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General Info

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Faction NamePassione
Passione is an Italian mafia syndicate in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Golden Wind. Passione's mysterious and mysterious influence is deeply rooted in the criminal underworld. Helmed by the elusive Boss, the Passione is known for its many cockpit users; unique individuals with supernatural powers. They specialize in the drug trade and keep a firm grip on the dark side of Italy with their indomitable courage. Each department has different roles; perform operations such as assassination, protection and tracking. Despite their typical gangster facade on the surface, the organization has a supernatural undercurrent unlike any other, making them an intriguing and dangerous force in JoJo's weird universe.


The Passione are the dominant faction in JoJo's quirky universe, symbolizing the spicy flavor of the Italian mafia centered in Naples. Founded under the firm leadership of Diavolo, a mysterious and terrifyingly efficient hub, Passione quickly rises to the top of organized crime, from petty crime to controlling almost all of Italy's drug trade.
Interestingly, despite its dark undertones, Passione's name derives from the Italian term for "passion," reflecting the fervent devotion of its members. However, their passion is mostly related to the darker shades of crime, whose activities mainly involve drug trafficking, blackmail and violence.
The structure of Passion is quite hierarchical, divided into sub-chapters of different levels, each with unique and deadly abilities. It is known for the protection it offers its members, shielding them from legal consequences, making it very attractive to potential lawbreakers.
On the surface, Passione's merciless behavior may appear to have no morals, but deep down it exudes a sense of unity and loyalty among teammates, a strangely emotional thread that binds all members together.
The paradox of Passione's name and adventures creates an intriguing subsection of JoJo's quirky universe, taking viewers on a mysterious journey through her dark stories.


Passione, originally known as La Squadra Guardie del Corpo, is a powerful Neapolitan mafia syndicate founded and eventually led by Diavolo. Its history weaves a non-standard story like its own members.
Early on, Diavolo Passione found the perfect entity to sell drugs anonymously. He used Stand users to bypass security, allowing the gang to build its base on a booming drug trade. But ironically, Diavolo abhorred drugs and banned their sale to children, which no doubt helped improve his reputation among the members. Although Passione positioned itself as an exclusively criminal organization, it was known for its subtle and silent assistance to the Neapolitan community. This unusual approach greatly strengthened the influence of the gang. By creating dependencies and reciprocity, it made the Neapolitans de facto accomplices, or at least silent beneficiaries of the gang's activities.
When protagonist Giorno Giovanna joined Passione, the gang's history took a major turn. Giovanna was able to quickly rise through the ranks of the gang, dramatically changing its internal structure and external operations. With a strong sense of morality and a vivid vision of a more just world, Giovanna led Passione away from the drug trade, which in turn dramatically marked his further development.
The story of passion embodies the essence of the paradoxical ethics that govern the story of JoJo's quirky universe. It witnesses the transformation of various individuals in an outlaw syndicate as they struggle to reconcile personal values ​​with the realities of the criminal underworld - an odyssey painted on a canvas of aspiration, power and redemption.

Notable Members

Member #
Bruno Bucciarati
Giorno Giovanna
Guido Mista
Leone Abbacchio
Narancia Ghirga
Pannacotta Fugo
Trish Una
Sorbet and Gelato
Risotto Nero
Tonyo Trussardi
Mario Zucchero


A powerful underground syndicate, Passione's base of operations is primarily located in the bustling and historic city of Naples, Italy. This gives the faction great influence over the city and allows them to control various areas affected by illegal activity. In addition to Naples, Passione also extends its tentacles across much of Italy, with various sub-units and agents spread throughout the country, creating a vast underworld network for this mafia-like organization.
The historically strong traditions of Italian organized crime families were the basis for Passione's deep social reach. Numerous cities and regions provide a favorable environment for various criminal activities, such as drug trafficking and major security services, to develop under Passione. Palermo, known for its rich mafia history, and Rome, with its vast urban landscape, become important areas of activity for several Passione members.
In Palermo, Passione's squad Squadra Assassinio does most of its activities, and one of the most important events took place in Rome - the attempt to take possession of Stando's arrow. The group also spreads its influence in the Sardinian islands, where the main events of the plot of "The Golden Wind" take place.
In essence, the geography of Passione is as wide and varied as the Stand's powers in the Jojo universe, playing a vital role in the reach and depth of the Syndicate's dark endeavours.

Legacy and Impact

La Passione, the powerful Italian mafia from the JoJo's Bizarre universe, has left an indelible legacy in the anime world. The organization founded by Diavolo has grown into an organization known for its relentless pursuit of power and control. What makes it unique is its extensive use of stand-up comedians, subverting the traditional mafia trope and revealing an unexplored intersection between supernatural forces and organized crime. The impact of passion manifests itself beyond its narrative role; it reverberates through the wider anime culture, sparking conversations about morality and people's pursuit of power. Intricate character designs, unique abilities, and complex stories have also contributed greatly to its widespread fan base. The depth and variety of their stand-up powers add to the show's history, creating an enclave of mystique and glamor that continually captivates audiences. Passion continues to witness innovative storytelling in JoJo's whimsical universe.