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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actor
Birth Date1965-05-23
Birth PlaceFukuoka, Japan
Knows aboutVoice Acting, Animation, Japanese Television
Person NameKappei Yamaguchi
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/ENma_Dororon
Alternate NameMitsuo Yamaguchi
Member of OrganizationAcross Entertainment
Kappei Yamaguchi is a famous Japanese voice actor who has lent his talent to many important roles. This legendary artist has an extensive career spanning decades for popular anime series, video games, and more. Yamaguchi is particularly famous for his voice roles for characters such as Usopp in One Piece, Ranma in Ranma ½, and Inuyasha in Inuyasha. His ability to capture the different nuances of the character has made him a fan favorite, endearing him to audiences both domestically and internationally. Whether it's a hero, villain, or cartoon character, Yamaguchi effortlessly brings them to life, making each role memorable. His contributions significantly shaped the landscape of the voice-over industry and inspired a new generation with his passion and versatility. Kappei Yamaguchi's universe is an exciting journey filled with incredible characters, a heart-wrenching story, and a flawless vocal performance.


Born in 1965 on May 23, Kappei Yamaguchi is a famous Japanese voice actor known for his exceptional ability to bring to life some of the most iconic characters in the anime and gaming universe. Kappei's versatile voice range ranges from the feisty and mischievous teenager Usopp in the long-running One Piece series to the sweet and intelligent L in the psychological thriller Death Note.
His career began in the 1980s and he earned many credits in major franchises such as Detective Conan and Inuyasha. He voiced Shinichi Kudo and Kaito Kid in Detective Conan and Inuyasha in the title series, impressing critics and audiences with his vocal transformations.
Kappei's work transcends anime and is also seen in the video game industry. Fans may recognize his voice in popular titles like Clannad, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy.
In addition to his impressive career as a voice actor, Kappei is also known for his stage and screen roles in Japanese live-action dramas. His career embodies a diverse and rich contribution to the industry, placing him in the stratosphere of respected Japanese actors. Aspiring actors appreciate Kappei not only for his dynamic characters and unique vocal talent, but also for his longevity and continued relevance in a fast-changing industry.

Early Life and Education

in 1965 May 23 Born Mitsuo Yamaguchi in Fukuoka, Japan, Kappei Yamaguchi has been interested in the performing arts since childhood. His parents, although not directly involved in art, devoted themselves to his passion. This curiosity led him to enroll at the Amusement Media Academy, one of Tokyo's leading institutions for aspiring artists.
In his early teens, Mitsuo fell in love with radio dramas, which greatly influenced his decision to become a voice actor. While studying at the academy, he changed his name to Kappei Yamaguchi, which quickly became a hallmark of the Japanese anime industry. Kappei graduated with honors in voice acting and first entered the world of anime in 1987.
At the academy, Kappei participated in various performances and workshops, improving his skills every day. His dedication to art did not go unnoticed. He has always been known for the uniqueness of his voice, which has given his characters a distinctive tone. Shortly after graduating, Kappei began working in the industry and landed his first voice role in the anime Saint Seiya. This venture marked the beginning of his long and prosperous career, paving the way further into the field of Japanese anime. Over the years, his voice has brought many popular characters to life and resonated around the world.


Kappei Yamaguchi is an acclaimed Japanese voice actor with a career spanning over three decades. Born in 1965 May 23 In Fukuoka, Yamaguchi always had a talent for acting, so he pursued a career in voice acting. His clear and versatile voice, combined with his acting skills, has allowed him to bring to life many characters in different genres, from animated television shows and films to video games and radio dramas.
Yamaguchi rose to fame as the incorrigible Ranma Saotome in the anime series Ranma ½. His spirited performance not only won the hearts of the audience but also earned him a large following. Today, Ranma's portrayal remains one of his most iconic roles.
Another important role in his career was the voice of the intelligent and mischievous detective Shinichi Kudo in the movie Detective Conan. The role showcased her ability to embody complex characters and portray their complex personality traits with her voice.
In addition to these roles, Yamaguchi's impressive portfolio includes characters from popular franchises such as L from Death Note, Usopp from One Piece, and Teddy from Persona 4. His voice has been a constant source of joy, excitement and sometimes even anxiety for millions of fans around the world. Despite the high profile of these roles, Yamaguchi remains humble and dedicated to his craft. His dedication to bringing each character to life, regardless of their importance to the overall plot, is a testament to his professionalism and love for his job. His career is an inspiration to aspiring voice actors who want to make a big impact in the anime world.

Other Ventures

In addition to starring roles in many popular anime, Kappei Yamaguchi has also branched out into other parts of the entertainment industry, proving his versatility and dedication to his craft. He made his theater debut in the musical Air Gear, where he showcased various aspects of his talent. Fittingly, he played the role of a prankster which was well appreciated by his fans.
In addition, Yamaguchi has explored the world of voiceovers, lending his voice to many popular Japanese commercials. His unique and distinctive tone has made him a sought-after voice-over artist in the advertising industry. She has also flexed her vocal chords as a singer and has released CDs exploring the fusion of pop and rock.
Moreover, Yamaguchi's talent is not limited to the performing arts. He has written extensively and even published a book detailing his experiences and providing insight into the entertainment industry.
Finally, Yamaguchi is no stranger to the video game industry. His voice can be heard in many popular video games, adding to his repertoire and influence among anime and gaming enthusiasts. He continues to expand his career not only in anime but also in various aspects of the industry, proving that he is truly one of the most versatile actors in Japan.

Awards and Honors

Popular Japanese voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi has received numerous awards for his work in both anime and video games. One of his most acclaimed performances is as the voice of Ranma Saotome in the anime series Ranma ½, which earned him a Seiyu Award for Best Voice for a Male Character.
in 2000 his charming portrayal of L in Death Note earned him the Tokyo Anime Award for Best Voice Actor. His portrayal of this complex and eccentric character was well received by the audience.
Another notable appearance was in the One Piece video game series, where Kappei voiced the character Usopp. His unique and convincing voice in this role earned him the 2004 Famitsu Award for Excellence.
Adding another feather to his cap, Kappei won Best Drama CD at the 3rd Seiyu Awards. His audio book Detective Conan: The Secret Archive, in which he voiced several characters, was critically acclaimed.
The consistent brilliance of his performances, evident in roles such as Inuyasha and Shinichi Kudo from Detective Conan, have made him a regular nominee and winner of the esteemed Seiyu Awards throughout his illustrious career. His impressive range and versatility in voice acting continue to earn him recognition and respect in the animation industry, making Kappei Yamaguchi a prominent figure in the anime and video game universe.

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