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Hollow Knight: The Comic

General Info

Hollow Knight: The Comic logo
AuthorTeam Cherry
PublisherTeam Cherry
IllustratorTeam Cherry
Issue Number1
Release Date2017-01-01
Original TitleHollow Knight: The Comic
Comics Issue NameHollow Knight: The Comic
Country of OriginAustralia
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.teamcherry.com.au/
Hollow Knight: The Comic is a compelling interpretation of the enchanting and haunting world of the Hollow Knight video game. This comic series paints a vivid picture of Hallowest, the kingdom of fallen insects, and invites readers to delve into its tangled history. Every page is filled with stunning artwork that captures the game's unparalleled aesthetic, from the enticing thickets to the terrifying depths. The story faithfully reproduces the dark undertones of the game, enlivening it with heartwarming examples and unsettling action. Filled with mysterious characters, unexpected revelations, and epic battles, Hollow Knight: The Comic will delight Hollow Knight fans and comic fans alike. With charming presentation and compelling storytelling, this comic series is a must-have addition to your favorite indie game.


Hollow Knight: The Comic is an enchanting exploration into a beautifully illustrated, dark and enchanting world: The Dark Nest. The comic book series is a picturesque journey that reveals the most secret and enigmatic corners of this kingdom. Each installment is an exciting journey that unfolds the beautifully crafted story, setting and enemies of the original Hollow Knight video game.
Each track is filled with the dark aesthetic themes that make Hollow Knight such an intensely captivating adventure. Deep stories and intense action sequences make this a must-read for any video game fan. The evocative and menacing characters enhance the mysterious atmosphere of the comic series with their unique dialogues and exquisite designs.
Steeped in melancholy, the dark but beautiful story of the comic unfolds with dramatic illustrations full of emotion and detail. Vast underground landscapes, mysterious labyrinths and ancient cities turned into tombs are evocatively depicted with beautiful artwork.
Each issue brings new faces, dangerous challenges and enchanting mysteries. Whether you're a fan of the game or just enjoy a well-told story, Hollow Knight: The Comic Series will captivate you with its unique blend of fast-paced storytelling, compelling artwork, and deep world-building. It's definitely a must-read for any fan of fantasy action comics.


Hollow Knight: The Comic plunges players into the mysterious and dark realm of Hallownest, an underground society inhabited by anthropomorphic insects. The storyline revolves around the Silent Knight, an enigmatic figure who embarks on an adventure to uncover the truth behind the downfall of an abandoned kingdom.
As he makes his way through the interconnected labyrinthine paths, the Silent Knight encounters several inhabitants, some friendly, some hostile. As the story unfolds, there are hints of a lingering disease that once ravaged the kingdom and now threatens to re-emerge. The Silent Knight learns that he holds the key to ending this threat. But the path to this truth is littered with dangerous enemies, perplexing puzzles, and devastating revelations.
At its core, Hollow Knight: The Comic is more than a story about a hero's journey; it is a story of hope in the face of despair, perseverance in the face of adversity, and the relentless search for truth.


Creating Hollow Knight: The Comic is a multifaceted process that involves a complex combination of collaborative efforts between several talented artists and writers. The original concept was born from the talented minds of Team Cherry, who carefully craft the atmospheric blend of darkness and fantasy that defines the unique world of Hollow Knight. Each page of the comic is then edited and the authors create compelling stories that bring the characters to life and make them jump off the pages and into the hearts of readers. Meanwhile, artists create detailed illustrations, each stroke of the pen strengthening the connection between the reader and the desolate yet breathtaking world of Hallownest. Comic is a laborious process, often taking weeks to resolve. But every carefully crafted panel and every carefully chosen word is a testament to the team's dedication to creating a memorable and engaging reading experience.


Immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of Hollow Knight through the unique and immersive lens of Hollow Knight: The Comic. Discover the deeper aspects of knowledge as you follow the journey of an unnamed knight as they traverse the treacherous ancient kingdom of Hallownest. This beautifully illustrated comic edition brings the game's desolate yet enchanting landscapes to life and invites readers to explore every shadowy corner of this mysterious world. Witness the heroic trials of a knight against formidable foes and their unexpected alliances. Hollow Knight: The Comic builds heavily on the game's story and enhances the complex story with additional graphics. Perfect for fans and new readers alike, this comic captures the haunting beauty, thrilling action, and compelling story that made Hollow Knight such an amazing gaming experience. Discover secrets, face challenges and immerse yourself in an epic story of courage and adventure!


The Hollow Knight comic book series brings the fantastical world and characters of Hallownest to life. Following the spectacular success of the beloved indie game Hollow Knight, the comic book series aims to further immerse fans in this enchanted world. The series presents stories of friendship, sacrifice, adventure and courage in a visually appealing comic form.
This Hollow Knight: The Comic is a real treat for fans who fell in love with the story and characters of the original game. It offers a deeper understanding and exploration of the game's story from a new perspective. The comic series captures the never-before-seen gameplay spirit of Hollow Knight in visually detailed and dramatic comics. The characters of the game have found a new expression and essence in this series that will appeal to fans.
The release of Hollow Knight the Comic marks an event for fans of the indie game. It allows you to enjoy nostalgic gaming memories while experiencing the world in a whole new light. A must-have for all Hollow Knight fans, this comic series offers a new wave of stories and narratives set in the immersive world of Hallownest. Being a comic, the series combines the talents of great illustrators and writers who worked closely with the creators of the original game. This ensured that the spirit and aesthetic of the Hollow Knight gameplay was authentically captured in the comic series. This synergy brought out the essence of Hollow Knight in a beautiful and engaging format that aims to delight fans and enthusiasts alike. Don't miss this unique and intriguing exploration of Hollow Knight!


The reception to Hollow Knight: The Comic has been truly warm and enthusiastic. Critics and die-hard fans alike have praised Team Cherry's artistry and fresh take on a fascinating universe. The simple yet captivating story adds even more depth to the game's immersive narrative. Beautifully drawn panels masterfully capture the terrifying charm of the original game. Some readers felt that the comic succeeded in broadening their understanding of the title character's journey and the intriguing world of Hollownest. Although the comic book series was critically acclaimed, few critics noted that its short nature warranted more exploration. However, most readers agree that the comic is an exciting addition to the Hollow Knight game and is a worthwhile read for any fan of the universe.

Cultural impact

Since its release, Hollow Knight: The Comic has had a major impact on independent comic book culture. The haunting yet charming artwork combined with the confusing story has captivated a huge audience around the world. The iconic characters, the adventurous knight and his creepy yet intriguing world, have been widely embraced by fans, with tons of fan art, cosplay, and fan fiction appearing on various social media platforms.
An important aspect of the cultural impact of comics is the promotion of independent comic creators. The success of the comic proves that independent artists, armed with compelling stories and captivating illustrations, can compete with traditional comic book publishers. He inspired countless new creators to follow in his footsteps and venture into self-publishing.
In addition, the dark and compelling world of comics has influenced other media genres, with a plethora of video game adaptations featuring a similar gothic atmosphere and addictive gameplay. This cross-media exposure highlights the huge influence of comics. Reading Hollow Knight: The Comic is not only entertaining, but also a glimpse into a transformative period in the indie comic scene.