afraid.
Although the last of her kind, her legacy echoes in every corner of Hallownest. His story, along with his selfless sacrifice and unquestionable courage, will be told and retold, inspiring a new generation of soldiers. As Hornet's legacy evolves, his torch continues to light the way for those who dare to explore the depths of Hallowest.