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Job TitleCo-Creator of Mortal Kombat & Video Game Designer
Birth Date1969-08-24
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, United States
Knows aboutGame Design, Graphic Design, Comic Book Writing
Person NameJohn Tobias
NationalityUnited States
Social Media@therealsaibot
Alternate NameJT
Member of OrganizationNetherRealm Studios
John Tobias' universe is a complex fusion of fantasy, martial arts, and science fiction. In this fascinating world, transreality tournaments determine the fate of entire empires. The universe is full of diverse characters, each with an intricate history, from noble warriors and witches to treacherous gods and monstrous beasts. Furthermore, the beauty of Toby's universe lies in its complex storytelling and compelling narrative that keeps fans engaged with breathtaking twists and turns. It's a universe where you're constantly challenged to decipher friend and foe, uncover myths, and fight to survive against impending destruction. These dynamic environments emphasize the epic scale of the stories and provide an immersive platform for compelling storytelling.


by Giovanni Tobias
The universe is a fascinating landscape of immense creativity, with stunning visuals and powerful storytelling. Renowned creator of the legendary Mortal Kombat series, Tobias set the standard for game design and artistry. Through his unique lens, complex realities emerged that seamlessly blurred the boundaries between fantasy and technology.
The universe he created is a fusion of fantasy reality, ancient mythologies and advanced technological concepts, where the characters are more than virtual incarnations; they have deep-rooted stories, often symbolizing philosophical ideas or commentaries on social norms. Whether it's an enchanting realm of the outside world or a land inhabited by humans, each of his creations has a deep-rooted and diverse mythology. John Tobias, with his skills in illustration and game design, weaves these layers of storytelling together into non-linear games that engage players in metaphysical battles between good and evil, facing horrific casualties. His work truly evokes a sense of power in players, and his universe continues to expand with that same ethos.
Tobias' universe is a stunning testament to his visionary approach, drawing players into a world that transcends traditional gaming boundaries, making him an undisputed force in storytelling and game development. His universe is not just another gaming arena, but a groundbreaking epic of art, technology, and history that continues to influence generations.

Early Life and Education

Popular video game character John Tobias was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His interest in creative ventures, especially illustration and graphic design, blossomed at an early age. Sparks of creative intelligence were evident in his interpretation and interaction with his environment, often drawing sketches and drawings.
Unlike many game developers of his generation, Tobias didn't dive into technology alone. In fact, his education is mainly related to art. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Arts from Elgin Community College. This unique combination of conventional artistry and technical prowess allowed him to develop a new and innovative approach to game development.
With Elgin, Tobias did not limit himself to traditional art forms. He cast a wider net and immersed himself in the fascinating world of digital art and computer graphics. This proved to be an important move as it paved the way for his future involvement in one of the main game franchises, Mortal Kombat. It is this combination of traditional and digital art education that has given Tobias a unique perspective. His long-term engagement with both mediums has significantly shaped his creative process, allowing him to draw on traditional techniques and take advantage of technology.
Tobias' early life and education not only strengthened his artistic skills, but also fueled his passion for storytelling, which is a central aspect of the gaming universe. This unique combination of skills and interests laid the foundation for his contributions to the compelling universe of John Tobias for years to come.


John Tobias' career is an inspiring journey that reflects an unwavering dedication to creative endeavor. As a graphic artist, writer and video game designer, his experience is one of the best in the highly competitive gaming industry. His meteoric rise to fame began with his role as the creator of the massive Mortal Kombat brand. The game was an instant hit in the early 1990s, largely due to Tobias' innovative character design and storytelling.
A figure instrumental in shaping Mortal Kombat's aesthetic, Tobias didn't hesitate to move on. His mindset was not only to create a visually appealing game, but also to come up with a compelling storyline that would engage the audience and ensure that the franchise would maintain a lasting legacy in the gaming world. As his curiosity for storytelling grew, Tobias turned to comics and created a series that added intriguing backstories to each Mortal Kombat character. The comics deepened the public's understanding of the game, leading to their eternal loyalty to the franchise.
in 2000 he left Midway Games to found Studio Gigante. Their games at Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus and WWE WrestleMania 21 were ground-breaking explorations that allowed Tobias to further experiment with his creative abilities.
Over time, John Tobias has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry. His innovation, creativity and never-ending drive to create immersive experiences have led to some of the most iconic moments in gaming history. His career highlights the importance of passion, persistence and courage to realize one's true potential.

Other Ventures

In addition to video games, John Tobias has dabbled in other creative endeavors that have showcased his talents in various ways. He lent his artistry to the comics, which gave an alternate dimension to the characters we've come to love in the Mortal Kombat games. The first Mortal Kombat comic, which served as an introduction to the first game, was illustrated by Tobias himself.
A lesser known fact about Tobias is his involvement in the creation of the NBC animated series Dangerous Lives of Altars. He worked as an animator and had the opportunity to showcase his skills outside of digital graphics, adding to the show's visual style and aesthetic. He is also known to love traditional art. His personal projects usually feature intricate sketches and drawings with detailed character designs and deep textures. These works highlight his versatility and mastery of his craft, often leaving viewers in awe and admiration.
The many hats that Tobias wears – video game designer, comic book illustrator, animator and traditional artist – add to his portfolio of work, and fans can't wait to see what he does next.

Awards and Honors

John Tobias, creator of the popular Mortal Kombat franchise, is widely recognized for his contributions to the video game industry. His work "Mortal Kombat" received in 1993. Electronic Gaming Monthly's "Arcade Game of the Year" award, which was a milestone in Tobias's career.
In addition, Tobias received an Interactive Academy Award for his major influence on the video game universe. His creativity in creating unique characters and storylines gave Mortal Kombat a cult following, expanding it into various other forms of media, including a successful film franchise.
The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) also honored Tobias for his artistic contributions to game design with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Tobias' ingenuity and innovative design methods cement his place as a leading figure in the gaming industry. Continue to redefine the boundaries of interactive entertainment and encourage future game developers to think outside the box. His work really shaped the landscape of video games as we know them today.

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